1. Chronic fatigue syndrome linked to gut bacteria

    Ease chronic fatigue with this all-natural remedy

    Run around? Forget running around.

    When you have chronic fatigue, some days you can barely even stand up.

    But when you visit the doctor, that's what you'll get: the runaround.

    He doesn't have answers. How could he? Mainstream medicine hadn't even admitted the condition was real until recently.

    Even now, they don't know the cause -- so, of course they can't figure out how to treat it.

    I do, and I'll have more on that in a moment.

    First, a promising new study reveals a safe and natural therapy that my own patients use -- and before you get too excited, let me say right off that bat that this isn't a cure.

    But it IS an effective treatment that can help ease some of the symptoms as you work with a holistic doctor to turn this condition around.

    It's probiotics, or the healthy bacteria that live in your gut and help with digestion, nutrition, and more.

    The new study confirms just what I've seen in tests on chronic fatigue patients here at the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine: Folks who have this debilitating condition often have serious imbalances of gut bacteria.

    Those imbalances differ based on some of the specifics. Someone who has chronic fatigue with irritable bowel -- an extremely common combination -- will have a different set of imbalances than someone who has chronic fatigue without irritable bowel.

    The research team believes they can use this to get more specific diagnoses so they can use "targeted treatments" tailored to the different forms of the disease.

    That's the right idea.

    But given that the mainstream currently has ZERO solid treatments for chronic fatigue in any form, it sounds to me like they're getting way ahead of themselves here.

    Obviously, one immediate answer is to deliver some reinforcements to your gut by taking a probiotic supplement, especially if you have bowel problems along with your chronic fatigue.

    But those gut imbalances are a symptom, not a cause, and replenishing your good bacteria can help... but it won't stop the problems behind it.

    Since there's no single cause, you need a doctor who's part detective to figure out what's going on inside your body.

    In many cases, chronic fatigue is a sign of problems with your adrenal glands, which can get overworked from pumping out too many stress hormones.

    Eventually, they practically wear out... and you're left with all the classic symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.

    Other common culprits include an undiagnosed chronic infection or hormone imbalances -- but since most mainstream docs never even test for these causes, of course they'll never find them.

    That's why I recommend working with a holistic medical doctor experienced in testing for and treating all the possible causes of chronic fatigue. And if you're in the San Diego area, I can help. Make an appointment to see me here at the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine.

    Not in the area? I'm also available for advice by phone. Call 855-DOC-MARK to schedule a consultation.

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  2. Ashwagandha improves knee pain

    Ease knee pain with this ancient therapy

    Nothing can put a damper on your day quite like knee pain.

    You might wake up with the best of intentions – like making sure those Christmas decorations come down nice and early this year – but once those hinges start creaking, all bets are off.

    If your knees are like this every day, those decorations might have to stay up 'til next Christmas!

    But you don't have to be "that neighbor" who still has his lights up in July.

    There are safe and natural ways to cut the pain so you can get back to taking care of business, and the latest research spots one more.

    It's called ashwagandha, and it's a natural therapy that's been used for centuries in India's highly-respected Ayurvedic medical tradition.

    I know those are some pretty funny-looking words... but when it comes to beating knee pain, it's no laughing matter.

    In the study, folks with an average age of 58 were given either a placebo or one of two doses of ashwagandha per day.

    Those who got the supplements saw a world of difference, with the benefits starting to kick in within just four weeks!

    And by the end of the 12-week study, patients given the higher dose of 250 mg twice a day had TRIPLE the benefits of folks given a placebo!

    The folks given the supplements scored better on a scale your own doctor probably uses to check pain, stiffness and overall function, called WOMAC. They also had less pain, swelling, stiffness, and disability when compared to patients given the placebo.

    It's not clear exactly how ashwagandha can ease pain and improve function, but this stuff is well-recognized as an "adaptogen" that can fill a number of roles in the body as needed.

    But one of the things it's known for best is fighting stress.

    Stress isn't just a vague feeling. There's a physiological response inside your body as your adrenal glands pump out stress hormones such as cortisol.

    Too much (or in some cases, too little) cortisol can lead to anxiety, low energy, inflammation, and PAIN.

    Since ashwagandha helps to regulate cortisol levels, it can help balance out all those conditions so you can enjoy more energy, less anxiety, and – as the new study shows – less pain.

    The other thing ashwagandha is known for is supporting the adrenal glands, helping to boost energy as it fights stress... especially if you're suffering from adrenal fatigue.

    I've recommended ashwagandha to my own patients for exactly that, and I've even put it at the heart of my groundbreaking adrenal support formula, Adrenal Performance Plus.

    You can learn more about it right here.

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