1. Longevity is within your control

    Has the ‘fountain of youth’ just been discovered?

    Happy Labor Day!

    The summer is winding down, autumn is coming, and in just a few short weeks, you’ll be stocking up on Halloween candy.

    But you don’t have to worry about any of that today. Today is the perfect chance to kick back, unwind, and enjoy the good weather while it’s still here -- and there’s no better way to celebrate the “fruits of your labor” than that!

    New research reveals what just may be the key to keeping “young” even as you grow old, and it’s a whole lot simpler than you might think.

    It’s not a drug. It’s not a diet. It’s not even some exotic new supplement just hitting the market.

    No, this key to longevity is in two things that you have power over, even if it sometimes feels like you don’t.

    The first one might come as a complete surprise, since it’s not something most folks typically link to health: control.

    How much control do you feel like you have over your day and over your life? Maybe not as much as you’d like.

    You always imagined that your golden years would be spent enjoying your hobbies… kicking back on a beach… or traveling the world.

    Instead, your days might be built around endless errands, constant medical appointments, and bill after bill after bill.

    If you’ve ever felt that way yourself, it’s time to stick your elbows out a little and reclaim your life, as the first new study finds that the more control you have, the “younger” you’ll feel.

    Looking for a place to start?

    I’ve got just the ticket: Commit to a daily walk. Go where you want… WHEN you want… and make sure that everyone else has to plan around you, not the other way around.

    It’s not only a great way to reclaim your own time. It’s also the OTHER way to feel young!

    A second new study finds that keeping active is the other key to staying youthful no matter what the calendar says.

    Seniors were given step counters and told to boost their activity levels if they could.

    The folks who didn’t – or didn’t do it much – felt every bit their age and then some.

    But those who increased their daily activity reported a younger “subjective” age – or how old you feel – after just five weeks of regular strolling.

    On some level, this might seem silly. What should it matter if you “feel” young?

    But it does matter. Quite a bit, in fact.

    Seniors who feel younger consistently report a better overall quality of life. Just as importantly, feeling younger can help you avoid or prevent chronic disease.

    That daily walk will also help you stay young in another way – one that can literally be measured. The vitamin D your body generates from sun exposure can actually SLOW aging deep inside your DNA, according to a study last year.

    And it starts with a walk.

    Now, find a good pair of sneakers, get moving, and don’t let anyone stand in your way.

    This is YOUR time now. Use it.

  2. Bone breaks on the rise in older women

    Here's why your fracture risk is getting worse

    It's like trying to figure out where the rain's coming from... and looking in every direction but UP.

    The mainstream claims that it's absolutely STUMPED by stunning new numbers on bone breaks in older women.

    Despite new and powerful drugs... and despite more docs putting more focus on bone health... the number of breaks and fractures in recent years hasn't dropped.

    Just the opposite has happened.

    While those numbers started to dip downward a decade ago, they're now actually INCREASING!

    The new study finds that from 2002 until 2012, the number of bone breaks and fractures steadily dropped.

    But from 2012, something unusual happened.

    The number of breaks began to CLIMB.

    Between 2014 and 2015 alone, the break rate jumped by 2.5 percent in women in their mid- to late- 60s and by nearly 4 percent in women ages 70 to 74.

    The mainstream claims they can't figure it out.

    Maybe it's the patients' faults (they love blaming patients) for not taking more bone drugs.

    Maybe it's the doctors' faults for not doing enough bone scans to figure out who's at risk... then putting those women on drugs (always back to the drugs).

    They're looking in every direction but up!

    Let me give you my own theory: Those bone drugs simply aren't all they're cracked up to be.

    In 2002, the first year of the study, there weren't too many of those meds out there.

    But starting in 2005, the FDA went through an approval frenzy, signing off on a series of drugs that got wildly popular over the following years.

    By 2008, the first big bone drug from the 90s -- Fosamax -- went generic, so the market went from few (and expensive) choices in 2002 to a whole slew of choices, including cheap generics, by 2008.

    More women were on the drugs than ever before.

    Given that fractures are a long-term risk, it would take a few years to see any widespread benefit in the statistics that we could credit to the drugs.

    But a few years later, look at what happened.

    This isn't just a theory. Even the FDA has been forced to admit that the long-term use of these drugs can actually break the very bones they're supposed to save.

    The mainstream has claimed that this risk is rare.

    The new numbers tell me that it's NOT as rare as mainstream docs want you to believe!

    Bone drugs also hurt in another very real way. Women think they're protected and stop focusing on the basic nutrients needed to maintain strong bone.

    Doctors are calling for more drugs. I say that it's time to call for more of those basics, and not just calcium. Good bone health also requires vitamin D, vitamin K, and magnesium, along with hormone balance and weight-bearing exercises.

