They promise it’ll SOOTHE your skin… delivering the relief you need from conditions such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

But there’s a DARK side this promise – one they WON’T warn you about.

In order to SAVE your skin… you might have to SACRIFICE your bones!

New research finds a direct link between osteoporosis and some of the most common topical skin treatments out there.

And when I say “common”… I mean it.

There’s a good chance you’ve used this skin med at some point. And if you have a condition such as psoriasis… you probably use it OFTEN.

You might even be rubbing it in right now.

So, let me give you the skinny on this new discovery. And more importantly, allow me to share another way to take care of your skin that won’t CRACK your bones.

New risk of steroid creams… REVEALED!

Topical corticosteroids have been the go-to treatment for skin conditions for ages -- and not just as a one-time option.

They’re also used for chronic conditions such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis… which don’t just go away on their own.

They’re with some folks FOREVER.

And that’s what makes this new discovery so TRULY frightening – because it finds that the risk GROWS as time wears on.

In other words, every time you apply one of these creams to your skin… every day, every week, every month and every year… you’re contributing to the risk.

Now, that risk officially kicks in after you hit 1,000 grams of total lifetime use. Cross that line, and the odds of osteoporosis jump just a little bit – starting at 2%.

But it keeps right on rising from there.

After you’ve surpassed 10,000 grams total use, your risk of osteoporosis jumps by 24%… and that’s not all.

You ALSO face a 27% higher risk of a bone break related to osteoporosis.

Those numbers might SOUND low.

But given how many people take the drugs, it’s actually HUGE.

Scientists are saying that 4.3% of all osteoporosis cases… and 2.7% of all osteoporosis-related fractures… are related to these medications.

If you’re suffering from a skin condition such as psoriasis… your FIRST move shouldn’t be turning to the big guns, such as these steroid creams.

And certainly don’t rush to sign up for the new drugs coming on the market! Because those “work” by TURNING DOWN your immune system… which might TAME the reactions on your skin, but could leave you wide open for a nasty infection.

There’s a better option – one that doesn’t get anywhere NEAR the attention it deserves.


Yeah. Light.

Sounds crazy, I know -- but an analysis in 2016 found that most patients with moderate-to-severe psoriasis got at least a 75% improvement in surface area and severity from this treatment.

If that’s not a bright idea, I don’t know what is.

In Your Corner,

Dr. Allan Spreen

P.S. There’s an ENTIRE CLASS of meds called SGLT2 inhibitors that have been linked to weaker, thinner bone… and bone breaks. Some folks are even losing LIMBS after taking these drugs!

If you want to SHORE UP your bone health, make sure you’re getting enough calcium… plus vitamins D and K.