1. Cancer defeated with organic diet

    FIGHT cancer and SAVE your life with this supermarket swap

    Here’s a quick way to BEAT cancer – and you won’t need to visit a doctor, a pharmacy or even a vitamin shop.

    There’s one easy swap you can make in the supermarket that can do the trick.

    It’ll mean paying a little more for your groceries, but I’ve even got a tip for you in a moment that can help save money and limit the damage to your wallet.

    A brand new study has revealed how switching to organic fruits and vegetables can SLASH your risk of cancer, including some of the DEADLIEST forms of the disease.

    Overall, eating organics regularly will cut your risk of all forms of cancer by a quarter.

    That’s about the same overall risk as your family history...

    In other words, eating organics can also help you DEFEAT your own genetic risk!

    Getting into the specifics, the study finds some of the biggest benefits go to older women. For example, organics help cut the risk of breast cancer after menopause by more than a third.

    Organics will also cut your risk of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma by 86 percent, and all other lymphomas by 76 percent.

    This is just more proof that “conventional” produce isn’t nearly as safe as the agricultural industry claims – and not only because of all the chemicals dumped on non-organic foods.

    Many of them are also genetically modified, and GMOs have also been linked to cancer.GMOs actually give you double the risk; the foods themselves have been linked to the disease, and the main weed killer used on them – glyphosate – is listed as a “probable carcinogen” by the World Health Organization’s cancer agency.

    Going organic is the one change you can make right now that solves both problems at once.

    See, by law, organics CAN’T have pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other chemicals dumped on them. And by law, organics CAN’T be genetically modified.

    The one downside, of course, is the price.

    But I can help eliminate that sticker shock with two easy tips.

    First, shop seasonally. Whatever’s in season is often cheaper – and fresher, too, since there’s a better chance it came from a local grower.

    And second, look up Environmental Working Group’s regularly updated lists known as the “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean 15.”

    The “Dirty Dozen” are the fruits and vegetables most likely to be contaminated, so definitely go organic here. The current list includes:

    1. Strawberries
    2. Spinach
    3. Nectarines
    4. Apples
    5. Grapes
    6. Peaches
    7. Cherries
    8. Pears
    9. Tomatoes
    10. Celery
    11. Potatoes
    12. Sweet bell peppers

    The “Clean 15” is just the opposite. If you’re looking to save a little money, these have little to no trace of pesticides and other chemicals:

    1. Avocadoes
    2. Sweet corn
    3. Pineapples
    4. Cabbage
    5. Onions
    6. Frozen sweet peas
    7. Papayas
    8. Asparagus
    9. Mangoes
    10. Eggplant
    11. Honeydew melon
    12. Kiwi
    13. Cantaloupe
    14. Broccoli
    15. Cauliflower
  2. Pancreatic cancer risk DESTROYED with magnesium

     [ALERT] Mineral ‘miracle’ wipes out one of the most deadly cancers

    It’s one of the DEADLIEST forms of cancer on the planet – a nasty tumor that’s claimed some of the most famous people in the world.

    Steve Jobs… Luciano Pavarotti… Sally Ride… and just a few months ago, the “Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin.

    Fame and wealth couldn’t save them from pancreatic cancer.

    But you have something they don’t.

    You’ve got the latest science in your corner – and it’s just revealed the single greatest weapon against pancreatic cancer.

    And you DON’T need fame, money or power to get your hands on it.

    In fact, you can get it easily right now for roughly seven cents a day!

    The super-cheap cure is magnesium, the magical “miracle” mineral with the power to BLOCK this cancer early on.

    See, the reason pancreatic cancer is so deadly is that it forms very quietly. It’s almost never caught in time for treatment.

    By the time there are symptoms…

    And by the time you get tested and the cancer is detected…

    It’s usually too late.

    That’s what makes magnesium so crucial: It stops the tumor from ever forming in the first place.

    The new study finds every 100mg drop below the recommended daily intake bumps up your risk for pancreatic cancer by a quarter. If your intake falls to 100mg per day – which is NOT uncommon – your risk of this disease skyrockets by a stunning 76 percent.Even if your magnesium isn’t that low, there’s a good chance it’s not even close to where it should be.

    Today’s produce is grown in such depleted soil that it’s almost impossible to get enough magnesium from diet alone, even if you eat plenty of leafy greens, nuts and seeds.

    You won’t find much magnesium in a typical multivitamin, either.

    It takes up too much room in the capsule.

    The result?

    Between 60 and 80 percent of Americans are magnesium deficient.

    That means it’s time to take a supplement – and the RIGHT ONE...

    Don’t be tempted by those supermarket brands that run about $5 for a year’s supply.

    Those are often made with magnesium oxide and magnesium citrate, forms that are harder for your body to use and a little rough on your stomach. It’s the not-so-secret ingredient in some laxatives, which should tell you right there what you can expect.

    I recommend magnesium glycinate, which is easier on the gut and better absorbed. It costs a little more, but not much – about 7 cents a day.

    Since it’s also responsible for some 300 other functions in your body – including everything from heartbeat to bone strength – it’s worth every penny.

