There’s a new kind of “bucket list” out there as millions of Americans make plans for the end of the pandemic.

I’ve heard it all: Skydiving… bear hunting… Internet dating… global travel… plus a few I can’t even print here.

But if you’re looking for a new experience once it’s safe to get back out, I’ve got an option that’s much closer to home and won’t cost you a dime.

And it just might SAVE YOU from cognitive decline!

It’s singing, but not in your car or shower.

Specifically, it’s singing in a choir, as new research finds it can deliver two major benefits for seniors:

  • It can ENHANCE brainpower and BLOCK memory struggles
  • It can provide COMPANIONS and reduce LONELINESS and ISOLATION

Yes, in many ways, it can deliver the ultimately protection against aging itself.

How choral singing can SAVE your brain

This study hits close to home.

Maybe it’s because music is REALLY important to me.

Maybe it’s because I sang in the church choir myself up until relatively recently.

Or maybe it’s because nothing can make you experience feelings you didn’t even know you had quite like dozens of voices singing out in unison.

Singing in a group is a special kind of magic – especially on those days or nights when everyone has nailed their part and you can literally feel the music inside your body.

Now, the new study shows how the benefits go far beyond the music.

First, it finds older choir singers have more verbal flexibility, which is a sign of greater cognitive flexibility.

That’s a key indication of overall cognitive health, as it’s a measure of your ability to switch focus between different tasks.

Second, it finds longtime singers feel a better sense of “togetherness,” which is great for your mental health and quality of life, and something I think we’ve all been missing over the past year.

And third, it finds that older folks who aren’t longtime singers also enjoy big-time benefits: Choir members who’ve been at it for less than 10 years are happier with their overall than folks the same age who aren’t singers.

If you’re interested in seeing – and hearing – those benefits for yourself, joining a choir isn’t hard. Every church has one, and most communities also have secular choirs and clubs, too.

And they all have something in common: They ALWAYS need singers!

No one’s gonna look down on you if you’ve never sang a note.

In fact, most of them love nothing more than watching someone find their voice.

So if you’re interested in raising your own voice, look online or check with your local church once the conditions near you allow for it.