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  1. Better vision in as little as ONE HOUR

    There’s a looming epidemic that’s about to explode…

    A widespread health crisis that already has a direct daily impact on MILLIONS of older Americans.

    And in the coming years, it could turn into one of the BIGGEST health emergencies the nation has ever seen.

    Yet the skyrocketing population of seniors with vision loss gets NO attention from the mainstream!

    Well, friend, today I’m going to help you get ahead of the curve…

    I’ve got a quick attack plan you can put into place to protect your eyes from the vision loss that comes with age.

    And if you’re starting to lose a little eyesight… or even if you’ve already lost a LOT more than you’d care to admit… it’s NOT too late to take action.

    If you start right now, you can:

    • TOSS your reading glasses
    • DRIVE at night
    • READ two extra lines on the eye chart
    • RECOVER from glares faster
    • EASE your dry and itchy eyes

    …and the best part of all? It can work in as little as ONE HOUR!

    The secret is in my vision-support formula, OcuSelect, a groundbreaking blend that combines the latest cutting-edge discoveries with the best time-tested, science-backed natural therapies.

    PROTECT aging eyes… IMPROVE your sight… and RESTORE your NIGHT VISION

    Once upon a time, dinner in a restaurant meant a dimly lit room with candlelight flickering at every table.

    Today, there’s something flickering at every table… but it’s not a candle. It’s cellphones used as flashlights because no one can read the darned menu!

    But not at your table.

    You don’t need help – not anymore – thanks to the natural ingredients in OcuSelect.

    And it starts with a spice prized since ancient times, better known as “Red Gold.”

    Just one tiny little drop of the potent compounds locked inside this spice can activate an incredible transformation deep inside your eyes.

    It’s as if this spice can STOP the clock and REVERSE the aging process on the critical cells you depend on for good vision.

    That might sound like an exaggeration… but just look at the science here.

    In one eye-opening study, seniors as old as 85 who were given Red Gold had improvements that must’ve had the researchers checking their own eyesight.

    Folks who began the study with blurry vision were able to read TWO EXTRA LINES on an eye chart after getting Red Gold!

    And that’s just ONE of the ingredients in OcuSelect.

    Another is based on a berry that WWII pilots swore allowed them to see the enemy at night as they fought off Germany fighter planes.

    In many ways, it was the SECRET WEAPON of the Allied Forces in Europe.

    Now, modern science confirms what those fighter pilots discovered. In one study, volunteers were placed in a pitch-black room for 15 minutes and then – still in the dark – given this berry extract or a placebo.

    Just one hour later, the folks who got the extract had much better night vision.

    The folks on the placebo, of course, still couldn’t see a thing.

    You’ll find both of these vision-boosting ingredients plus TWO OTHER eye-enhancing superstars in every easy-to-swallow dose of OcuSelect.

    And today, I want to give you a chance to put it to the test in your own eyes with a special risk-free offer. Give OcuSelect a shot yourself, and if you don’t SEE THE DIFFERENCE for yourself, send it back to me for a full refund.

    Learn more about this powerful formula or place your own risk-free order right here…

    God bless,

    Dr. Mark Stengler

    P.S. Don’t forget, as a loyal House Calls reader, you can try OcuSelect 100% RISK-FREE. I don’t want you to miss this here to get started right away.


  2. Say “goodbye” to the WORST side effects of breast cancer treatment

    They’ll tell you what to expect when you go into treatment for breast cancer.

    Your doctors will warn you of the side effects...

    Your friends and loved ones will share their experiences

    And you’ll read plenty about it online.

    But then it happens to you, and it’s a whole lot worse than what you expected, because it’s not just one side effect in one place.

    It’s a LOT of them… at once… all over your body, inside and out. And nothing you’ve heard or read can truly prepare you for the intensity of it.

    Now, new research reveals a way to get some fast and easy relief from some of the worst of those side effects—without having to take a single, extra drug.

    The agonizing side effects of cancer drugs

    Aromatase inhibitors are often the standard treatment for older women with hormone receptor-positive breast cancer.

    The problem is that these drugs are downright toxic!

    They’ve been linked to heart problems and bone loss. And between half and two-thirds of the women on the drugs suffer joint and muscle pain.

    This isn’t just a little old ache, either.

    This is severe pain – pain like you’ve never felt before.

    It’s been compared to arthritis or carpal tunnel only WORSE, and in more places. It can hit your hands, wrists, feet, ankles, knees, back and more. And it can make your muscles so sore you’ll feel as if you’ve just lost a fight.

    The pain can be so bad that some women have to quit treatment.

