It’s like a bully who socks people in the face, returns later to laugh at the black eye and then comes back a third time to sell ice for the bruises.

Insanity, right?

Welcome to mainstream medicine, 2021!

They’re taken a deadly pandemic and made it WORSE with inconsistencies, hypocrisies and outright lies.

That’s spread fear and panic, leading to mental breakdowns across the country.

Now, the mainstream bullies are pointing out… almost gleefully… that more people than ever are suffering from anxiety and depression.

And like that bully selling ice, they’re trying to sell YOU meds for the problem THEY helped create.

But I’m here to hit back at the bully – because I’ve helped my own patients beat these conditions… without even touching my prescription pad!

The OTHER pandemic that’s STILL getting worse

These SHOULD be bright days.

The weather’s warm… the cases are down… and people are getting back out.

But you wouldn’t know it from the media!

They're STILL running with the narrative that’s driven Americans into a constant state of fear and panic – worrying everyone sick with the threat of variants, vaccine failures and younger people getting the infection.

The result is what you see in the latest snapshot of America’s mental health: We’re on a nation on the verge of a MASSIVE breakdown!

The new study finds that 42 percent of Americans had either anxiety or depression at some point between August of 2020 and January of this year.

And of course, they’re selling ice packs: ONE IN FOUR adults in the country are now taking meds for these conditions.

Before the pandemic, that number usually hovered at around 10 percent.

They’ve more than doubled the sales of mood meds during the coronavirus pandemic… despite the fact that these drugs DO NOT PREVENT and DO NOT TREAT coronavirus.

What a racket!

They’ve essentially cooked up a second pandemic, and now they’re profiting off it – and I’m sick of it.

Of course you should be careful out there. Of course you should use common sense and protect yourself with a mask and other measures.

But DO NOT let the media hacks drag your entire life into the gutter over this, either.

Make sure you ENJOY YOURSELF when and where you can do so safely.

And if you’re still suffering from mood problems, there are better options than the meds they’ve got 25 percent of the nation taking.

For depression, the best natural options include 5HTP (especially in combination with theanine) as well was SAMe (S-adenosylmethionine) or curcumin.

And if you’re battling anxiety, consider CBD, probiotics and/or herbal medicines including herbal teas.

Make sure you let your doctor know your plans.