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  1. Mediterranean diet slashes death risk in half

    Cut your DEATH RISK by 50 percent!

    A prescription to CHEAT DEATH?

    I know that sounds downright impossible, too crazy to even imagine. Even if such a thing existed, you’d need a pile of money – and good connections – to get your hands on it.

    It’s not so crazy after all.

    I’m here today to tell you that there IS just such a prescription.

    It doesn’t come in a pill. It’s not an injection. And you certainly can’t spray it on.

    But new research reveals one basic step every senior can take – right NOW – to cut your risk of death.

    We’re not talking about cutting your risk of a deadly condition or two.

    This “miracle” can cut your risk of death from EVERYTHING and add YEARS to your life.

    Best part of all?

    It really won’t cost you much, and there are zero side effects -- except a longer, better life free of disability and disease.

    The key is in something I’ve already urged you to try.

    It’s the back-to-basics diet built on what we were designed to eat from the beginning, all-natural fresh foods including fatty fish, nuts, olives, and many of the other foods you already know and love.

    Yes, it’s the Mediterranean lifestyle you’ve heard so much about.

    There’s no doubting the health benefits of this great diet. But many older folks think it’s too late for them to get results.

    The new study proves that’s absolutely not the case.

    It didn’t focus on younger people. It didn’t even focus on a lifetime of healthy eating.

    It zoomed in on seniors and found that as you age, the benefits of this diet only get bigger.

    The closer you stick to it, the lower your risk of an early death.

    The analysis of more than 12,000 seniors assigned everyone a “score” from a 10-point scale based on how closely they followed the basics of the Mediterranean diet. Then, researchers tracked them for more than eight years.

    The study finds that every single point on that scale will cut your risk of death by 5 percent -- meaning that someone who follows the diet closely enough to score a perfect 9 has a 50 percent lower risk of death than someone on a burger-and-fries diet with a score of 0.

    It might be tough to achieve a perfect 9 (although you can certainly try). But even bumping yourself up from a 2 or 3 to a 6, 7, or 8 could cut your risk by between 20 and 30 percent.

    And along with keeping you alive, this same healthy diet is proven to prevent heart attack and stroke, control weight, reverse metabolic syndrome, and even protect against dementia.

  2. Heart attack risk revealed in brow wrinkles

    A heart attack warning sign as plain as the nose on your face

    Can you diagnose heart risk… with just with a quick glance in the mirror?

    New research finds a warning sign of heart disease that’s not quite as plain as the nose on your face.

    It’s about half an inch above it.

    You’re looking for wrinkles.

    If you have a few, don’t worry. They’re normal (of course). Just a sign of years of good living – and hopefully, you’ll have plenty of time to add a few more.

    But the new study focused on one very specific kind of wrinkle -- the kind that forms right above your nose and on your brow, a.k.a. the old “furrowed brow” lines.

    The more of those brow wrinkles you have… and the deeper they are… the higher your risk of suffering from a serious heart problem.

    In the study, researchers recruited more than 3,200 people and then quite possibly made them extremely self-conscious.

    They stared at them… and stared at them… and stared some more.

    Then, they gave EACH and EVERY volunteer a “wrinkle score.”

    That’s science for you.

    Everyone was graded on a four-point scale, from 0 to 3.

    The lowest rating of 0 meant a Botox-smooth brow (minus the Botox). A rating of 3, on the other hand, meant the most wrinkles and deeper bulldog creases inside them.

    Then, these folks were tracked for up to 20 years.

    As crazy as it sounds, there was a direct link between those wrinkle scores and their heart risk -- and it was pretty huge.

    Folks with a score of 2 or 3 were nearly 10 TIMES more likely to die of heart problems than those with the baby-smooth score of 0.

    Even a wrinkle score of just 1 upped the odds by some 500 percent.

    Now, we’ll need more research before we can say for sure whether this is TRULY a genuine heart risk factor.

    But there is some reason to believe it’s possible that wrinkles – especially those deep creases – can be a sign of blood vessels tightening up and maybe even hardening.

    They may also be a marker of oxidative stress, another known risk factor for heart problems.

    It’s also not entirely unprecedented. A single crease across the ear lobe called “Frank’s sign” is also a known risk factor for heart disease.

    If you have these wrinkles, don’t stress over them. Risk factors aren’t destinies written in stone.

    But DO be proactive: It never hurts to work to protect your heart, starting with a healthy diet and proven basics like omega-3 fatty acids, L-Carnitine, magnesium, and coenzyme Q10.

  3. Weight loss undermined by toxins in food, cosmetics

    The REAL reason you CAN’T lose weight Sometimes, it can feel like you’re just a MAGNET for excess weight. No matter what you do, you can’t shake those stubborn extra pounds. You might even GAIN a few… even when you’re working hard to LOSE them! How frustrating is that? The reason is simple: Your weight isn’t always about diet and...
  4. Breast cancer treatment ruins lives of elderly

    The TRUE toll of breast cancer treatment for older women It’s every woman’s nightmare -- four words you NEVER want to hear. “You have breast cancer.” For most women, they mark entry into a world of painful surgery and toxic treatments, including sickening meds, chemo, and radiation. But new research exposes the ugly truth about some of those treatments. They...
  5. Statins don’t help healthy seniors

