Every single American born in the past century has been fed a myth from childhood about what and how to eat.

And today, as adults, it’s literally KILLING us!

The dietary guidelines weren’t based on science, biology, nutrition or health.

They were based on well-connected industry players lining up and DEMANDING to be included… no matter what kind of junk they’re peddling.

The result is what we see around us.

Record obesity levels. A diabetes epidemic. Heart disease that’s off the charts.

And a life expectancy that’s gone straight into the toilet.

Now, new research exposes to truth about one of the supposed bedrock basics in our food guidelines.

This daily “essential” ISN’T essential at all.

Just the opposite: It’s one of the main drivers of disease and an early death!

SKIP this ENTIRE category of food

Cereal in the morning, a sandwich at lunch, and rice, pasta or bread with dinner. That’s a REALLY normal day in MILLIONS of American homes, and has been for decades now.

And most of those foods are smack within guidelines, to some extent or another.

But as you’ve read here in House Calls, those empty carbs are full of danger – and the new study proves it with frightening clarity for anyone still eating that junk.

Just seven servings of refined grains per day will raise your odds of:

  • STROKE by 47 percent
  • HEART DISEASE by 33 percent
  • DEATH by 27 percent

Remember, these are “servings.” A slice of bread is ONE serving, so a sandwich is TWO servings right outta the gate… and a typical bowl of cereal is two or three servings.

That’s up to five servings of refined grains just by lunchtime!

As if that’s not bad enough, the study didn’t even touch on the notorious OTHER problems from eating empty carbs, including obesity… metabolic syndrome… and diabetes, just to name a few.

The high blood sugar levels caused by a carb-heavy diet can even lead you down a path toward cognitive decline and dementia.

The new study finds that whole grains such as buckwheat, steel cut oats, brown rice and barley won’t lead to those health problems… but for the record, I’d suggest avoiding or at least limiting those as well. (Especially since many “whole grain” products ALSO contain refined grains.)

They might be better, but they can still mess with blood sugar.

Call it one more reason to take “official” and “government” advice and stick it in the trash where it belongs.

If you want to BE healthy, you’ve gotta EAT healthy – and by that, I mean a diet based on science, not government bureaucrats and their industry pals.

Get back to basics: Eat plenty of fresh animal protein and dairy products, and get some fiber from your favorite fruits and veggies… but keep the carbs to a minimum to bring your waistline under control and your blood sugar levels down.