Even when the mainstream “experts” get it RIGHT… they STILL end up getting it wrong!!!

Just take a look at the latest from the world of mainstream medicine.

Sure, it starts out promising.

Dr. Anthony Fauci… the media darling… did something almost no one else in the mainstream will do and recommended specific supplements for immune support and protection from respiratory infection.

Sounds good. Sign me up!

But there’s just one problem…

Because after getting off to a promising start – after chiming in with some VERY important and VERY helpful tips on how seniors can boost the immune system and get extra protection from respiratory infection – he didn’t finish the job!

So let me complete the puzzle for you, because today I’ve not only got Dr. Fauci’s proven tips, but I’ve also got what he WON’T tell you about immune support for seniors.

What EVERY senior needs for PEAK immune function

Dr. Fauci, who is 79, said he takes vitamin D every day as running low in the nutrient can leave you susceptible to illness and infection.

Can’t dispute that!

Studies show that D isn’t just great for overall immune function. It’s essential to warding off respiratory infections – and folks with low D have both a higher risk of infection, and worse outcomes when they get sick.

Fauci also said seniors could take “a gram or two” of vitamin C each day, which he called a good antioxidant.

Again, he’s right on the money.

Vitamin C might not be the most EXCITING nutrient, but it’s one of the most essential – especially when it comes to the respiratory infections we’re all worried about this time of year.

In one study, patients given vitamin C along with antibiotics for respiratory infection were able to breathe easier and had less congestion and coughing.

But then Dr. Fauci gets it wrong, dismissing “any of the other concoctions” as if this stuff is witchcraft and not other nutrients that are just as important for your immune function as vitamins C and D.

For example, one in three seniors DON’T get enough zinc each day, which is absolutely essential to warding off infections. It’s so critical that seniors given a daily dose of zinc for a year had FIVE TIMES fewer infections in one study!

Does that sound like a “concoction” to you??? Me neither!

Zinc is a “just right” nutrient. In other words, you don’t want TOO much… but 45 mg of zinc gluconate usually hits the spot for most older Americans.

This time of year I also step up my vitamin A to about 5,000 [10,000] IU per day to help ward off all the nasty little bugs out there. Again, this isn’t a “concoction.” This is something widely recognized as critical to immune function (among dozens of other things).

I find A, C, D and zinc are great at holding back just about all of the nasty seasonal bugs. But if I ever feel something coming on despite my efforts, I step up the A and D – to as much as 20,000 IU per day, temporarily – and whatever was brewing usually pipes right back down in a few days.