Imagine getting rescued from the sea – only to find the boat that “saved” you is also sinking.

And now, you’re in shark-infested waters to boot.

But when you point this out to the captain, he smiles unconcernedly and says “at least we’re not on fire.”

I don’t think ANYONE would find comfort in that.

Yet that’s what’s going on right now with the SSRI drugs that tens of millions of Americans rely on to rescue them from the depths of depression.

These drugs have more problems than I can even list here, including some that make them an especially dangerous choice for seniors (more on that shortly).

But the mainstream is smiling over a new report that claims SSRIs won’t cause a stroke.

At least we’re not on fire! 

Here’s a better idea: A true rescue that won’t leave out to sea – because there IS a way to beat depression for good WITHOUT these drugs.

Beat depression… without the antidepressants

For YEARS now, doctors and patients alike have worried over studies that show SSRI antidepressants can raise the risk of a hemorrhagic stroke by 40-50 percent.

That’s the less common… but far deadlier… form of stroke.

Now, the new study claims it’s all sorted out.

The drugs DON’T raise the risk of this form of stroke after all – so go ahead and take them, right?

All I can say is: not so fast.

These drugs can still make you miserable with immediate side effects, like nausea and such… ongoing problems like weight gain and sexual dysfunction… and one risk that could have tragic consequences for seniors.

They can leave you dizzy and unsteady, which can raise the risk of a fall – and any fall past a certain age can have life-changing ramifications.

And it’s all for a drug that works based on a TRICK, since SSRIs don’t increase your serotonin levels.

They just pull off a little biological sleight-of-hand to keep the old and used-up serotonin in circulation longer.

Does it work? Kinda-sorta-maybe, in some people, some of the time.

But as anyone on the meds will tell you, they’re not great even when they do “work.”

Some people stay on them anyway thinking there’s not much choice – and that, my friend, is a massive myth pushed by the drug industry.

There’s ALWAYS a choice!

And I’ve got some for you right now…

One option for handling serotonin is with supplements of 5HTP (5-hydroxy tryptophan), which your body converts into fresh, new serotonin (just don’t take it with an SSRI unless specifically directed by your doctor).

It’s especially effective in milder cases, and works even better in combination with theanine.

SAMe (S-adenosylmethionine) is another terrific natural antidepressant, and an anti-inflammatory compound called curcumin – from the spice turmeric – has even matched some SSRI drugs in studies.

If you’ve tried these natural options without any luck, it could be a sign of something else going on. A doctor who practices integrative or functional medicine can run some tests, figure it out and get you the help you need.