I hope you’re not in a hospital any time soon.

But if you are… and you have the chance… take a look around you. Because odds are, you’ll see someone you know.

A new report confirms what you may have already suspected: Many of those noisy, uncomfortable ER beds are occupied by seniors.

Folks over 60 are now responsible for a stunning ONE IN FIVE visits to the emergency room.

That number’s even more shocking when you realize that folks over 60 are less likely to have common emergency problems such as workplace accidents… drunken bar fights… and that old ER doc favorite, “foreign objects in the body” (you don’t even WANT to know some of the things I’ve seen).

But seniors ARE more likely to have some other common conditions that lead to emergency trips.

TOO common, as the new numbers show.

But with careful action now, you can keep out of the ER and in the comfort of your own home.

THREE KEYS to avoiding the hospital

You can see what’s on the line here.

While NO ONE wants to go to the hospital, seniors in particular REALLY want to keep out.

The conditions get more serious… the risks get higher… and the recovery takes longer as you grow older.

Every trip to the ER seems to have bigger stakes.

But here’s the thing: Many of the conditions that routinely send seniors to the hospital can be BLOCKED and PREVENTED with simple actions you can start right now:

  • Falls: This is the biggie, responsible for 13 percent of senior ER visits. Years ago, you could bounce right back after a tumble. When you fall today, it’s like that old commercial said… you might not get back up. Falls are more dangerous, and more likely to cause serious harm including broken bones and head injuries.

You can cut this risk by fall-proofing your home. Move – or have someone help you move – trip hazards including poorly arranged furniture, carpet edges and more. And make sure there are handrails on your steps and in your bathroom.

  • Side effects: How’s that for an ugly irony? The meds that are supposed to SAVE you can instead send you straight to the ER. Up to 10 percent of all senior hospital visits are caused by meds.

The most common culprits include blood thinners, insulin and other diabetes meds, and anti-platelet drugs. Blood pressure meds have also been linked to the falls that could also send you to a hospital. Talk to a doc about natural options for ALL of your meds, as well as going over your prescriptions regularly to look for places where you can “step down” to lower doses or even elimination.

  • Heart problems: Naturally this is often the most feared cause of a hospital trip for seniors, because in too many cases it’s a one-way ticket.

Fish oil, coQ10, vitamin K2, curcumin and Kyolic garlic can all help enhance your heart health so you can stay out of the ambulance, out of the ER – and out of the morgue, too.