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  1. Fish can protect hearing in women

    Conquer hearing loss at the dinner table

    Listen up, ladies: If you want to protect your hearing as you get older, then cook up some fish tonight -- because seafood might hold the secret to making sure you never have to be fitted for a hearing aid.

    All it takes is two servings a week.

    Eat that much -- or more -- and your risk of hearing loss drops by 20 percent and you can delay the onset of the condition if you do eventually get it, according to a new study of more than 65,000 women tracked for nearly two decades.

    The study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition doesn't show the specific reason for the benefit, but I'm sure it's the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil. In fact, while all seafood seems to lower the risk of hearing loss, the study finds the biggest benefits come when you eat fish with the highest omega-3 levels.

    Your ears are sensitive to even small changes in your circulation. Those healthy omega-3 fatty acids can help keep the blood flowing naturally, which is why they are so beneficial to everything that relies on good circulation, including vision, hearing and even heart function.

    Of course, having fish for dinner several times a week is just one way to make sure you're getting those essential omega-3 fatty acids. But with the high price of quality fish and (more importantly) the increasing threat of mercury contamination in seafood, it's not always the best way to get it.

    So along with safer seafood options such as wild-caught salmon, be sure to take a fish oil supplement every day. Stick to a quality blend from a maker you trust to ensure that it's been purified to remove mercury and other contaminants.

  2. Seniors given unnecessary cancer tests

    Cancer tests you don't need

    Cancer is so scary that some people won't even say it out loud -- so I certainly understand why you might want to test for it in hopes of catching it early.

    But before you submit to a cancer screening, do a little homework.

    Not every cancer test works as advertised, and some of them are unnecessary -- especially among seniors. Many cancers grow so slowly that they would never pose a threat to older folks.

    Yet new research finds many seniors are getting those tests anyway.

    The new study finds that 64 percent of senior men are screened for prostate cancer, while 63 percent of senior women are screened for breast cancer.

    Between 34 percent and 56 percent of senior women who've had a hysterectomy are getting Pap smears --and nearly half of senior men and women are being screened for colon cancer , including many who are getting a colonoscopy just five years after testing negative for the disease.

    And all those unnecessary screenings could have tragic consequences.

    First, there's the stress of the screening -- and if it turns out you have a tumor, the stress of the diagnosis. Even if you know the cancer is unlikely to hurt you, it's still something you will worry about.

    And second, those unnecessary tests could lead to unnecessary treatments -- including surgeries that could put you at risk for infection and other complications.

    Yes, the cancer wouldn't have killed you. But the treatment might.

    I know the mainstream loves one-size-fits-all rules and guidelines, especially when it comes to cancer. Always screen for this, never screen for that.

    But medicine is just not that simple, so I won't issue any one-size-fits-all rules or decrees. There are tests and screenings you might need, and ones you don't -- and the only ones who should make that decision are you and your doctor.

    And if you do have cancer, remember that you're not limited to drugs and surgery. There are natural options that can work alongside mainstream treatments or even replace them completely -- and I've got the full story in this month's edition of my subscription newsletter, Health Revelations.

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  6. (VIDEO) Natural weight loss secret--Lose weight 3X faster

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