    Acupuncture can help, but you might not have the time or energy to go to your sessions.

    That’s what makes the new study so promising…

    It finds tart cherry extract can deliver remarkable results for many women on these drugs for breast cancer.

    In the study, women in treatment were given either 1 ounce of tart cherry extract mixed into 8 ounces of water per day or a placebo for six weeks.

    The folks on the placebo, naturally, didn’t see much difference at all. They reported an average drop in pain of just 1.4 percent.

    But women who got the extract saw an incredible improvement…

    Their pain levels fell by more than a third on average (and some women got an even BIGGER benefit).

    It’s believed that the flavonoids and anthocyanins in tart cherry can help ease the inflammation in joint and muscle that often leads to that telltale pain.

    If you’re in treatment, speak to your doc about adding this potent natural extract to your daily routine.

  3. Take a year and a half of aging OFF your brain

    It’s like a bucket with a hole it in, slowly leaking water until there’s nothing left.   Except it’s not a bucket…   It’s your BRAIN.   It’s true: Your brain’s got a leak. You’re losing gray matter, right now, at this very moment.   The older you get, the more you lose—roughly 0.2 percent of volume per year. That’s all your precious memories...
  4. WIN a battle with cancer… BEFORE it even starts!

    Cancer patients with high levels of vitamin D have much better outcomes and survival than those who don’t – but there’s a trick to how and when to get it. Find out here!
  5. STOP heart failure…and SAVE your life

    Heart failure patients need to make ONE key change to the diet ASAP as new research reveals how this easy-to-follow plan can mean the difference between life and death.
  6. MUST-READ: What EVERY colon cancer patient needs ASAP

    Colon cancer patients with high levels of vitamin D are much more likely to survive the disease. Here’s what everyone needs to know BEFORE treatment.
  7. The HIDDEN cause of cancer – where you least expect it

    Cancer can be caused by exposure to arsenic, even at the levels found in tap water. A startling new study reveals the risk… and I’ve got the easy way to reverse it.
  8. [SCARY!] Feds sound new alarm over popular sleep drugs

    Sleep drugs aren’t safe, and the feds are finally starting to admit it, adding a frightening new warning to some of today’s most popular insomnia medications.
  9. EXPOSED: Billion-dollar court judgement reveals CANCER in your FOOD

    Glyphosate, the dangerous chemical in the weedkiller used on genetically modified food crops, has again been linked to cancer in a $2 billion jury ruling.
  10. [SHOCKING] Statin drugs FLUNK major cholesterol study!

    Statins aren’t the miracle drug we’ve been sold as a new study finds they fail to meet their main goal in more than half of all patients!
  11. The EFFORTLESS secret to weight loss that works with ANY diet

    Weight loss struggles are over! This all-natural combo has been proven to help dieters lose weight up to THREE TIMES faster!
  12. [WARNING] This “everywhere drug” is KILLING diabetic patients

    Painkillers are a bad idea for nearly everyone given the risks… but one med in particular can be DEADLY for people with diabetes.
  13. The WORST allergy season is here –but YOU can avoid it!

    Seasonal allergies are back, and worse than ever – but there’s a way to reverse them WITHOUT allergy meds!
  14. The TRUE cause of memory loss (Hint: It’s NOT what you think!)

    Memory loss can be triggered by sleep apnea –but you can stop the damage and block cognitive decline with these two simple steps.
  15. The biggest mistakes doctors ALWAYS make (And 4 steps to avoiding them)

    Nutritional deficiencies are responsible for some of today's top chronic complaints – but not for you. Now, you have a way to spot them early and fix them quickly!
  16. EVERY colon cancer survivor needs to read this

    Colon cancer survivors can take quick action to wipe out the disease and make sure it never returns... and it starts with these three easy steps.
  17. This “forest treasure” BLOCKS the cognitive struggles of aging

    Cognitive decline has an answer… and it’s the fungus among us! Mushrooms can block the damage and protect your brain.
  18. [SCARY] Look at what reflux meds are REALLY doing to your body

    Reflux drugs taken by millions – including popular over-the-counter meds – have been linked to a terrifying new kidney risk. Control reflux the natural way to avoid meds!
  19. [BEWARE] Lyme can linger, even AFTER your doc declares victory

    Lyme disease isn’t supposed to be “chronic,” or so the mainstream claims. But a new study proves them wrong. You could have it for YEARS! Here’s what to look for.
  20. The HIDDEN risks of chemo – and how to DEFEAT them

    Chemotherapy always comes with risks – but there’s a way to avoid the most toxic effects and spare yourself the damage of this toxic treatment.

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