It’s only the second day of the New Year… but I’m already sick of the know-it-alls on TV dishing out lousy advice.

And I bet you are, too!

All these nags are trying to push everyone into quitting everything enjoyable with their “eat this, not that” nonsense.

There’s no science behind most of it.

In fact, the science usually shows the OPPOSITE!

The very foods they tell you not to eat… the meats and dairy that you love, but have been urged to avoid… can actually protect against some of the biggest health threats.

And new research out just in time for the New Year shows how some of these same “forbidden favorites” can help protect you against one of the nation’s top causes of both death and disability.

They can stop a stroke… before it starts!

The stroke-stopping diet choice can you make today

The “experts” are always urging you away from eggs, dairy and meats and onto a “plant-based diet” of greens and grains.

But if you’re concerned about your stroke risk, you might want to stick that advice in that “out with the old” pile.

Following it can lead DIRECTLY to a stroke!

The new study attempts to find specific compounds in the diet that can either cut the risk or increase it.

And today, I’d like to focus on two of the main discoveries here.

There’s one compound that can cut the risk of stroke the most… and one that can increase it significantly.

Up first is an amino acid called histidine.

You won’t find this in many plant sources. The best sources are meats and dairy, with 100 grams of skirt steak packing triple the histidine of 100 grams of tofu… and SIX TIMES the levels found in navy beans.

Histidine in your food becomes histamine in the blood… and that helps to pop open blood vessels, enhance the function of neurotransmitters, reduce blood pressure and cut inflammation at the same time.

As a result, every increase in the standard deviation increase in histidine levels will cut your risk of stroke by 10 percent.

But there’s also another compound uncovered by the new study that does the opposite.

It can RAISE the risk of stroke.

It’s called pyruvate, and while you need certain levels of this compound to ensure your cells have the energy needed to function, most people get WAY too much.

No surprise, given one key source: carbs.

As your body breaks down sugars, it forms pyruvate – and your risk of stroke jumps by 13 percent for every standard deviation increase in your levels of this metabolite.

So there you have it. If you’re building an “in with the new” menu, eliminate all added sugars… restrict carbs… and enjoy your “forbidden favorites” including eggs and meats again.

It may not match with the TV “experts” are prattling on about.

But it does match the science… and that, my friend, is far more important.