1. Arthritis patients getting too many pills

    What your doc won't tell you about arthritis relief

    When drugs fail, try... more drugs???

    If that sounds downright batty, that's because IT IS.

    But a new report shows that patients battling the sheer misery of knee arthritis aren't getting the best and safest treatments -- because they're getting pain pills, and lots of them.

    You'd think when the pain pills didn't work, docs would at least move their patients onto something better.

    But they're not.

    The new study finds that painkillers are the ONLY consistent treatment that's routinely given to folks battling knee arthritis.

    Other options are getting the short end of the stick.

    Take physical therapy. Not the most fun you'll have over 45 minutes, but studies show that a little PT can restore motion, improve function, and ease pain -- without the side effects of drugs.

    Yet the new study finds that only between 39 percent and 52 percent of knee arthritis patients get it.

    The numbers for topical creams, many of which are drug-free and can often work wonders for immediate pain, are even worse. Up to 3 out of 4 patients don't use them at all.

    The only "treatment" pulling in the big numbers? Painkillers, which are used regularly by up to 80 percent of arthritis patients.

    Most use over-the-counter NSAID drugs, which is bad enough -- especially given that regular use of those pills can rip away at your gut, causing painful bleeds and ulcers.

    But that's not the worst of it.

    As many as 30 percent are using powerful prescription opioid painkillers that are highly addictive. Not only that, but you can build tolerance to them so quickly that you need higher doses to get shrinking levels of relief.

    The result? Overdose, which can lead to hospitalization and even death.

    There's just no reason for it... not when there are better and safer options... and you're not limited to physical therapy and topical creams.

    They're a good place to start -- and certainly far better than pain pills.

    But the REAL key to lasting relief... the answer to feeling better than you have in years... so you can get back up and on your feet again without pain... is in giving your knees what they need to rebuild damaged cartilage.

    Many people rely on glucosamine and chondroitin, a time-tested duo that millions of arthritis patients swear by... and for good reason: They work.

    But believe it or not, there's something even better.

    A powerful form of collagen called UC-II is easily absorbed by your body and put to work in the knee to help replace the crumbling "cushion" inside the joint. It's so effective that studies show it can beat glucosamine and chondroitin by just about every measure you care about.

    No risks... just relief!

  2. Hip arthritis shots could lead to crumbling bone

    Hip pain? Read this before you get a steroid shot!

    If there's anything worse than screeching knees, it's a hip that hollers.

    Bum knees can keep you off your feet, giving you pain with every step. But aching hips can give you pain when you stand... when you walk... when you sit... and when you sleep.

    And don't even THINK about twisting around to look behind you.


    It's no wonder that so many folks with hip arthritis turn to steroid shots for relief.

    But don't sign up for those injections just yet, my friend.

    New research shows how that relief has a dark side -- because those shots can trigger something so much worse than hip pain.
    They can cause your bone to weaken and actually DIE right inside your body, leading to devastating damage that you might never recover from.

    The risk isn't small, either.

    The new study finds that your risk of suffering new occurrences of bone death will jump by up to nearly 500 percent if you get a steroid shot in the hip!

    It was so common that nearly 1 in 4 patients who got the shots in the new study suffered new bone death in the months following their injections.

    And that's not all.

    After bone loses blood and dies, it can collapse, which is just what it sounds like. It falls apart right inside your body.

    Think your hip hurts now? Wait 'til you suffer this bone collapse!

    And the shots will increase your risk of this condition by more than four times!

    Now, some experts say it might not be the shots so much as what happens after. You feel so good that you're not careful, and when you're not careful, you can do more damage.

    That's always a risk with pain relief. But that's not what's going on here.

    First, steroids are already known to weaken and damage bone, so blaming it on the drugs in this case isn't exactly a stretch.

    And second, we're not talking wear-and-tear damage. Bone death and bone collapse aren't caused by folks getting too eager to jump around on their pain-free hips.

    It's serious, lasting, and potentially permanent damage -- and in the new study, it happened in as little as three months after those steroid shots.

    The researchers behind the study say they're not trying to scare anyone away from the shots. But given the large number of patients who suffered that damage, I would say any arthritis patient should think twice before getting steroids.

    Work closely with a holistic medical doctor on non-drug treatments instead, including natural inflammation-fighters and proven nondrug treatments such as acupuncture.

