Dr. Alan Inglis, M.D.

  1. Your “minor” surgery could cause MAJOR problems

    Just one quickie procedure… snip-snip, in and out… and all your problems will be solved.

    Except it’s never that simple, right?

    That’s especially true if you’re a little older and not in the best of health.

    And if you’re suffering from any degree of frailty, even a so-called “low-risk” procedure to fix a “minor problem” or condition could pack the biggest risk of all…

    It could KILL you!

    The toll of the operation can take a LOT out of your body – and you just might not have enough left in the tank to deal with it.

    As a result, the new study finds there’s simply no such thing as a “low-risk” operation for frail seniors…

    They’re ALL high-risk!

    And that means it could be time to reconsider ANY operation they’re pushing you into --before it’s too late.

    They profit off your misery – and put your life on the line

    There’s an entire industry out there ready to cash in on your problems.


    Some shrink is ready to bill your insurer $100 a visit.

    Sore back?

    The radiologist will see you now… and that’ll be $400 from your insurer please, plus your copay… even though imaging scans almost NEVER reveal the true cause of back pain.

    And for dozens of other every day common issues and conditions, there’s a surgeon standing by, ready to operate.

    But don’t sign that waiver yet, especially if you gave any degree of frailty...

    The new study finds BIG risks in these “little” procedures, including common stuff like a hernia… a joint replacement… or removing a cyst from a place like the hand.

    These aren’t typically considered “high-risk,” which by definition is any operation with a 1 percent chance of death or higher.

    Except they ARE high-risk… in some cases VERY high-risk… if you’re frail.

    The study finds EVERY stage of frailty packs major risks; within three months of a low-risk procedure, 5 percent of folks who are even a little frail are dead.

    That’s FIVE TIMES the definition of “high risk!”

    That number jumps to 9 percent at six months.

    And for the very frail, 1 in 10 are dead within 30 days of a supposedly low-risk procedure…23 percent are dead by three months… and more than a third are dead within six months.

    None of this means you need to live in misery with an ongoing condition.

    But it DOES mean you should think twice about surgery as a solution!

    Before you sign up for ANY procedure… whether you’re frail or not… get a second opinion.

    I strongly recommend consulting with a doctor who specializes in integrative or functional medicine who can help find the least invasive option, including non-surgical treatments, for common problems and conditions.

    If it turns out you do need a procedure… even a “simple” or “low-risk” one… get screened for frailty and work ahead of time on a pre-hab plan to get you ready for the operation; then, a rehab program to get you back on your feet afterward.

  2. The MISSING MINERAL that can stop aging!

    Aging in reverse?

    Might sound like a wild fantasy – literally impossible when it comes down to it.

    Well, friend, the impossible just became possible today... at least on a cellular level.

    The latest research reveals a way to slow one of the most important signs of aging deep inside your body – and to be clear, this isn’t just some crazy, out-there there “theory.”

    You see, this one cellular process – one that’s taking place right now, deep inside your body -- holds the power to:

    • SLOW aging
    • BLOCK disease
    • EXTEND your life

    And the “fix” is a whole lot easier than you’d ever believe as new research reveals how it all comes down to a single trace mineral.

    The SELENIUM secret to successful aging

    Telomeres are often compared to aglets.

    Those are the little caps that sit at each end of a shoelace, holding the threads together.

    In this case, those threads are your DNA and the aglets – your telomeres – are what’s keeping the whole package together.

    Each time your cells divide, the telomere cap shrinks just a touch. Eventually, there’s nothing left, and it all unwinds.

    And you don’t need to be a doctor to know what happens when your DNA unravels.

    Your LIFE unravels – and you’re left facing nearly every major deadly chronic disease: heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s and more.

    Since telomeres shrink with age, these are considered “aging” problems.

    However, not everyone shrinks at the same rate...

    Exposure to toxins and poor lifestyle choices – including obesity and being sedentary – can speed the shrink.

    But there’s a flipside to that

    Just as some things can SPEED the shrink, other things can SLOW it down.

    That’s where the latest science shows so much incredible promise...

    It nails down one simple nutrient… one you can get easily every day… that can preserve your all-important telomeres: selenium.

    Every 20 micrograms(mcg) of selenium you get from diet can increase the length of telomeres by 0.42 percent.

    That may not sound like much.

    But on a cellular level… over years… that could have a MAJOR impact on your aging.

    You can find selenium in Brazil nuts, certain shellfish, salmon, sardines and some seeds including sunflowers. Good multivitamins are also starting to include selenium.

    Brazil nuts are especially rich in selenium – 70 to 90 mcg each. One or two a day is all you need to get enough of this valuable mineral.

    Along with boosting your selenium via diet and a high-quality multivitamin with minerals, there are other steps you can take to slow telomere growth and block your disease risk.

    Pretty easy, too.

    Studies show these supplements can all slow telomere shrink:

    • Fish oil: Studies show omega-3s not only slow the shrink, but they can also help your telomeres GROW in some cases.
    • Vitamin D: Folks with blood levels over 50 nmol/L have the slowest shrink rate, according to another study.
    • Ashwagandha: Research has shown this herbal therapy can boost the enzyme that protects telomeres by an impressive 45 percent.

    In addition, avoid toxins with a diet of natural food -- and spend less time on the sofa and more on your feet.

    Of course, you can’t stop aging completely.

    But you certainly can show it who’s boss!

  3. Selenium can slow ‘biological aging’

    The MISSING MINERAL that can stop aging! Aging in reverse? Might sound like a wild fantasy – literally impossible when it comes down to it. Well, friend, the impossible just became possible today... at least on a cellular level. The latest research reveals a way to slow one of the most important signs of aging deep inside your body –...
  4. Muscle restored in seniors with this simple plan

    RESTORE lost muscle effortlessly – even if you’re a little older You’ve seen it happen all around you. You PRAYED it wouldn’t happen to you. And at first, it might’ve seemed like you got away with it: You reached your senior years without that debilitating loss of muscle that hits so many others. But then it happened. You got weaker...

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