  3. Chemotherapy side effects can be defeated naturally

    Take a moment today to honor those who’ve served the nation and helped to defend our freedoms. And if you’ve put your own life on the line in the name of liberty, thank you for answering the call and being willing to risk it all. The BIGGEST lie about chemo side effects It’s the DIRTY SECRET about cancer care that...
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    The ONE holiday gift you should NEVER give Can you believe Thanksgiving is just two weeks off? Better get cracking on those dinner plans! And while you’re out there, it might not be a bad idea to get a jump on your holiday shopping to avoid the crazy crowds that’ll mob the stores by the end of the month...
  5. Breast cancer treatment can trigger cognitive struggles

    Beat this “secret” breast cancer side effect Ladies, cancer docs will promise you the sun, the moon and the stars… They’ll wow you with stories about how their “modern” treatments are helping more women than ever beat breast cancer. But there’s one thing they WON’T talk about… They won’t say a WORD about what happens to women like you AFTER...
  6. Breast cancer survival jumps with vitamin D

    Amazing nutrient BOOSTS breast cancer survival by 20% It’s the ONE pill every woman with breast cancer absolutely MUST take. And it’s not a toxic drug with sickening side effects. But it can help you SURVIVE this disease in ways that NO DRUG IN THE WORLD can promise! This nutrient is so simple, so humble, so common and so inexpensive...
  7. This breakthrough diet is cancer’s WORST enemy

    This breakthrough diet is cancer’s WORST enemy It’s the cancer-fighting secret that EVERYONE will be talking about in the near future. But today, I’m going to put you ahead of the curve. I’ve got tomorrow’s news today — because I’ve got the scoop on the groundbreaking research behind a proven technique that attacks the hidden cause of many cancers. This...
  8. This gut problem is sending your cancer risk through the ROOF!

    This gut problem is sending your cancer risk through the ROOF! Every year, nearly 65,000 Americans develop head and neck cancers, and more than 13,000 die of them. The older you get, the greater your risk. Or so we thought. Now, the latest research adds a whole new risk factor to the formula, one that can boost your odds at...
  9. This ancient treatment SOOTHES away cancer pain

    This ancient treatment SOOTHES away cancer pain It’s not how you pictured it. When you first get hit with a cancer diagnosis, you imagine that beating the disease would be cause for celebration. And certainly, you should celebrate a victory over this deadly disease. The problem is that you’re often in no mood for a party. Treatment can leave you...
  10. Can you SKIP that prostate biopsy? (You might be surprised…)

    Can you SKIP that prostate biopsy? (You might be surprised…) It’s not just one of the most uncomfortable tests a guy can get. It’s also dangerous… and often completely unnecessary. Now, the latest research finds that many men may be able to completely avoid the dreaded prostate biopsy. No stress. No needle. No risk. And most importantly, NO CANCER! An...
  11. Colon cancer risk plunges with fish-forward diet

    PREVENT colon cancer with the catch of the day I wish I knew who was doing public relations for the vegetarians. Because those guys can spin absolutely ANYTHING into a win for that highly restrictive lifestyle. The latest is no exception. Big headlines claim that giving up all meat – including fish and poultry – can dramatically lower your risk...
  12. Breast cancer treatment ruins lives of elderly

    The TRUE toll of breast cancer treatment for older women It’s every woman’s nightmare -- four words you NEVER want to hear. “You have breast cancer.” For most women, they mark entry into a world of painful surgery and toxic treatments, including sickening meds, chemo, and radiation. But new research exposes the ugly truth about some of those treatments. They...
  13. Cancer patients may not have ‘cancer’ after all!

    Is your ‘cancer’ NOT ACTUALLY cancer? It’s a FACT at this point: MILLIONS of Americans are living with the devastating long-term side effects of cancers that never even needed treatment. And it’s not getting much better. But now, the mainstream claims that it’s figured out the problem. It’s not the unscrupulous docs who are STILL using cancer fear to manipulate...
  14. Glyphosate weed killer in new cancer link

    Courtroom shocker: Common chemical CAUSES cancer! It’s the SHOCKING DEFEAT that could CHANGE what you eat. And for once, this could be a change for the better! A MAJOR court ruling could finally set the stage for reducing… restricting… and maybe even ELIMINATING glyphosate. That’s the chemical at the heart of Roundup, the weed killer dumped on crops of common...
  15. Pancreatic cancer lessons from the Queen of Soul

    Could the cancer that claimed Aretha Franklin come for you next? Aretha Franklin has died, but the Queen of Soul’s music will continue to resonate, inspiring millions for generations to come. But there’s another way she can inspire us all, as her death shines a spotlight on a killer disease that doesn’t get nearly enough attention. And if anything good...
  16. Endometrial cancer’s first warning sign

    IMPORTANT: Ladies, have you noticed this FIRST sign of cancer? It’s one of the TOP 10 cancers in the nation, striking more people than leukemia or pancreatic cancer. More than 63,000 older women are diagnosed with endometrial cancer every year, and nearly 1,000 women die every month from this disease. Yet it gets almost NO attention from the mainstream! It’s...
  17. Breast cancer risk plunges with this one diet swap

    99 percent of people AREN’T doing this to prevent cancer. Are you? How would you like to be a member of the 1 percent? I don’t mean in WEALTH (though wouldn’t it be nice?)… but in HEALTH. And when it comes down to it, I think we both know which one matters most. New research reveals that the key to...
  18. Breast cancer drug can cause joint pain

    Defeat the worst side effect of breast cancer treatment Surviving breast cancer is only part of the battle. Handling your treatment? That’s often another story altogether, as the side effects of drugs, chemo, radiation, and more can make you feel even worse than the cancer ever did. Tell your mainstream cancer doc, and he’ll practically shrug. Sure, he knows you’re...
  19. Kaufmann diet attacks cancer at its root

    Destroy cancer with this groundbreaking at-home therapy It's the cancer-fighting secret that EVERYONE will be talking about in the near future. But today, I'm going to put you ahead of the curve. I've got tomorrow's news today -- because I've got the scoop on the groundbreaking research behind a proven technique that attacks the hidden cause of many cancers. This...
  20. Cancer risks jump with processed foods

    This one change can cut your cancer risk dramatically It's the magic bullet against cancer -- and it's been right under our noses all along! We can talk all day about treatments, both good and bad, that can help shrink or destroy a tumor. But why have that conversation when you don't have to? The BEST way to beat this...

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