  3. Knee arthritis slowed with vitamins

    These 2 easy-to-find nutrients can protect your knees It's amazing what passes for a "discovery" in mainstream science these days. Right now, at this very moment, researchers are touting a supposed breakthrough that can help older folks suffering from the pain and misery of knee arthritis. They've found not only that low vitamin D and vitamin K can worsen the...
  4. Arthritis drugs cost a lot and do little

    Beat arthritis and save money at the same time I don't know too many people with piles of extra cash sitting around these days. We're all looking for ways to save a little scratch and not waste money on things that don't even work. Yet that's exactly what's happening right now. A new CDC analysis finds arthritis costs us more...
  5. Arthritis caused by food sensitivities

    The hidden cause of arthritis pain... and how to stop it Researchers have just come closer than ever to discovering what I've known for years. They almost figured out one of the true causes of arthritis of the knees... but even with the evidence right in front of them, they STILL couldn't put the pieces together! The new study confirms...
  6. Rheumatoid pain eased with fish

    One key nutrient can slash rheumatoid pain It's one of the most devastating pain conditions you could face -- one that leaves you writhing in agony as the disease literally EATS at your joints. But new research reveals one quick way you can STOP the damage and EASE the pain as effectively as meds, but without the risks and side...
  7. Fiber reduces knee arthritis risk

    Could a bowl of chili save your knees? It just might be the key to rescuing your knees from the pain and damage of arthritis... and you'll find it in a bowl of chili! All those beans in your chili -- especially if you like the three-bean variety -- are nature's best source of healthy fiber. You know how important...
  8. Osteoarthritis not eased by steroid shots

    Steroids won’t help knee pain If you've been seeing a specialist about your aching knees, don't be surprised if there's a "FOR RENT" sign on his clinic next time you swing by. Times are tough for these guys, as studies show that just about ALL of the treatments they've been pushing DON'T WORK! Last week, major new guidelines said the...
  9. Arthroscopic surgery doesn’t work for arthritis

    What every arthritis patient needs to know about surgery If you've got knee pain -- and, let's face it, you probably do -- there's a good chance someone's about to scam you. Every year, Americans and their insurers cough up $3 billion on a quickie in-and-out job known as arthroscopic surgery, done 15,000 times every week. Docs claim this operation...
  10. Step-by-step plan defeats rheumatoid arthritis fatigue

    Ease RA fatigue and boost your energy It's one of the worst parts of rheumatoid arthritis, after the pain itself. The constant agony... the chronic inflammation... the drugs used to treat the condition and more can all work together to sap every last drop of energy out of your body. As a result, rheumatoid patients are often faced with constant...
  11. Arthritis damage slows with daily walking

    This easy step can stop arthritis from getting worse "Is this it? I can handle this!" When arthritis first comes on, it might not seem too bad. Sure, there's some pain... and, of course, it's not exactly comfortable. But early on, it's often so mild that most folks are tempted to think it's no big deal. They have no idea...
  12. Rheumatoid drug linked to diabetes

    Watch out for this arthritis treatment It's trading a disease that could RUIN your life... for one that could END it! Those don't sound like good options to me, but that's the choice you could be forced to make if you rely on mainstream meds for relief of rheumatoid arthritis. You just don't realize it yet. Patients who have this...
  13. Chondroitin slows arthritis damage

    Chondroitin works better than a popular painkiller at slowing the damage of arthritis in the knee, and it’s just as effective at beating pain and improving function.
  14. Glucosamine and chondroitin cut colon risk

    Glucosamine and chondroitin, the duo used by millions for arthritis pain relief, can do something even better: They can cut your risk of colon cancer.
  15. Beat arthritis by eating the right fats

    Arthritis doesn’t have to get worse. The right mix of fats in your diet can slow the disease or stop it in its tracks.
  16. Ease rheumatoid arthritis with weight loss

    Rheumatoid arthritis is caused by your immune system, but it can be worsened by weight – and if you don’t drop a few pounds, you might never see any improvement.
  17. Arthritis painkillers pack serious heart risks

    Arthritis patients often turn to NSAID painkillers to ease their aching joints, but a new study shows how these drugs can be dangerous for folks with heart problems.
  18. Ease osteoarthritis with collagen supplements

    Osteoarthritis is one of the most common causes of pain in the country – but natural UC-II collagen can help protect your knees, ease the pain and restore function.
  19. Ease knee pain with weight loss

    Knee pain can be unbearable if you have osteoarthritis, but new research shows how losing a little weight can take the burden off your knees and ease the pain.
  20. Knee osteoarthritis isn’t helped by steroid shots

    Knee osteoarthritis patients are often given steroid shots, but new research finds they’re no better than placebo injections.

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