    EXPOSED: The biggest myth about today’s most common drug! Statins for everyone? Not so fast! I’ve never bought the statin myth. Even when these awful drugs “work”… and cut LDL levels as promised… they won’t always cut your RISKS. Now, new research exposes the truth about statins. If you’re a little older and already healthy, they won’t add so much...
  6. Dementia risk doubles after a stroke

    This single moment can DOUBLE your dementia risk Some “experts” still think that much of your dementia risk comes down to plain old dumb luck. Sure, there’s nutrition and lifestyle. Chronic conditions – especially diabetes – can also raise your risk. And there’s a genetic component, of course. But when it comes down to it, they’ll also tell you that...
  7. Diabetes drug linked to deadly form of gangrene

    URGENT: FDA warns of horrifying new diabetes drug side effect It’s the diabetes drug that promises to turn back the clock. But it won’t reverse the disease… or even take you back to a time when it wasn’t quite so bad. There’s an entire class of medication bringing back some of the WORST risks of diabetes -- including terrifying once-common...
  8. Reset heart disease risk with CoQ10 and selenium

    This dynamic duo gives your heart a second chance! Everyone loves a do-over, right? Sometimes, it’s easy -- like when your buddies let you rescue the golf ball after a lousy drive. Other times, not so much. There’s no undoing a traffic accident (or the bills that follow). You’d think your HEALTH would fall into that second category, especially if...
  9. UTIs could be triggered by supermarket chicken germs

    The unexpected cause of UTIs… and how to STOP it! Ladies, you know how it goes. One day, everything is just fine. You feel great! Then, it hits you -- that telltale hint of pain that lets you know another agonizing battle with a urinary tract infection is coming. And this time, the source might surprise you. It’s your chicken...
  10. Control cholesterol with a compound from apples

    The “apple-a-day” secret to PERFECT cholesterol There’s an old cliché about “an apple a day.” You know how it goes. But new research finds more than a little truth in this one. Because a “secret” compound locked inside one very specific – and very rare – kind of apple may do more than just keep the doctor away. It could...
  11. Could probiotics made from infant feces improve gut health?

    Stomach-turning new probiotic is just a gimmick I saved this letter for later in the day because I wanted to catch you AFTER lunch. What I’m trying to say is: I hope you’re not eating when you read this! The latest research on probiotics is out, and this one is so gross that you’re going to lose your appetite. Scientists...
  12. New diet drug won’t kill you as much as others will

    The ugly TRUTH about that new diet drug This is what passes for a big win for Big Pharma these days. Take our new drug… it won’t kill you! I wish I were kidding. Sadly, that’s more or less the latest headline from the world of diet drugs. Sadder still, given how dangerous some of those meds have been, that...
  13. Diabetes patients pushed onto dangerous med

    Not on this diabetes drug yet? They’re coming for you! Imagine a drug so successful that it sells about $1 million worth EVERY HOUR. Now imagine being so greedy that it’s not enough for you! That’s the story right now behind liraglutide, a.k.a. Victoza, one of the best-selling diabetes meds on the planet. This isn’t a GOOD drug. And it’s...
  14. Aspirin therapy flunks major study

    Mainstream accidentally admits that this popular therapy DOESN’T work! It’s not often that you’ll hear any GOOD news about a drug come from the mainstream. But we might finally have some today! No, it’s not a drug that actually works as promised and helps save -- or at least improve -- lives with little risk. That’s still a little too...
  15. Drug lowers LDL, but doesn’t show cut in heart risk

    Bonkers new study ignores critical effects on cardiovascular health It’s official: The medical mainstream has finally lost whatever was left of its collective mind. It’s pushing a new cholesterol drug through the approvals process as fast as it can, vowing that THIS ONE is going to be BETTER than all the rest. And sure, some of the numbers look impressive...
  16. Omega-3s under attack in fishy study

    Don’t ditch the fish oil – here’s the real story Quit your fish oil? Not yet! A major new study making headlines claims that the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil WON’T protect your heart. But before you send your fish oil out to sea, there’s something you need to know about this study. It hasn’t proven anything beyond all...
  17. Flu shot gets panicky new push on Spanish flu anniversary

    New plan to PANIC you into a flu shot! They’re starting with the flu nonsense early this year, and they have a terrifying new hook. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the deadly 1918 Spanish flu that killed 50 million people around the world. And next month marks the anniversary of the so-called SPIKE, when 100,000 Americans were supposedly...
  18. Dizziness drugs can worsen the condition

    What your dizziness REALLY means… and how to STOP it It’s the perfect example of mainstream madness at its absolute worst. It starts when you show up at a doctor’s office complaining about a problem that is often CAUSED by medication. YOU would find the drug and get rid of it, because YOU have a little common sense. But what...
  19. Stents for angina questioned after new study

    Angina? You may NOT need that stent after all! Well, it’s officially happened: The mainstream has gone out of its mind! It’s now pushing an operation on heart patients that it ADMITS might not work, and it’s using a study it ADMITS is flawed to make the case. The reason? Hey, at least patients might get a placebo effect out...
  20. Cancer patients may not have ‘cancer’ after all!

    Is your ‘cancer’ NOT ACTUALLY cancer? It’s a FACT at this point: MILLIONS of Americans are living with the devastating long-term side effects of cancers that never even needed treatment. And it’s not getting much better. But now, the mainstream claims that it’s figured out the problem. It’s not the unscrupulous docs who are STILL using cancer fear to manipulate...

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