  3. Mediterranean diet cuts frailty risk

    Slash your risk of frailty in half You don't know exactly when it happened, but you know that it happened. The strength you once relied on... the power that gave you mobility and independence and protected you from injury and pain... seems to have gone AWOL. Some docs will tell you that it's just "getting older." All I can say...
  4. Alzheimer’s disease damage linked to poor sleep

    This one bad habit could trigger dementia damage Could a single night of bad sleep damage your brain? A new study says that it can -- and if you're a little older, this might be the wake-up call you need to get serious about sleep. Missing out on snooze time can leave behind a tangled-up mess of garbage proteins in...
  5. Cancer treatments cause rapid aging

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  6. Depression linked to shorter life

    Deadly depression? It could happen to YOU! It's one of those conditions you should never ignore, at any age. Yet too many folks -- especially older folks -- do ignore depression and, in some cases, flat-out refuse to admit they even have it. It's time to change that, as new research shows what's at stake here -- and it's not...
  7. Avoid frailty in 4 easy steps

    Keep strong, no matter how many candles are on your cake Turn on the TV, and if your favorite show bothers to have any older folks at all, you can pretty much predict how they'll be depicted. They're always sitting and staring out of a window. C'mon. Is that REALLY what they think seniors do all day? It's time to...
  8. Disability linked to being sedentary

    How to hold onto your independence as you get older MOVE it... or LOSE it! When it comes down to it, that's the most important piece of advice I could ever give you -- especially if you're a little older. Sure, you need to eat right and watch your nutrition. Those are important parts of the "big" picture, including protection...
  9. Longevity increased with 3 servings of produce a day

    Add years to your life with this one dinner hack It's the SIMPLEST of changes... with the BIGGEST of benefits. New research reveals one quick and highly effective way to FIGHT today's deadliest chronic diseases and WIN! This "treatment" is so powerful that it can cut your risk of death -- and so effective, that if it were a drug...
  10. Wrinkles stopped with astaxanthin

    Fight wrinkles with PINK power! You certainly don't FEEL old. Yet it seems like every time you gaze into a mirror, you can't help but notice it staring back at you: yet another wrinkle. I know you're not too worried over this stuff. It's what's inside that really counts, right? Of course that's true. But it sure would be nice...
  11. Longevity boosted with 3 easy habits

    Live 12 years longer with this hat trick It's like getting a postcard... from the Land of the Obvious! This one arrived signed, sealed, and delivered from the journal Health Affairs, and it's a study that finds -- I'm not kidding -- that healthy habits will help you live longer. What can I say? This is what passes for "cutting-edge...
  12. Frailty can be avoided with Mediterranean diet

    This 'diet' tip can save your muscles It's the leading cause of misery in seniors -- responsible for crippling weakness, devastating injury, and often a complete loss of independence. And it's not even a disease! Nothing -- and I mean nothing -- can rob you of your joy and vitality faster than frailty. But I'm not about to let this...
  13. Bone weakened by fat inside the marrow

    Fight the fat that’s trapped inside your bones Maybe House Calls should be required reading for everyone in the mainstream media. Those clowns were absolutely stunned to discover that fat can build up in bones, making them weaker and more prone to breaking. I've been saying this for decades now. I've even created a groundbreaking regimen to melt away "bone...
  14. Muscles need more protein than you may think

    This mainstream advice can leave you weak It's one of the most important parts of your diet, especially as you get older -- and new research shows how it holds the key to your strength, vitality, and overall health. Yet it gets almost NO attention at all! Docs will give you all the usual lectures about sugar, salt, and fat...
  15. Ginkgo biloba protects brain from metals

    The natural way to protect your brain When I got started in medicine, the idea of metals in the brain causing dementia and other conditions was laughed at by the mainstream. I didn't care. I'd seen the science. I did the work. I treated people with detoxifying therapies. Who's laughing now? My patients often get BETTER, while the ones on...
  16. Magnesium cuts bone risk

    This ONE mineral can slash your risk of broken bones If you watch any sports at all, you know the big stars often get way too much credit -- because it's often the players who get no attention at all that do most of the work. And some of those guys quietly do more for the team than any of...
  17. Hearing loss can be stopped naturally

    How to reverse hearing loss The world's a noisy place these days. Turn on the TV, and you'll find people yelling at each other. Turn off the TV and head outside, more yelling. Sometimes, you wish you could just turn down the volume of everything. Be careful what you wish for, my friend, because there's a good chance that could...
  18. Vitamin D helps DNA to stay young

    It's an old cliché, but there's a certain truth to it: Spring really is a time of youth and renewal. And fortunately, you don't have to be young to celebrate this youthful new season. Even if you've seen a few more springs than you care to admit, you have the golden opportunity right now to turn back the clock and...
  19. Tea prevents cognitive decline

    Cut your risk of cognitive decline by up to 86 percent! Make no mistake about it: If there were a drug that could cut the risk of cognitive decline in HALF, it would be the top story on the nightly news. But there IS something that can do the trick, and it's getting no media play at all. It's simple...
  20. Volunteering can make you years younger

    This happy hobby will slow aging This might be the most rewarding way yet to beat Father Time, slow aging, and add years to your life. It's not a drug. It's not a supplement. It's not even a trendy diet. It's a simple step nearly anyone can take that won't cost you anything other than a few minutes of your...

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