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  1. Cognitive decline could be triggered by surgery

    [STOP!] What every senior MUST know before surgery

    Don’t sign up for that surgery yet!

    There’s an important piece of information your doctor forgot to tell you – one he might not even know himself.

    Because while he WILL warn you that every operation has risks, he probably WON’T tell you there’s something that can go very, very “wrong” even when everything looks “right.”

    Maybe that knee replacement went off without a hitch. Maybe that heart procedure has your ticker keeping steady time. Maybe that cataract surgery has you seeing sharper than ever.

    But there’s ANOTHER part of your body that could be suffering instead!

    After surgery, you could be socked right in the brain, battling cognitive problems for months (or even years!) unless you fight back with my QUICK ACTION PLAN.

    I’ll show you how to protect yourself at the three points when it matters most:

    • BEFORE surgery
    • DURING surgery
    • AFTER surgery

    And it starts, of course, by knowing what your doctor doesn’t: Knowing WHAT the risk is and WHEN it strikes.

    How surgery can DRAIN your BRAIN

    Surgery can wreck your brain in two ways, according to new research:

    1. First, there’s the overall long-term risk. Surgery will DOUBLE your odds of facing “substantial” cognitive decline in the years that follow.
    2. Second, there’s also a short-term issue: Many people just don’t “think right” after an operation, and the study confirms that as well.

    About 1 in 25 patients who have surgery suffer from substantial thinking declines after.

    What’s more, various procedures can “age” your brain by an average of five months; in some cases, more than a year!

    But you can FIGHT BACK with my three steps to a SUPER brain even after surgery:

    STEP ONE: QUESTION! Do you REALLY need that surgery… or is a surgeon pushing you into an operation that benefits his bank account more than your quality of life? A number of popular surgeries in seniors such as meniscus often have little to no benefit according to current studies – and many operations have alternative options. So do some homework before you agree to go under the knife.

    STEP TWO: SPEAK UP! Anesthesiologists have a reputation for using enough juice to knock out a moose. Seniors are supposed to get LESS anesthesia, but on average are given 20 percent more than the highest recommended dose. That excess anesthesia can lead to a dementia-like condition called postoperative cognitive dysfunction, or POCD, which can last for months (and have lingering effects that take even longer to clear).

    STEP THREE: RECOVER! Make sure you get the right amount of rest and recovery, and work with a doc on a plan to beat any post-op pain without opioid drugs, which can cause cognitive problems in seniors. (And that’s in addition to the notorious risks of addiction and death.)

    After surgery, be sure to work with a holistic physician to detoxify. You’ll be able to clear your system and feel like yourself again as soon as possible...

    Glutathione and milk thistle extract, for example, can help you to detox after anesthesia.

  2. Prostate cancer treatment linked to heart risk

    [URGENT] Deadly warning over prostate cancer drug

    It’s an absolute travesty how men with prostate cancer are exploited by mainstream medicine.

    They see your cancer as a chance to make money by exploiting your fear over the “c” word; they’ll rush you into (a highly profitable) treatment before you have a chance to do your homework, make your own decisions and change your mind.

    So today, I’ve got a different option for you...

    It’s NOT expensive.

    And it WON’T make your oncologist rich.

    But it will help you to avoid the ugly new risk of one of the most common treatments for prostate cancer – and it’s something much, much worse than a tumor.

    You could spend the rest of your life with a potentially DEADLY heart condition!

    Your cancer treatment could STOP your heart

    The new study links testosterone-blocking drugs for prostate cancer to delays in the QT interval, or the little space between heartbeats where your heart recharges.

    You know what happens when your phone battery starts to have trouble recharging, right?

    Yeah. It means you’ll be needing a new battery – or maybe a new phone – real soon.

    But of course your heart isn’t as easy to repair and/or replace as a phone battery, so the net result is a higher risk of serious heart problems as well as death.

    And that’s just ONE WAY this horrible treatment can take a hammer to your heart…

    One study last year found guys who’ve had androgen deprivation therapy face a higher risk of heart failure, with the odds jumping by:

    • 72 percent in the 12 months after treatment
    • 53 percent in the 3 years after treatment
    • Up to 90 percent higher in some cases

    That’s not even getting into what happens when the drugs work “right” and “without side effects.” Since the drugs deplete your testosterone, you’ll end up slow, weak, tired and unable to perform in the bedroom.

