They hailed it as the weight-loss miracle the world was waiting for.

They INSISTED it was a safe and effective way for effortless weight loss.

And they URGED millions of Americans struggling to get control over the waistline to give this a shot.

This drug, they promised, can finally:

  • REVERSE the nation's obesity epidemic
  • RESTORE good health
  • PREVENT a lifetime of chronic disease

Then… just like that… they quietly pulled the drug off the market due to some horrifying side effects.

Now, we’re getting wind of just how bad this drug really is, and it’s clear the “weight-loss miracle” was a mirage – and the drug never should’ve been approved in the first place.

Not just because it’s dangerous, but also totally unnecessary – because as you’ll see in a moment, TRULY effortless weight loss is possible.

And you can do it without any meds at all!

No drugs. No surgery. Just results.

Earlier this year, lorcaserin was unceremoniously yanked off the market by the FDA over safety issues.

And they’re finally coming clean over how big those issues are.

Initially, they said it was a slight increase in the risk of cancer… but now, they’ve released numbers that don’t look so slight at all.

Sure, the overall risk of all forms of cancer is roughly the same.

But it seems like people on the drug are more likely to suffer from more dangerous and more aggressive cancers.

When they removed common and generally harmless skin cancers from the equation, they found the drug increased the risk of all other forms of cancer by 16 percent.

Not so small after all.

Folks on the drug also had a higher risk of:

  • Multiple primary tumors
  • Metastatic disease
  • Death from cancer

Of course, the FDA wants credit for “protecting” you by responding to the risk and pulling the drug.

That’s like a burglar wanting credit for not shooting you when he robs your home!

They don’t get any credit in my book – because it’s clear they never should’ve approved the drug in the first place.

The feds say overweight and obese Americans still have other “approved” options, including different meds and even surgery.

But do you REALLY trust them after this???

I sure don’t – especially since there are dozens of ways to effectively lose weight without meds.

I’ll give you three of the easiest right now:

  • Go paleo: This diet isn’t for everyone. But I always encourage people to try it for a month to see how it goes. Some folks take to it like a fish to water – with rapid weight loss, increased energy, better memory and more. Give it a shot.
  • Intermittent fasting: There are three or four versions of these diets, including alternate-day fasting and plans where you restrict eating to certain times each day. They all work; look into it and pick one that best fits your lifestyle.
  • Day-night balance: This might be the simplest of all, as restoring the balance between daytime and nighttime hormones can help control appetite, leading to rapid weight loss WITHOUT a diet.

A little melatonin at night can help you sleep better, which is a critical component to weight control. And naturally boosting serotonin levels during the day can enhance weight loss.

Melatonin is readily available via supplement; serotonin is a little tougher as you have to work indirectly. A natural compound called CQ can gently raise serotonin, and in one study volunteers lost 23 pounds over 8 weeks.