1. Olive oil and thyme can protect your DNA

    The ‘kitchen cure’ that can fight the damage of aging

    It’s amazing when you think about it.

    Tthe REAL secrets to a longer, better, and healthier life are often much simpler than anyone would ever believe.

    They’re not expensive new drugs or ridiculously tough-to-follow diets. And they’re not even in getting the right mix of supplements (although good nutrition will always help).

    No, the keys to longevity are often hiding in plain sight…and some may be right in your own kitchen…like the olive oil in your cupboard and the thyme in your spice rack.

    And now, the latest research shows how this delicious combo can do more than set your taste buds on fire.

    They can protect your DNA!

    According to the new study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, nothing will help you fight oxidation – the process that damages your DNA over time – quite like olive oil and thyme.

    Age-fighting antioxidants are so healthy because, as their name implies, they fight this very process. Olive oil and thyme specifically do it by reducing your levels of something called 8-hydroxy-2'-deoxyguanosine, often abbreviated as 8-OHdG.

    Over three weeks, volunteers between the ages of 35 and 80 saw their levels of 8-OHdG plunge when they were given olive oil blended with the polyphenols from thyme.

    The reduction in this key marker of stress was 10 TIMES higher than in folks given plain (but still healthy) extra virgin olive oil.

    More specifically – and more importantly – the study finds that this blend can fight the oxidation of lipids such as cholesterol.

    Most docs will tell you that your cholesterol levels are an important marker of health, but they’re really not. The true problems strike not when your cholesterol is high, but when it oxidizes.

    So instead of blindly taking a med to cut cholesterol, you’re actually much better off working to stop it from oxidizing – and olive oil and thyme can do just that.

    Olive oil and thyme won’t just work wonders for your DNA. They’re can also perform miracles in your frying pan, with a sprinkle of EVOO and a dash of thyme able to turn lifeless vegetables into a side dish that’ll have everyone begging for seconds.

    Even better, that same olive oil can help enhance the beneficial compounds in all your vegetables, boosting the effects of age-fighting compounds called phenols.

    If you don’t have them, get them. And once you have them, put them to work – make sure you use them so often that you’re replacing them regularly.

    Learn more about the benefits of cooking with olive oil – and the best way to do it – in this free report from my House Calls archives.

  2. Fight aging with clean arteries

    The key to healthy aging is hidden in your body

    Some folks hit the age of 80 feeling ready for another 80 years – and they’re not about to let anything slow them down.

    Physically AND mentally, they seem like they could run circles around folks half their age.

    Even I have a hard time keeping up with some of these super seniors!

    But not everyone’s so lucky.

    Other folks reach the age of 80 feeling every bit their age and then some. They’ve slowed to a crawl physically and mentally, left wondering just what in the heck hit them.

    We all want to be in that first group, and the latest research shows how to get there. In fact, it’s a lot easier than you might think, because it all comes down to an often overlooked part of your body: your arteries.

    The cleaner your arteries, the more likely you’ll make it into your eighth or ninth decade with a healthy heart and a sound mind, according to the study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

    On the other hand, letting calcium deposits gum up the works will do just the opposite, setting the stage for heart disease, heart attack, stroke, and even dementia.

    This isn’t exactly a big new discovery. We know backed-up arteries will do to your body what clogged-up pipes will do to your bathroom.

    What makes the new study so important is that it shows the night-and-day difference clear arteries can make when it comes to keeping a sharp mind.

    Once you hit 80, your dementia risk jumps no matter what you do, with half of all folks who reach that age eventually developing the condition over the following years.

    But if you keep your arteries clear of calcium, you can slash your risk of being one of them.

    Not only will you lower the odds of getting the disease, but you can delay the onset by two full years if it does eventually develop.

    That’s two more years of being able to take care of yourself… two more years of independence… and two more years to spend with your loved ones free of the fog of cognitive decline.

    Now, it’s one thing to know all this, but it’s quite another to do something about it – especially if you’re older and already have some junk building up in your arteries.

    Don’t worry; it’s not too late to clean up your act.

    HDL cholesterol – the “good” cholesterol – is like a pipe cleaner, sweeping through your arteries and chasing out the junk.

    Boost your omega-3 intake and you can boost your HDL levels, giving your arteries the clean sweep they need. And if you really want to up your artery-cleaning game, make sure you get yet another omega: omega-7.

    Look for the highly purified form made from deep-sea anchovies.

  3. Carotenoid nutrients can extend telomeres

    Carotenoid nutrients found in brightly-colored fruits and vegetables can extend telomeres and possibly slow the aging process on a cellular level.
  4. Metformin link to longevity is nonsense

    Metformin is being tested as a longevity wonder drug that can supposedly help people live to 120, but we already have proof that can’t be true.
  5. Keep your telomeres from shrinking with exercise

    The shrinking of Telomeres is a key marker of aging and a major risk factor for chronic disease and death -- but new research finds a little exercise can slow that shrink.
  6. Probiotics can reverse aging in your gut

    Probiotics can give you a ‘younger’ gut, restoring the balance of bacteria to what you had years ago and slashing levels of disease-causing inflammation.
  7. Healthy aging starts with your attitude

    Healthy aging isn’t about simply fighting off disease. It’s about having the right attitude, too.
  8. Live longer by feeling younger

    Attitude is everything: FEELING old could LITERALLY kill you!

    Whoever said that age is a state of mind had it right -- because how you feel about yourself is far more important than how many pages you've turned on the calendar.

    If you FEEL old, you'll GET old.

    But if you feel young, you can remain vibrant and active well into your golden years and run rings around people half your age.

    More importantly, you can live longer. Continue reading

  9. Slow the shrinking of telomeres and extend your life

    Four steps to extend your life

    Ever hear of a telomere? Most people haven't -- not yet anyway. But soon, everyone will know what a telomere is, because emerging evidence shows they play a critical role in aging.

    Telomeres are the little caps that sit on the end of your DNA strands.

    Over time, they shrink. It's a normal part of aging -- but the shorter they get, the higher your risk of disease and even death. Continue reading

  10. Exercise can prevent dementia

    Cut your dementia risk in half

    If there was a new drug on the market that could cut the risk of dementia in half, you can bet millions of people would swallow it -- and most wouldn't care about the risks or the cost.

    But there is something you can do right now to prevent this life-wrecking disease, and it won't cost you or dime or put you at risk for anything.

    All you have to do is get moving. Continue reading

  11. How fish oil can reverse aging

    The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil can stop one of the key markers of aging on the cellular level.

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