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  1. Cold remedies that REALLY work

    Beat ANY cold... ALL winter long

    They’ll do just about anything they can to convince you not to try safe, proven, and effective natural therapies.

    Even if it’s underhanded

    Even if it’s dishonest

    Even if it’s built around an outright wrong assumption

    They’ll STILL try to scare you away from what we know can work with conditions like the common cold.

    They’ll even repeat that tired old adage until they’re blue in the face: “There’s no cure for the common cold!”

    But YOU know better – because you have ME in your corner. And today, I’m going to share the best way to beat the worst part of winter.

    How to CURE the cold… in a matter of HOURS!

    The latest “no cure for the cold” nonsense is a study that attempts to dismiss zinc.

    The study claims 78mg of zinc per day for five days made no difference in recovery rates or symptoms.

    In fact, they claim the folks who took zinc had a slightly SLOWER recovery.

    Now, to their credit, they’re not saying there’s no chance zinc could work. Instead, they’re calling for more research with a longer study and higher doses.

    But that hasn’t stopped the mainstream from touting this as proof there’s “no cure for the common cold.”

    In any case, even if they do that next study on higher doses over longer periods, it would still miss the point: you can’t rely on zinc ALONE to beat the cold, and most doctors in natural medicine will tell you as much.

    It’s just ONE of the ingredients you need to beat a cold.

    Without the others, it’s just not going to work that well.

    Ask a dozen docs how to beat a cold, and you’ll get a dozen different answers. But I’ve developed a protocol I believe combines the best nutrients, backed by the most science, to deliver the fastest and most effective relief.

    As you’ll see, zinc plays a key role… but it’s NOT the only ingredient:

    • Vitamin D3: 20,000 IU
    • Vitamin A: 20,000 IU
    • Zinc: 20-40 mg (get zinc citrate or gluconate, which are more easily absorbed)
    • Vitamin C: 500-1,000 mg (buffered C is best; that refers to the “buffering” minerals that will help prevent gas and other stomach problems from high doses of vitamin C)

    I’ve seen this approach work in a matter of hours, both in my patients and in myself, although sometimes it takes a day or two. Remember that these are all best taken with a meal!

    Here’s the most important thing about this protocol: The KEY is to start FAST.

    I’m talking the first sign of sniffles… or that very first moment you get that raw sensation at the back of your throat.

    In other words, you should get ALL of these ingredients now so they’re on hand and ready to go the moment you need them.

  2. Lung cancer is striking more nonsmokers. Here’s why

    How YOU could be at risk for lung cancer… even if you’ve NEVER smoked!

    Experts consider it one of the biggest puzzles in cancer today.

    As more people quit smoking, the number of lung cancer should go down.

    And they have...

    But not nearly as much as they expected – and the reason for it is as frightening as it is mysterious.

    You see, more people who’ve NEVER SMOKED are now getting the disease!

    Now, the latest research nails down what could be one key reason for the sudden surge in lung cancer among never-smokers.

    And it’s something you can ARM YOURSELF against, so you’ll never face the devastating news that you have this deadly disease.

    The mysterious rise of lung cancer

    People are smoking less, but lung cancer is still far and away the deadliest form of the disease.

    Lung cancer kills more than 140,000 Americans every year – more than cancers of the breast, prostate, colon, rectum, stomach and skin COMBINED.

    And nearly 1 in 4 of these lung cancer patients have NEVER smoked!

    There are a few reasons for it, including toxins in food and even a growing number of drugs with cancer as a known risk (even some blood pressure meds, yikes). Radon gas and pollution also play a role.

    But the new study finds another reason: It could be triggered by a breakdown in your immune system!

    See, as your immune system loses steam, inflammation levels rise. Cancer cells in the lung especially can feed off that inflammation.

    It creates the perfect condition for a tumor to grow and thrive in.

    The mainstream, of course, is stunned.

    Not me!

    I’ve been saying this for decades now.

    Anyone who knows me… anyone who’s come to my clinic here in the beautiful Berkshires… and spoken with me about cancer risk knows that my long-time cancer-beating protocol is built around shoring up the immune system:

    • If you’re at risk for cancer, this will BLOCK
    • And if you have the disease, this same immune-boosting approach can help you to FIGHT IT OFF.

    If you’re concerned about your own risk for ANY form of cancer, I’d suggest starting off with a funny-sounding supplement called Turkey Tail.

    No part of the turkey is used in it; it’s actually a medicinal mushroom that can power up the immune system to slow the growth of tumors and fight off cancer.

    I recommend a form from a company called Fungi Perfecti, especially this time of year as the immune boost you’ll get from Turkey Tail can also protect against cold and flu. (For the record, I have no financial ties with this company; I just think it has a fine product.)

    And if you’re at especially high risk of cancer, talk to a doctor about low-dose naltrexone (LDN).

    This therapy helps the immune system when you’re fighting cancer… but there’s evidence that at very low doses it can also stimulate the immune system to arm it against the disease so that it never forms (among many, many other amazing benefits).

    Most mainstream docs don’t know much about LDN, so speak to a physician experienced in integrative or functional medicine.

