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  1. Sugary sodas becoming a leading killer

    Why is America ignoring this leading killer?

    It seems we've declared war on just about every leading killer in the United States.

    There's a war on cancer... on diabetes... on Alzheimer's. We even spend a fortune on road safety campaigns to reduce car accident deaths.

    But there's one top killer that gets almost no attention at all.

    This killer snuffs out nearly as many American lives as automobile accidents every year. Yet instead of declaring "war" on it as well -- instead of it becoming the subject of a national debate -- this major cause of death is marketed with a mix of feel-good music and nostalgia.

    But make no mistake about it, it's still a cold-blooded killer.

    Sugar-sweetened soft drinks such as soda cause our weight to balloon leading to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and eventually death.

    A new analysis published in the journal Circulation estimates the number of deaths that can be blamed directly on soft drinks such as soda, and the results are shocking: According to the researchers sugar-sweetened drinks are responsible for 180,000 deaths around the world each year.

    Closer to home, 25,000 of those sugar-sweetened deaths are right here in the United States, putting it only slightly behind traffic accidents and firearms – and right on par with antibiotic-resistant superbugs.

    The problem with soda is that while everyone recognizes that sugar is unhealthy, few realize that even small amounts can cause potentially deadly damage inside the body.

    One study last year found that just 20 ounces of soda a day -- less than two cans -- can cause the type of damage to your DNA that's linked to chronic disease and premature death. And this supposedly "moderate" habit can slash nearly five years off your life.

    If you're trying to shake a soda habit, don't make the switch to diet. Many of the chemical sweeteners used in place of sugar are nearly as bad, which is why a study just this spring found that diet soft drinks can cause fat to accumulate right around your middle.

    Make a clean break instead... before you become part of these grim statistics yourself.

    Instead of soda, try herbal teas over ice. You can enjoy plenty of flavor as well as benefits instead of risks -- and it's the perfect thirst-quencher on a hot summer day.

  2. Chemotherapy doesn't work as advertised

    The chemotherapy lie that could kill you

    Chemotherapy is a desperate race -- but it's not the one you think it is.

    Your oncologist will tell you that you're racing against the disease, with chemotherapy fighting to kill the tumor before the tumor kills you.

    That's not quite the full story. The real race isn't always between you and that tumor. In too many cases, it's between you and the chemo.

    Yes, my friend, the darkest secret of the cancer industry is that chemotherapy can sometimes be deadlier than the disease itself.

    This isn't some bold new discovery either. The entire industry has known it for decades -- since the late Dr. Hardin B. Jones, a leading Berkeley researcher, revealed the results of a 25-year study back in 1969.

    He found that cancer patients on chemo actually die sooner than those who refuse this poisonous therapy. What's more, he also exposed the truth about the rest of mainstream cancer "care," finding that patients who refuse all treatment can live up to three times longer than those who submit to conventional therapies.

    Medicine has come a long way since that 1969 study, and the exact statistics could be different today, depending on the cancer and the treatment.

    But one thing hasn't changed over the decades, and that's the simple fact that conventional cancer treatment isn't always just about saving lives. It's also about maximizing profits.

    As a result, patients don't always get the safest and most effective treatments.

    Chemotherapy, for example, can actually help some cancers to grow -- which is why many people develop what's known as "chemo resistance."

    Yet this treatment is still often used inappropriately and aggressively, ruining and even ending lives rather than saving them. For example, early-stage breast tumors can often be handled with surgery alone, yet patients are given chemotherapy anyway.

    There are some cases in which chemo might be effective, but even when it could help to save your life there might be moments in which you wished it didn't -- because the side effects can seem worse than death itself.

    There's the relentless fatigue... vomiting and diarrhea so severe you could become dehydrated... and so-called "chemo brain," which can cloud your brain so badly thinking straight becomes impossible.

    Complain to your oncologist, and he might make you feel like an ingrate, telling you that the toxic side effects are a small price to pay for saving your life.

    But the good news is you don't have to just give in to those devastating chemo side effects. Intravenous vitamin C has been shown to enhance the cancer-fighting powers of chemotherapy while limiting its side effects at the same time.

    In fact, it's such a powerful weapon against cancer that I've found it can often be used entirely in place of chemo. That's why it's essential to have a holistic medical doctor experienced in natural cancer therapies in your corner. A holistic physician can help you make the best decisions about which treatments you need and -- more importantly -- which ones you don't.

    If you're in Southern California, I have nearly 20 years of experience helping patients to fight cancer and win, and I'm ready to put that experience to work for you.

    Contact my clinic to arrange an appointment. Not in the area? I can also offer advice by phone. Call 855-DOC-MARK to schedule a consultation.

  3. Prostate cancer treated unnecessarily

    Prostate cancer often needs no treatment at all, but new research finds most men are getting treated anyway.
  4. Vitamin D can help cut inflammation during weight loss

    Vitamin D can help cut inflammation levels, and when combined with diet it can help accelerate weight loss and slash your levels of interleukin-6, an inflammation marker linked to cancer.
  5. Depression can damage the brain and lead to memory loss

    Recurring depression can shrink your hippocampus, which can lead to memory loss over the long term.
  6. Low testosterone can cause depression

    Low testosterone can do more than just mess up your sex life. It can also mess with your mood, with new research confirming it can cause depression in men.
  7. Forced vaccination now signed into law in California

    Forced vaccination is now the law in California. All kids who go to public school are required to get every shot, with no personal belief exemptions allowed. Your state could be next.
  8. Switching blood thinners can cause bleeding eyes

    Here's yet another new risk linked to blood thinners: bleeding in the eyes. New research finds switching from warfarin to rivaroxaban can cause vitreous hemorrhage.
  9. Sugar can kill off good bacteria and cause memory loss

    Sugar can lead to memory loss, and new research shows one reason why: It can kill off some of the gut bacteria your need for proper brain function.
  10. Beat fibromyalgia with hyperbaric oxygen therapy

    There's no truly effective drug for fibromyalgia, but new research finds that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can ease and even cure the condition in many patients.
  11. Cure dry eyes with fish oil

    Dry eyes can be irritating, and eye drops provide only temporary relief. Now, new research finds you can ease or even cure dry eyes with omega-3 fatty acids.
  12. Bariatric surgery isn't the best way to cure incontinence

    Bariatric surgery can cure incontinence, according to a new study. But that's not a benefit of surgery -- that's a benefit of weight loss.
  13. Fasting can cut your disease risk

    Fasting regularly can cut your risk of major chronic diseases, including diabetes and heart disease.
  14. Migraines can get worse with narcotics

    Migraines can't be cured with narcotics. In fact, the drugs can lead to worsening headaches -- but new research finds half of all patients get them anyway.
  15. Viagra and other sex drugs can increase melanoma risk

    Viagra and other meds given for erectile dysfunction can increase the risk of melanoma by nearly a third, according to new research.
  16. Fish oil can extend your life

    The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil can add years to your life, cutting your risk of death from all causes, according to new research.
  17. Trans fat linked to memory loss

    Trans fat can do more than clog your arteries. It can clog your brain, with new research revealing how this dangerous fat can lead to memory loss.
  18. Poor sleep linked to heart attack and stroke

    Poor sleep can quadruple the risk of a stroke and more than double the risk of a heart attack, according to new research.
  19. Beige fat can burn off white fat

    Beige fat can help burn of white fat, and new research shows how the polyphenol resveratrol can boost your beige fat levels so you can lose weight.
  20. Knee surgery fails to relieve pain

    Think knee surgery will ease your pain? Think again, as new research finds any relief you get will be gone after six months.

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