Time to take one of the most BASIC beliefs about weight loss… and TOSS IT out!

It’s not just about what you eat.

And it’s NOT always about burning fat.

In fact, one way to lose weight has nothing to do with your diet. And instead of chasing fat AWAY, this one depends on having MORE FAT inside your body.

Specifically, a very special form of fat.

It’s not the unsightly “blubber” that clings to your middle and makes it a struggle to fit into your favorite pants.

It’s a hidden form of “good fat” that researchers now say can MELT OFF the “bad” stuff, helping you to burn calories 15 percent faster!

Healthy BROWN FAT vs. dangerous WHITE FAT

Not gonna lie to you: I’m not exactly looking forward to summer.

Sure, I know, everyone loves it… especially out here in Western Massachusetts, where it feels like you can see the green rolling hills of the Berkshires stretch on until forever.

But I’m a winter guy.

There’s nothing I like more than going out for a hike on a cold, cold evening with a fresh coat of snow on the ground and nothing but a vest to keep me warm.

Chilly? Sure.

But I find you get used to it fast, and the new study shows there’s another big plus to being out in the cold: It helps to activate that special fat I just mentioned.

It’s called BROWN FAT, and scientists are still learning more about it but so far have found three very clear patterns.

  • We had a TON of it as babies, but much less of it as adults, and some of us have almost none at all.
  • The MORE brown fat you have, the EASIER it is to burn off white fat and the FASTER any diet plan will work.
  • It works best in the cold.

In a series of experiments, researchers found that folks with brown fat burn off 15 percent MORE CALORIES when exposed to colder temperatures than folks without it.

These volunteers didn’t change their diets.

And they didn’t increase their exercise.

The only difference was their higher levels of brown fat – and that alone helped them to burn off those extra calories.

Other studies have found what while this healthier form of fat does work best in cooler temperatures, it’s also better to have on your body – and makes weight loss easier – even when it’s not chilly out.

One study on mice even found that just a quarter pound of brown fat on the body can burn off some 3,400 calories a day!

OK, you’re thinking, so how do I get this stuff???

It’s easier than you’d think. So easy… in fact… you can do it in your SLEEP!

Animal studies have found that raising levels of the “sleep hormone” melatonin can help TRANSFORM unwanted white fat into that calorie-melting brown fat.

As the name implies, melatonin also helps you sleep – and good sleep is another key to weight loss, since proper rest can help reset your appetite, stop cravings and ease hunger.

The only problem is that as we get older, we tend to have less melatonin; fortunately it’s readily available as a safe and inexpensive supplement, both on its own and as part of special formulas targeted for weight loss and other health concerns.