  3. The EMPTIEST promise of the NEW diabetes drug

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  6. Alzheimer’s disease linked to cadmium

    2 quick actions could STOP Alzheimer’s cold When your mind starts to go… when you’re told cognitive decline is setting in… when you’re at risk for Alzheimer’s disease, there are TWO TESTS you need to get as soon as possible. This pair, which can be done at just about any lab, could hold the key to beating this disease early...
  7. Cold can be cured in 24 hours

    Cure the common cold… in 24 hours or less! No cure for the cold? NONSENSE! What they really mean by that is there’s NO DRUG that can cure the cold. Nor will there ever be one because a cure… by definition… will get rid of the cold quickly. You’d just need it for a day or so, then you’re done...
  8. Memory improved with this essential ‘brain repair’

    Stop the LEAK in your brain to END the drain! You know you’re not thinking right – but you also can’t quite explain what’s wrong, either. You’re slower… more absent-minded… and feeling like you’ve got a whole bunch of fog in there that just won’t clear out. Now, most folks think that’s just part of the whole aging game. And...
  9. Beloved game show host forced into emergency surgery!

    Beloved game show host forced into emergency surgery! Imagine this. You’re lying in bed at night, drifting off to the nightly news. When all of a sudden, you’re crippled with abdominal pain… so bad you’re not even sure if you can get out of bed and get help. This is what happened to Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak. The...
  10. Cancer treatments can be deadlier than cancer itself

    The MOST DANGEROUS part of your cancer They’ll tell you it’s a fight with cancer – a fight for your life – and that it’s all about wiping out that tumor. You GOTTA trust us on this, they’ll insist. You NEED body-wrecking chemo… you MUST put up with sickening radiation… and you HAVE TO take toxic drugs, some of which...
  11. Flu defeated with easy diet tweak

    Crazy diet tweak could CURE the flu! Some of my friends think I’m just plain lucky. After all, I’m exposed to the flu all the time – comes with the turf! – yet I haven’t been sick in about a dozen years. Others… including me… believe it’s my all-natural, immune-boosting, flu-beating protocol – and I’ll give you the scoop on...
  12. Cancer linked to heart problems

    Heart patients face unexpected deadly new threat It’s like almost getting hit by a car, with just inches to spare after carelessly stepping off a sidewalk without looking. But before you breathe a sigh of relief… Before you can check out that footage of your life passing before your eyes… Before you can consider how lucky you were to...
  13. Homeopathy under new attack from the FDA

    FDA launches new attack on natural medicine Who’s the FDA really protecting? I think we all know the answer by now – but in case it wasn’t obvious, the agency has just launched an all-out assault on an entire branch of safe and effective natural medicine. They just fired off an angry warning against homeopathic medicine built around wild...
  14. Cognitive decline blocked with powerful flavonoids

    BLOCK cognitive decline and REVERSE “brain aging” by nearly 15 years! Age your brain… in REVERSE?!?!? That just doesn’t seem possible now – but I’m here today with PROOF you can age your brain in reverse. You can: SLOW aging REVERSE decline BLOCK dementia With the help of just one absolutely effortless trick. And what makes this stunning breakthrough...
  15. [ALERT] Is this diet giving you Alzheimer’s?

    Is this diet giving you Alzheimer’s? It’s almost Thanksgiving… And there’s nothing like gathering ‘round with our loved ones to talk about what you’re thankful for. That is, until it turns to debates about politics… lifestyle choices… and everything in between. And I’ll bet you a sweet potato casserole that for some folks, one of the hot-button issues that...
  16. Cognitive decline reversed with this nighttime habit

    Stop aging in the brain with THIS nighttime trick No one will ever mistake my clinic for a time machine. In fact, it looks pretty much like any other clinic you’ve seen. But ask around town here in Great Barrington, and you’ll meet more than a few “time travelers” who’ll swear it is. They’ve come in my door feeling as...
  17. Arthritis shots can lead to FASTER knee decline

    This popular arthritis treatment is a BUST What’s the most important part of your body? My answer will probably surprise you… because I wouldn’t pick my brain, heart or any of the vital organs. It’s my KNEES! Sure, if my heart stopped I’d by dead like anyone else. But if I couldn’t get up, head out and go for a...
  18. Prostate cancer treatment plan is all wrong, and study proves it

    Common prostate treatment is a DEADLY mistake Guys, they’ll say your prostate cancer is gone, this time hopefully for good. The operation was a success, and you’re now… officially… cancer-free. But don’t start shaking hands just yet. They’ll also tell you something else... You’re NOT out of the woods! If you’ve already had more than one battle with prostate cancer...
  19. Aspirin pushed on patients who should NEVER take it

    The senior “drug problem” no one is talking about It’s secretly become one of the biggest health problems facing the nation… and it’s NOT a disease or any other kind of condition. It’s just the opposite… This isn’t something that HAPPENS to you via bad lifestyle, genes, toxins or luck. It’s something that’s DONE to you… caused by some the...
  20. Dementia linked to hearing loss

    REVERSE dementia risk and PROTECT memory The first place to look… the first chance to act… the first opportunity to STOP dementia… isn’t where you’d expect. It’s NOT in your brain. No; as it turns out, it’s in another place that’s not far off... Your EARS just might hold the key to your brain health! And if you find yourself...

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