I’ve never been the type to sugarcoat the news… so I’m here with what some might call “tough” talk.

I prefer to think of it as HONEST talk.

Because millions of Americans are living in denial right now.

They’re ignoring some VERY SERIOUS and VERY DEADLY risks – and what makes it so frustrating is that they don’t have to live with these threats hanging over them.

And you don’t have to, either.

You can turn it around, quickly and easily, and I’m going to give you the secret that’s changed lives for my own patients.

But it starts with recognizing that one of today’s most common beliefs is also one of the biggest myths.

It’s the notion that you can be overweight or obese… yet still be healthy and “fit” if you get a little movement.

There’s no such thing as ‘fat but fit’

Every doc has heard it, including me. Some patients practically announce it during a physical.

I’m healthy! I’m FIT!

Sometimes, I think they’re trying to convince themselves rather than me.

It’s usually what someone says when they’re overweight or obese, but have no other “serious” problems along with clean bloodwork and decent blood pressure.

And more importantly, they’re active.

In some cases, very active.

As you’ve read here in House Calls, being active is always better than being inactive, and that’s still true.

Except the new study shows no amount of activity can negate the effects of being overweight or obese when it comes to cardiovascular problems including diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol struggles.

In some cases… even in active people… being overweight or obese will increase those risks by up to FIVE TIMES!

So here’s what I tell patients who are overweight or obese, but “fit” and active.

“You don’t have diabetes,” I say, then add the most important word: “Yet.”

As the new study shows, it’s only a matter of time before that or some other health problem pops up – because while being fit and active is better than being sedentary, it can’t cancel out the extra weight.

There’s always a little disappointment there.

Most people don’t WANT the extra weight, and nearly ALL OF THEM have tried to lose it… usually multiple times, and the effort always ends in frustration.

But I’ve got something different, and that’s a way to lose the weight and keep it off.

It’s my own spin on the paleo diet, or the ketogenic aka “keto” diet.

It’s a diet that comes in and out of fashion every few years, but there’s a reason to make sure it stays in style in your house.


It leads to:

  • RAPID weight loss
  • PERFECT blood sugar
  • LOWER blood pressure
  • ENHANCED memory
  • LESS pain
  • and so much MORE

Here’s my suggested: Be VERY strict for about a month. No grains. Limited carbs. But as many veggies and fresh animal fats/proteins as you can handle (don’t deliberately overeat – but you don’t have to count calories, either).

Not gonna lie: The first week can be tough with cravings and a little fatigue. But after that, your body’s fat burners will switch on, energy levels will jump and you’ll be amazed at the difference.

Once the month is up, don’t go back to your old habits.

That’s how diets fail.

Instead, make a careful plan to reintroduce some healthier carbs in limited amounts, and – if all goes well – the occasional cheat day.

Work with a doctor who knows a thing or two about keto or low-carb diets who can guide you through it and get your over any plateaus.