The mainstream is celebrating what they claim is a wildly successful vaccine.

No, not the one you’re thinking of!

They’re claiming this year’s flu shot is the best in ages. Just look around: No one’s getting the flu.

See??? What a triumph of modern medicine!

And sure, flu rates are down while vaccination rates are up.

But let’s stop the back-patting for a minute and take a look at what’s REALLY going on here – because I can tell you right now…

It’s NOT the shot!

You can probably guess the real reason, which I’m going to share with you in just a moment. And then, I’ve got what they don’t, and that’s a much better way to stop the flu, colds and more.

And unlike the flu shot, this one works EVERY year!

Why flu activity is lower than ever

Flu shots are up a whopping 46 percent this year, and flu levels are down.

A year ago, more than 25 percent of specimens tested for flu came back positive… versus less than 0.3 percent for the same period this year.

The mainstream of course claims the first number led to the second, insisting that the vaccine gets the credit for this year’s low flu activity.

C’mon! Do they think we’re suckers or what???

First, the REAL reason vaccination rates are up is that people are scared and want to do something… anything… that feels like it’s helping the cause.

So they’re getting more flu shots.

But that’s not why flu activity is so low this year.

You can thank the other stuff for that. Social distancing… lockdowns, shutdowns and shelter orders… masks… and more… will all work to stop the spread of EVERY airborne virus including cold and flu.

Of course, we can’t do that every season (nor would we want to).

And even in a more typical year, the shot’s a pretty crummy weapon against flu. Your odds of benefiting are about the same as picking the ace of spades out of a deck of cards on the first try… and that’s when the shot is a “good match” for that year’s virus!

There’s a more reliable way to beat nasty seasonal infections including the flu, and that’s to turbo-charge your immune system.

Start with the basics: Eat right… sleep well… and avoid stress (I know, those three have been tougher than ever lately).

Take vitamin D every day, which has been shown to cut the risk of respiratory infections (in some studies, this one vitamin alone has been shown to be more effective than the flu shot).

Vitamins A, C and E are also great for charging up your immune function.

If you start to feel sick, increase vitamins A and D to 10,000-20,000 IU. Take them twice a day until you’re better… but of course, also call your doctor ASAP as well to see if you need to get tested for anything else in circulation just in case it’s something worse than the flu.