1. Arthritis shots can lead to FASTER knee decline

    This popular arthritis treatment is a BUST

    What’s the most important part of your body?

    My answer will probably surprise you… because I wouldn’t pick my brain, heart or any of the vital organs.

    It’s my KNEES!

    Sure, if my heart stopped I’d by dead like anyone else.

    But if I couldn’t get up, head out and go for a walk? Well, that would be a kind of death for me too – so believe me when I tell you that I’d do just about ANYTHING to protect my knees from arthritis.

    I don’t worry about it too much, despite being right around the age where wear-and-tear arthritis usually takes its toll…

    Because I’ve got an Old World secret for knee protection. It’s backed by modern science – and I’ll spill the beans on it in a moment.

    First, let me tell you about something I’d NEVER do… no matter how much pain I’m in… and no matter how DESPERATE I might be.

    It’s a quick and common treatment that’s been given to millions of older Americans.

    But new research exposes the ugly truth about corticosteroid shots.

    They not only WON’T help…

    They could actually make your knees even worse!

    Beat knee pain (no shots or drugs required)

    Whether it’s an evening stroll through the gorgeous foothills of western Massachusetts, or a long ramble through the stunning Scottish countryside, my legs get plenty of work on both sides of the Atlantic.

    Walking might be the slowest form of transportation.

    But it’s the best way to get around, SEE the world (or at least your neighborhood), and keep fit and healthy all at once.

    When your knees start to go, you start to slow. It becomes difficult and maybe even impossible to get around – and in what can’t be a coincidence, those arthritis-induced mobility problems often lead to a rapid decline in overall health.

    Save your knees, and you can stop that decline.

    Just don’t count on corticosteroid shots to get the job done…

    A new study shows that they likely WON’T help with pain – and even when they do, the relief levels will be pretty small.

    But a stunningly high percentage of patients who get these shots suffer horrifying complications.

    The new study finds 8 percent – nearly 1 in 10! – suffer from conditions such as:

    • Sudden, rapid acceleration of arthritis
    • Rapid destruction of the joint
    • Bone loss
    • Stress fractures
    • Osteonecrosis, aka “bone death.”

    Here’s the absolutely frustrating part of this: Docs still offer the shots, despite constant proof it doesn’t work. Meanwhile, a natural blend of enzymes from Germany that IS proven to work gets ignored.

    In fact, I’ll bet you’ve never heard of it.

    It’s called Wobenzym, and in a 2015 study it went head-to-head against both an NSAID painkiller and a placebo.

    It won by EVERY measure.

    In fact, it delivered just as much pain relief as the drug in patients with moderate to severe arthritis, AND helped to restore mobility and function… but without the risks that come from NSAIDs.

    A number of companies make it. One well-studied blend comes from a German company called Mucos, which is readily available here in the United States under its own name as well as in similar blends distributed by Garden of Life and Douglas Labs.

  2. Arthritis drugs always fail… but YOU can have success

    Hyped new arthritis drug already DOOMED to fail (Try this instead!)  

    Two top dogs in Big Pharma are getting ready to take the ribbons off a NEW DRUG aimed at people with arthritis in the knees.

    They’re promising REAL, COMPLETE relief.

    They’re also going to try to sell you on the fact that it’s not an opioid – they seem proud of that.

    Well, friend, we might be in the season of hope...

    But this new med is just more empty HYPE.

    Don’t worry; I have some REAL hope coming up in a moment...

    A drug-free therapy proven to deliver what the painkillers can’t: lasting relief without horrible risks.

    First, let’s dig into this new drug that’s shaping up to do your knee more HARM than GOOD.

    Your meds are GUARANTEED to fail

    The hype around this new drug is that it delivers complete relief for typically elusive arthritic knee pain.

    But in reality, it only met its target in HALF of all patients.

    That means HALF didn’t get the relief they were hoping for!

    What’s more, even those who DID enjoy less pain were likely left feeling conned; they didn’t get total relief but rather a 50 percent reduction in pain.

    In exchange for that less-than-impressive “benefit,” they faced side effects such as:

    • Tingling
    • Numbness
    • Cold symptoms
    • Pain in the extremities

    On top of that, the study lasted only 16 weeks.

    I’m guessing there’s a reason they don’t want to run a longer trial: any relief today could come at the expense of MORE PAIN down the road!

    See, that’s how these meds work...

    They might mask the pain, but ultimately do NOTHING to help repair the crumbling joint inside your knee.

    That means the damage is only getting worse, even when you feel up to 50 percent better over a short period like 16 weeks.

    Eventually, the painkiller won’t be able to cover it up anymore -- and you’ll be suffering from more pain than you had in the beginning!

    Next thing you know, your doc is suggesting knee replacement surgery.

    That means MORE potentially devastating risks, not to mention a result that has a reputation for disappointment.

    No, it’s time to take yourself out of this cycle of drugs and surgery.

    Instead, give your joints the power to repair themselves and fix the ROOT CAUSE of your pain...

    There’s a potent natural therapy called UC-II collagen that helps your body repair and replace the cartilage that’s been eaten away by arthritis.

    The result?

    REAL and LASTING improvement -- by nearly every measure you care about.

    It’s even beaten glucosamine and chondroitin in clinical trials!

    Look for it on its own, or at the heart of a joint protection formula.

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    Chondroitin works better than a popular painkiller at slowing the damage of arthritis in the knee, and it’s just as effective at beating pain and improving function.
  19. Glucosamine and chondroitin cut colon risk

    Glucosamine and chondroitin, the duo used by millions for arthritis pain relief, can do something even better: They can cut your risk of colon cancer.
  20. Beat arthritis by eating the right fats

    Arthritis doesn’t have to get worse. The right mix of fats in your diet can slow the disease or stop it in its tracks.

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