Forget the waves of the coronavirus if you can.

Because the REAL “next wave” of health struggles related to the pandemic has nothing to do with the virus itself.

It’s something else, something happening right now… bubbling just beneath the surface.

And it could be happening to YOU!

When it comes to everything from infection risk,… to chronic disease… to heart attack… there’s an “X” factor that doesn’t get enough attention.

So today, let’s change that. Let’s fix it.

Let’s find the X factor, bring it under control and ensure you NEVER face the frightening toll of this hidden public health crisis.

Control the SECRET risk factor

Everyone is AWARE of this one.

But most people ignore it!

It rarely gets recognized as the major factor that it is, maybe in part because it’s so common and so pervasive… especially now.

That factor is stress.

Whether it’s from a year of COVID-19 panic… political aggravation… workplace issues… family difficulties… money woes… health problems… or anything else, that stress isn’t just some “mental” issue.

It can lead to genuine inflammation, throughout the body.

That inflammation is a key factor in the risk of… well… just about everything, from pain to disease to infection to death.

Now, new research reveals one easy action you can take to bring levels of stress plunging – and it’s not in scented candles or yoga or anything of that nature.

This one’s much more practical.

Take a probiotic!

These healthy bacteria are the unsung heroes of brain health and mood support, helping to crank out the key neurotransmitters that keep everything in balance.

And in the new study, probiotic supplements helped enhance those bacteria enough to make a noticeable difference.

In this one, researchers put a specific strain called L. paracasei​ up against a placebo in 120 healthy adults.

Over five weeks, the folks who got the real supplements reported lower levels of stress overall.

Already good – but here’s where this gets really interesting: The HIGHER the stress levels someone had before the study began… the BIGGER the benefits they enjoyed from the supplements!

And along with lower stress, these same high-strung volunteers also reported improvements in their overall perception of their own health and even some benefits related to sleep.

There are other ways to handle stress: sleep better… relax more… exercise… and herbal therapies such as rhodiola and/or ashwagandha.

But it’s clear there’s also room for a probiotic in the picture – and given the other benefits to these bacteria, including better digestion and stronger immune function, I always encourage these supplements anyway.

The only note of caution I’d add is that this study looked at a single strain, the

  1. paracasei​ I mentioned earlier, which is well and good but probiotic health is about more than one strain.

Look for a blend that contains multiple beneficial bacteria, especially the strains that have been tested in human clinical trials such as lactobacillus and bifidobacterium species, and avoid the supermarket and discount store stuff (most of it’s garbage) and look for a high-quality formula instead.