It’s amazing what a difference a few years can make.

Not too long ago, a guy like me had to put his reputation on the line to prescribe medicinal cannabis.

You could be an EXPERT on dozens of diseases and conditions… know entire libraries worth of treatment options… and have a proven track record at the top of your field.

But once you dash off a cannabis scrip, some nasty naysayers will try to dismiss you as a “pot doc.”

Today, the tables have turned.

It’s rapidly becoming one of America’s LEADING treatment options for conditions ranging from pain problems to mood disorders and beyond.

And now, the latest research reveals how this same treatment… once dismissed, and still often stigmatized… can help with one of today’s top ongoing health problems.

The FORBIDDEN cure for hypertension

It’s not just “stoner” stuff anymore.

New research proves that medicinal cannabis is GENUINE MEDICINE for high blood pressure.

And if you’re a little older, this new study is for you – because it focused on folks with a mean age of 70 who were given pot prescriptions for the first time.

After three months, systolic (“top number”) blood pressure dropped by 5 mmHg… while the diastolic fell by 4.5 mmHg.

Those may not look like huge numbers.

But that’s about the drop in BP you can expect from many drugs. It’s also in line with the reductions you might experience from going low-salt… getting more fitness… or losing a little weight.

In other words, medicinal cannabis is about as effective as any of the other mainstream treatment options out there.

That doesn’t mean it’s a best FIRST choice for blood pressure control.

I’ve never prescribed it for that myself.

But that does make BP control a powerful “side benefit” for anyone considering cannabis for the dozens of other conditions where it delivers even bigger benefits.

It’s a powerful natural remedy for pain, especially chronic pain – and, unlike opioid drugs, it’s totally non-addictive. (Also unlike opioids, I’ve never met a single person who’s had any kind of serious “overdose” reaction on medicinal cannabis.)

It’s also a powerful natural relaxant, can chase off anxiety and stress, ease the tremors of Parkinson’s diseases, and fight the often debilitating side effects of cancer treatment… just to name a few benefits.

Now, it’s confirmed that it can cut your blood pressure while doing all that.

No WONDER the mainstream fears this stuff!

If you’re canna-curious yourself, there are really only two problems at this moment, which may or may not be problems at all: the law… and the stigma.

Both are rapidly changing

Many states have decriminalized and/or legalized it. As those laws change, and more people feel the benefits for themselves, the stigma is going up in smoke too.

If you think it might help you, check your local laws and then speak to your doctor.