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  1. BETTER than surgery for your ACHING back!

    The operation is called a spinal fusion, and surgeons just LOVE it.

    Of course they do: It costs about $30,000 a pop!

    They’ll do anything they can protect that kind of coin, so they’re out with a study claiming they’ve found a way to make it even “better.”

    Usually, they have to flip you over midway through, like a pancake.

    Now they’ve figured out how to do it without moving you, cutting the amount of time and reducing the loss of blood and the need for anesthesia, too.

    But don’t fall for this new “better… faster… easier” sales pitch, my friend.

    The REAL problem isn’t the pancake flip of the surgery.

    It’s the operation itself – which is almost designed to fail!

    That could lead you into more pain than you’ve ever had in your life… or at least a back that’s no better than it was before, despite you and/or your insurer shelling out $30,000.

    So let me give you the lowdown in why this operation’s such a terrible idea.

    More importantly, I’ve also got what you need to finally get the relief you deserve.

    The TRUTH about spinal fusion

    The new pitch for the spinal fusion and the promise of a faster, easier operation might sound great…

    Until you see the OTHER research on this.

    Last year, for example, a study found that spinal fusion is no better than a simpler and less expensive operation called a decompression.

    And in 2016, a study found that spinal fusion for degenerative disk disease is no better than something even simpler than a decompression… and that’s NO SURGERY at all!

    That study found that patients get very similar results just by following an exercise or physical therapy program.

    That study was so clear that the The British Medical Journal slammed spinal fusion as “a highly questionable practice without supporting evidence” and called out surgeons for ignoring the science and doing the operations anyway.

    One expert even told the New York Times the surgery is “next to useless.”

    I would make that physical therapy the first option – and these days, you can even do much of it remotely via video chat.

    You can also try:

    • Osteopathic spinal manipulation
    • Massage therapy
    • At-home heat treatments
    • Topical pain relievers with MSM and/or DMSO

    If those don’t do the trick, there’s one more option you can try before surgery where they inject ozone gas into the spine. One study out of Germany found that this treatment shrinks herniated discs by 15 percent.

    That led to big-time benefits in more than two out of three patients, with 37 percent getting total relief and 33 percent reporting significant relief.

    The downside? It’s not common here yet, but call your doc or search online and you may find someone who offers it.

  2. These FORBIDDEN FOODS can STOP a stroke!

    It’s only the second day of the New Year… but I’m already sick of the know-it-alls on TV dishing out lousy advice.

    And I bet you are, too!

    All these nags are trying to push everyone into quitting everything enjoyable with their “eat this, not that” nonsense.

    There’s no science behind most of it.

    In fact, the science usually shows the OPPOSITE!

    The very foods they tell you not to eat… the meats and dairy that you love, but have been urged to avoid… can actually protect against some of the biggest health threats.

    And new research out just in time for the New Year shows how some of these same “forbidden favorites” can help protect you against one of the nation’s top causes of both death and disability.

    They can stop a stroke… before it starts!

    The stroke-stopping diet choice can you make today

    The “experts” are always urging you away from eggs, dairy and meats and onto a “plant-based diet” of greens and grains.

    But if you’re concerned about your stroke risk, you might want to stick that advice in that “out with the old” pile.

    Following it can lead DIRECTLY to a stroke!

    The new study attempts to find specific compounds in the diet that can either cut the risk or increase it.

    And today, I’d like to focus on two of the main discoveries here.

    There’s one compound that can cut the risk of stroke the most… and one that can increase it significantly.

    Up first is an amino acid called histidine.

    You won’t find this in many plant sources. The best sources are meats and dairy, with 100 grams of skirt steak packing triple the histidine of 100 grams of tofu… and SIX TIMES the levels found in navy beans.

    Histidine in your food becomes histamine in the blood… and that helps to pop open blood vessels, enhance the function of neurotransmitters, reduce blood pressure and cut inflammation at the same time.

    As a result, every increase in the standard deviation increase in histidine levels will cut your risk of stroke by 10 percent.

    But there’s also another compound uncovered by the new study that does the opposite.

    It can RAISE the risk of stroke.

    It’s called pyruvate, and while you need certain levels of this compound to ensure your cells have the energy needed to function, most people get WAY too much.

    No surprise, given one key source: carbs.

    As your body breaks down sugars, it forms pyruvate – and your risk of stroke jumps by 13 percent for every standard deviation increase in your levels of this metabolite.

    So there you have it. If you’re building an “in with the new” menu, eliminate all added sugars… restrict carbs… and enjoy your “forbidden favorites” including eggs and meats again.

    It may not match with the TV “experts” are prattling on about.

    But it does match the science… and that, my friend, is far more important.

