The whole point of surgery is to make you BETTER, not WORSE.

That should be obvious.

But that’s NOT what’s happening.

In too many cases, seniors are going in for surgery… and they’re NEVER the same again!

New research shows how older Americans are often being pushed into operations that could have lasting ramifications… and in some cases, this big rush could have deadly consequences.

So today, let’s look at what’s what – let’s take a look at when you should consider surgery.

More importantly, let’s make sure we all know when you shouldn’t!

When surgery is the WRONG choice

They’re calling it the SUMMER of SURGERY.

As the coronavirus pandemic shut down much of the country, millions of non-urgent medical procedures were postponed.

Many clinics are bleeding cash – like every other industry right now – and hoping to make up for it as soon as this is over.

They’ll be calling to reschedule postponed procedures… and hunting for new customers to fill their operating rooms and round out the balance sheets.

But think twice before ANY procedure my friend.

Not only are many common operations totally unnecessary.

The new study shows many older patients who are frailer… weaker… and sicker can do much WORSE after an operation.

Seniors who have difficulty with daily functions… like getting dressed, or bathing… have nearly TRIPLE the risk of death in the year after a major operation.

Even smaller functional problems… like difficulty walking… can increase the risk of death by 64 percent.

It’s not limited to physical disabilities, either.

Depression, for example, can increase the risk by 72 percent!

The more health problems you have, the bigger the risk.

A senior with no real issues has about a 10 percent risk of death in the year after surgery… but those odds jump to 16 percent if there’s one problem… and nearly triples to 28 percent if there are two or more.

And while this new study focused on major surgery, other reports have shown that older folks in rough shape do worse even after relatively minor operations.

So take FOUR STEPS before any surgery:

  • Do you need it? You might THINK you do… but every day, seniors are conned into operations by overly aggressive surgeons looking to make a buck. Fact is, many common procedures including meniscus repairs and spinal fusions are often completely unnecessary and downright dangerous. Do your homework!
  • Can you handle it? Be painfully honest with yourself… because as the new study shows, the consequences can be tragic. What good’s an operation… even one you think you need… if it’s gonna kill you?
  • Do your “pre-hab”: If you DO need the operation and your body CAN handle it, don’t wait until it’s over to rehab. Start BEFORE with “pre-hab” steps to get into fighting shape before the scalpel even touches you. Your doc can talk about specifics, but also eat right… move more… and go over all the pre-op notes.
  • Take it slow: Everyone’s eager to get back on their feet again after an operation… but don’t push your luck. Be patient. Be careful. And don’t do anything that could put you right back in the hospital afterward.

You can’t always avoid surgery. But you CAN minimize your risks.