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  1. Supplements are safe -- don't believe the headlines!

    Supplements 1,000 times safer than common meds?

    Here we go again. The mainstream media has gone into full-blown panic mode over a report claiming that supplements caused 23,000 ER visits last year.

    Yes, it doesn't matter if you're taking fish oil or a Flintstone the press wants you to believe you're in mortal danger. They've been cranking out "special reports" about the supposed dangers of vitamins as if they've exposed some kind of secret safety epidemic plaguing America.

    The only problem is the new research doesn't actually prove that supplements are dangerous at all.

    And while there IS a real safety problem in America all right, it's certainly not supplements we need to be worried about. In fact, if anything, this fear-mongering report actually proves they're safe!

    You won't find this mentioned in those panic-driven press reports, but those 23,000 ER visits are out of 150 million people who take dietary supplements -- making it a rate of less than a tenth of a percent.

    And almost none of those reports bother to mention that nearly all of the 23,000 folks who went to the ER were sent back home with nothing seriously wrong.

    Just 2,154 of those patients were hospitalized.

    When you look at the data, most of those cases were related to weight loss and energy products. And that's no surprise since loading up on stimulant-related herbal products for weight loss or energy boosting is a bad idea.

    Energy drinks loaded with caffeine or herbal stimulants for weight loss can cause side effects in people sensitive to those items. As I've explained before, you should stick to stimulant-free supplements because stimulants could cause heart symptoms.

    But even so, supplements are far safer than drugs. In fact, let's compare the safety record of every supplement put together to just one common drug: acetaminophen, aka Tylenol.

    Every year, 78,000 Americans visit the ER entirely because of acetaminophen use and overuse.

    That's more than three times as many people going to the ER because of Tylenol than every single supplement in the country put together.

    Most of them aren't sent home, like folks who took supplements. Taking too much acetaminophen is the leading cause of acute liver failure in the nation. In fact, more than 1,500 people have died from taking the drug in the past decade alone, and every year 300 more people die from acetaminophen overdoses.

    That's just the toll of one drug.

    Overall, medication causes 1.9 million hospitalizations per year -- meaning you're actually 1,000 times more likely to be hospitalized because of your medicine than you are for your vitamins.

    And, sadly, every year nearly 40,000 people die because of prescription drugs, compared to zero deaths due to vitamins.

    Yet the media wants to talk about "vitamin safety" and not drug safety!

    Don't fall for the hype. Your supplements are safe, and can help keep you off UNSAFE medication -- so talk to a doctor today about natural drug-free options for protecting your health.

  2. Physical therapy doesn't help low back pain

    Study: Popular back pain treatment is a waste of time

    You had plans this weekend.

    Maybe the grandkids were going to come over and treat you like a piece of playground equipment, with one swinging off each arm.

    Maybe you were hoping to hit the links with the guys and play a round or two of golf.

    Or maybe you were going to take care of some errands around the house and finally knock a few items off the old "honey do" list.

    Yes, you HAD plans all right... until your back started barking again.

    You know how it is with low back pain. Once it shows up, all your plans change -- and some days, you feel lucky if you can even get up and out the door at all.

    Complain to your doc? Good luck with that. He's got two tricks up his sleeve, and I can save you the trip to his office and tell you what they are right now.

    First, he'll tell you to take some painkillers despite the fact that they offer only temporary relief at best -- and some will offer almost NO relief at all. One study last year found no difference between Tylenol and a placebo for low back pain.

    And second, he'll give you a referral for physical therapy. You'll spend weeks shuttling back and forth to the therapist -- but new research hints that PT could turn out to be less effective than that Tylenol.

    In the study, some patients were sent off to therapy and others were told to just give the back a little time to get better on its own -- and there were no differences at all between the two groups by nearly every measure including pain levels and quality of life.

    Folks who had PT saw a slight improvement in disability levels after three months, but even that tiny difference vanished over time.

    Physical therapy does have its place, especially if you're recovering from an injury. But for your common low back pain that comes and goes, you're better off trying acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic or even cold laser.

    The downside is that sometimes it can take a few sessions before you feel the difference.

    While you wait for those safe treatments to take effect, nondrug anti-inflammatories such as turmeric, MSM and fish oil can all help provide some relief.

  3. Chronic snoring linked to diabetes

    New research reveals that chronic snoring can increase your risk of diabetes by 27 percent. But there are some natural solutions that can help turn the tide.
  4. Popular benzodiazepine drugs could wreck your brain

    Research finds link between popular benzodiazepine mood meds and brain problems including dizziness, dementia and even Alzheimer's.
  5. Research reveals blueberries could improve gum health

    Research reveals that simple blueberries could fight gum disease and improve your oral health.
  6. Improve your asthma with a little exercise

    Asthma and exercise might seem like a dangerous combination, but new research shows light activity can help you get better control over the condition.
  7. Why you don't need to drink milk

    Milk guidelines will miss the point. It's not a matter of choosing whole or skim; humans shouldn't drink any cow's milk at all!
  8. Fluoroquinolones linked to aortic aneurisms

    Fluoroquinolones, a popular class of antibiotics, can double your risk of an aneurism in your aorta, the main artery that carries blood from your heart.
  9. Carotenoids help prevent vision loss

    Carotenoids, a pigment that helps make carrots orange, can help prevent one of the most common causes of vision loss, according to a new study.
  10. Belly fat is linked to chronic and deadly diseases

    A build-up of belly fat can lead to chronic and even deadly diseases including painful gout and life-threating heart and blood sugar issues.
  11. Researchers omit critical facts from calcium and bone study

    Study obscures the truth about calcium and bone health by omitting critical facts.
  12. Radiation for cancer is based on profit -- not need

    Radiation is commonly given to cancer patients even when they don't need it. The REAL reason they get it is because their insurance will pay for it!
  13. Hearing loss increases death risk

    We all suffer at least a little hearing loss as we get older, but new research finds more severe hearing loss can increase your risk of death by as much as 39 percent.
  14. Beat tennis elbow without drugs or painful physical therapy

    Tennis elbow is supposed to be treated with steroids and physical therapy -- but new research shows doing nothing at all is just as effective.
  15. Antibiotics cause diarrhea -- but probiotics can end it

    Antibiotics can save lives, but they can also cause diarrhea in some cases so severe that it can be deadly. Can a probiotic end that risk?
  16. Arsenic found in nearly all U.S. red wine

    Arsenic is a dangerous poison you need to avoid at all costs -- but if you drink wine, you're dosing yourself with every sip!
  17. Can drinking water help you to lose more weight?

    Drinking a tall glass of water 30 minutes before meals can help you lose more weight faster, according to a new study.
  18. Roundup lawsuits could spell big trouble for Monsanto

    Agricultural workers who worked with Roundup are suing Monsanto over cancers they suffered -- and experts believe there could be hundreds more lawsuits in the works.
  19. Antipsychotics don't work for depression

    Depression should NEVER be treated with antipsychotics -- but new research is pushing those dangerous meds on depressed seniors anyway.
  20. Flu shot is supposed to be better... but it's not!

    The CDC insists this year's flu shot is better than ever -- but the numbers show that even in the best years, the flu shot does practically nothing.

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