  3. SAVE your brain with PINK power

    It’s like those scenes in a murder mystery movie where the detective misses the most obvious and important clue… and you’re practically SHOUTING at the screen. Except in this case, it’s researchers zeroing in on a MEDICAL mystery. Specifically, how to stop the aging in the brain that leads to cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease. And they came SO CLOSE...
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    On the long list of ways you DON’T wanna go, cancer’s gotta be right near the top. It’s SLOW… it’s PAINFUL… and your FAMILY has to watch this nightmare unfold. But I’m here with a game-changer as new research reveals a way to ensure you NEVER suffer that fate. There’s a simple and effective natural option that can help protect...
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    Don’t wait until the New Year to make your resolution. If you have diabetes, new research shows you can’t wait anymore – because you’re facing a far bigger and much deadlier risk than most people realize. It’s not just “heart problems.” It could be heart failure – a condition that too often leads to a rapid decline in health and...
  6. The BRAIN-ENHANCING power of “chilling out”

    When did health advice become such a NAG??? Everything you hear… everything you read… everything THEY tell you to do is always such a bummer. Well, my friend, I’m here to say the key to good health isn’t in depriving yourself of life’s great joys. In fact, most of the NAG stuff is flat-out wrong! You CAN lose weight without...
  7. DRUG SCARE: 2 common meds in URGENT new warning!

    It’s NOT the kind of news you ever want to wake up to see. You turn on the TV… or open the newspaper (remember those???)… or check online… or maybe even your email. And you see it: another warning out about meds – and this time, your drugs are on the list. It’s enough to make your heart skip a...
  8. TWO key immune nutrients that even Dr. Fauci recommends

    Even when the mainstream “experts” get it RIGHT… they STILL end up getting it wrong!!! Just take a look at the latest from the world of mainstream medicine. Sure, it starts out promising. Dr. Anthony Fauci… the media darling… did something almost no one else in the mainstream will do and recommended specific supplements for immune support and protection from...
  9. PROVEN: Cannabis WORKS for chronic pain

    The mainstream has spent the better part of three generations absolutely demonizing cannabis. And anyone with the GALL to even try it was dismissed as a pothead… a stoner… and even tossed into the clink. Well, my friend, the tables have turned. Millions of Americans have DEFIED mainstream health authorities and in many cases even the law. They’re TRIED IT...
  10. Strong-as-Steel Immune System Starts HERE

    Dear Reader, If you’re over the age of 50 a healthy immune system is absolutely critical in these scary times… That’s why I can’t wait to share this very good news. Imagine if just a sprinkle of a special nutrient could help promote a healthy, strong immune system. How much healthier, more confident and HAPPIER would you feel? A scientific...
  11. The Alzheimer’s EARLY WARNING SYSTEM that could SAVE your brain

    It’s not often you get to gaze into the future – and I don’t mean as a cheap carnie trick. I mean an honest-to-goodness look at what could very possibly happen to you in the coming years. But I’ve got one for you today – your first… best… and maybe ONLY chance to: SPOT the earliest warning signs of dementia...
  12. 3 no-stress options for EASY weight loss

    They hailed it as the weight-loss miracle the world was waiting for. They INSISTED it was a safe and effective way for effortless weight loss. And they URGED millions of Americans struggling to get control over the waistline to give this a shot. This drug, they promised, can finally: REVERSE the nation's obesity epidemic RESTORE good health PREVENT a lifetime...
  13. What’s your bloody nose REALLY telling you?

  14. Your meds could be EATING your brain!

    Halloween? Humbug! We’ve got an out-of-season Grinch named coronavirus threatening to cancel the holiday – but in classic Hollywood horror movie fashion, the REAL monster isn’t the virus stalking everyone outside. It’s ALREADY in your home! This hidden threat operates like something out of a creature-feature. First, it slips into your brain. Next, it wipes out your memory. Then, it...
  15. Three URGENT actions for any dementia diagnosis!

    The three hardest words for a doc are “I don’t know” – and you won’t believe the kinds of stunts they’ll pull rather than say it out loud. They’ll send you out for tests you don’t need… bring you in for followups that won’t matter… and prescribe drugs that don’t work. Case in point: Dementia. New research reveals how docs...
  16. Get a FIVE-YEAR head start in the battle against Alzheimer’s disease

    The biggest problem with Alzheimer’s is that by the time they diagnose it… it’s often much too late to act. But that big challenge also means there’s an even BIGGER opportunity. And it’s one you can take advantage of right now – one that could: STOP the disease SAVE your brain IMPROVE your memory EXTEND your life The key is...
  17. ‘RAPID’ relief from knee pain with this all-natural combo

    Man, those aches and pains never seem to get better, do they? Some days, even a simple walk around the block can cause your knees to practically SCREAM at ya! But new research reveals a way to END those everyday aches and pains in your knees. You can enjoy: MORE comfort MORE relief MORE movement …and you can LOVE every...
  18. What EVERY senior needs to know BEFORE knee surgery

    There’s a class of painkiller out there right now so dangerous that EVERYONE in medicine is under orders to limit it. And when I say EVERYONE, I mean there’s not a doc in the nation who isn’t aware of this. So what are they doing? A shocking new study finds they’re giving it out MORE often… and to the very...
  19. The NIGHTTIME secret to a longer, healthier life

    There are a LOT of factors that go into how long you’ll live. Some are outta your control, like genetics. Some are in your control, but require a ton of time and attention, like diet… nutrition… and exposure to toxins. But new research reveals what could be one of the BIGGEST longevity factors of all. It’s not only totally within...
  20. Do you REALLY need to take a multivitamin?

    There’s an easy way to ensure you’re covered on ALL your basic nutrients at once. And it costs literally pennies a day. So naturally, the mainstream is downright livid over this – launching attack… after attack… after attack… on simple, humble, everyday multivitamins. Now, they’re at it again. They’re out with a new report in the medical journal BMJ that...

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