Call it America’s TRUE silent killer – a devastating collection of risk factors that gets NO attention at all from the mainstream.

Probably because they don’t have a DRUG to sell you for it!

Yep, as far as the mainstream’s concerned a disease has to be like a theme park ride. If there’s no gift shop in the end… no chance to make money off it… they won’t even mention it.

So I will.

It’s time to put metabolic syndrome front and center – because a shocking new report reveals just how quickly it’s spread across the nation.

But because they DON’T talk about it… that means you WON’T know when you have it!

And that’s why I’m going to give you everything you need to recognize the warning signs and take quick action to reverse the risks.

How to STOP metabolic syndrome cold

The new study finds that more than a third of Americans overall are battling metabolic syndrome, which is typically marked by some combination of weight gain, belly fat and rising blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

But it’s even worse for seniors.

The same study finds HALF of all Americans over 60 have the warning signs of metabolic syndrome – and that means they’re ALL at risk for something much, much worse, including:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Death

It’s often easy enough to COMPLETELY reverse metabolic syndrome.

It just takes some discipline.

Like the diabetes that it often leads to, much of metabolic syndrome is caused by sugars – either directly, with sugar itself, or indirectly by eating the carbs that raise sugar in the blood.

Quit the carbs, or at least reduce them dramatically, and every core symptom of metabolic syndrome will come under control.

You’ll lose weight – including fat from your waistline – and get quick control over your blood sugar. As you lose weight, your BP will drop… and believe it or not, even with more fat in the diet your cholesterol will normalize, too.

I recommend a paleo diet, but if that’s too strict just focus on cutting out the carbs and eliminated processed foods for starters.

But here’s the cold truth: You can do everything RIGHT… and still end up facing metabolic syndrome.

Because this condition isn’t always a matter of what you eat, how much you move or anything else the mainstream will claim.

It could be caused by a SECRET INFECTION!

A Japanese study found that H. pylori – the same bacteria behind ulcers and other problems – can also lead directly to metabolic syndrome.

Unless you attack the germ, you’re just NOT going to shake those metabolic struggles (not to mention the dozens of other hidden problems caused by the bacteria).

Most mainstream insurance covers H. pylori testing; if you have the bacteria 1 gram of mastic gum daily for two weeks can often wipe it out.

Often… but not always.

To REALLY make sure it’s gone, I typically recommend a combo approach of supplements including Gastromend (which has mastic gum along with DFGL licorice and zinc carnosine), a biofilm supplement called Interphase Plus and a

well researched probiotic yeast called Saccharomyces boulardii.

For best results, work closely with a doctor who practices integrative of functional medicine who can test you for this bacteria, work with you to fight it and then test again to ensure it’s gone.