    In other words, you might be alive...

    But you might not FEEL alive!

    And since testosterone is also essential to cognitive function, guys on these drugs face almost two and a half times the risk of dementia, according to a 2016 study.

    But the real tragedy is that you might not have needed the meds in the first place!

    Many cases of prostate cancer AREN’T dangerous.

    I know that can sound a little crazy… it’s CANCER, after all… but the tumors often grow so slowly that they will never cause a problem. And the older you are, the less likely it’ll need treatment.

    So make sure you get a second opinion so you know ALL of your options—including the possibility of doing nothing at all.

    And if you choose treatment, work with a holistic medical doctor who can help you to detoxify during and after therapy to help minimize both the short-term side effects and long-term risks.

  3. Aspirin therapy WRONGLY given to millions

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    New drugs are failing for everything from diabetes to cancer as the latest research exposes that most provide no extra benefit! Here’s what to do about your own meds.
  6. We’re just 5 WEEKS AWAY from insanity…

    Flu vaccines are on the way, and some patients are getting an unusual shot made by artificial intelligence. Scary? Yep! Here’s an option that’s a whole lot simpler.
  7. Your MOST EFFECTIVE natural medicines… now under attack!

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  8. Strange “MIRACLE FRUIT” slashes LDL, strengthens blood vessels

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  9. The pain 1 in 3 cancer survivors face… and how to STOP it!

    Pain often accompanies both cancer and the treatment – but you can end the agony with these drug-free steps.
  10. Better vision in as little as ONE HOUR

    There’s a looming epidemic that’s about to explode… A widespread health crisis that already has a direct daily impact on MILLIONS of older Americans. And in the coming years, it could turn into one of the BIGGEST health emergencies the nation has ever seen. Yet the skyrocketing population of seniors with vision loss gets NO attention from the mainstream! Well...
  11. Say “goodbye” to the WORST side effects of breast cancer treatment

    They’ll tell you what to expect when you go into treatment for breast cancer. Your doctors will warn you of the side effects... Your friends and loved ones will share their experiences… And you’ll read plenty about it online. But then it happens to you, and it’s a whole lot worse than what you expected, because it’s not just one...
  12. Take a year and a half of aging OFF your brain

    It’s like a bucket with a hole it in, slowly leaking water until there’s nothing left.   Except it’s not a bucket…   It’s your BRAIN.   It’s true: Your brain’s got a leak. You’re losing gray matter, right now, at this very moment.   The older you get, the more you lose—roughly 0.2 percent of volume per year. That’s all your precious memories...
  13. WIN a battle with cancer… BEFORE it even starts!

    Cancer patients with high levels of vitamin D have much better outcomes and survival than those who don’t – but there’s a trick to how and when to get it. Find out here!
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    Heart failure patients need to make ONE key change to the diet ASAP as new research reveals how this easy-to-follow plan can mean the difference between life and death.
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  16. The HIDDEN cause of cancer – where you least expect it

    Cancer can be caused by exposure to arsenic, even at the levels found in tap water. A startling new study reveals the risk… and I’ve got the easy way to reverse it.
  17. [SCARY!] Feds sound new alarm over popular sleep drugs

    Sleep drugs aren’t safe, and the feds are finally starting to admit it, adding a frightening new warning to some of today’s most popular insomnia medications.
  18. EXPOSED: Billion-dollar court judgement reveals CANCER in your FOOD

    Glyphosate, the dangerous chemical in the weedkiller used on genetically modified food crops, has again been linked to cancer in a $2 billion jury ruling.
  19. [SHOCKING] Statin drugs FLUNK major cholesterol study!

    Statins aren’t the miracle drug we’ve been sold as a new study finds they fail to meet their main goal in more than half of all patients!
  20. The EFFORTLESS secret to weight loss that works with ANY diet

    Weight loss struggles are over! This all-natural combo has been proven to help dieters lose weight up to THREE TIMES faster!

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