1. Glyphosate weed killer in new cancer link

    Courtroom shocker: Common chemical CAUSES cancer!

    It’s the SHOCKING DEFEAT that could CHANGE what you eat.

    And for once, this could be a change for the better!

    A MAJOR court ruling could finally set the stage for reducing… restricting… and maybe even ELIMINATING glyphosate.

    That’s the chemical at the heart of Roundup, the weed killer dumped on crops of common foods we eat.

    The industry’s mad scientists have tinkered with the crop to withstand this chemical assault.

    But they never stopped to think about what it could to do HUMANS.

    While both the agricultural and chemicals industries have claimed that glyphosate is safe for people, there’s a reason to believe otherwise.

    Actually, there are now 289 million reasons to believe otherwise!

    That’s how much Monsanto was ordered to pay by a California jury after the company lost a safety lawsuit filed by a school groundskeeper who used the herbicide at work.

    He developed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma -- and his doctors say he has about two years to live.

    While the company denies a cancer link, the case called on internal documents that attorneys say prove “Monsanto has known for decades that glyphosate and specifically Roundup could cause cancer.”

    It’s known, according to the court case… but FAILED to warn workers and consumers.

    The company says it will appeal the lawsuit. This is a powerful player in a powerful industry, and no doubt, it will fight tooth and nail.

    But there’s quite a battle up ahead -- at least 5,000 other lawsuits have been filed against the company over glyphosate!

    The plaintiffs each have a strong case, too.

    Despite the company’s denials over the cancer link, the evidence is piling up. It’s so alarming that the World Health Organization has declared glyphosate to be “probably carcinogenic to humans.”

    Obviously, the biggest risk is to people who work with the chemical, like the groundskeeper behind the lawsuit and those in the agricultural industry.

    But consuming this stuff may not be safe, either, especially if you’re eating it every day.

    And odds are good that you and your family are getting a daily dose of this poison.

    It’s turning up everywhere, even in non-genetically modified foods, due to cross-contamination and cross-pollination from birds, bees, and even wind.

    Glyphosate has now been detected in everything from ice cream to honey!

    It seems like the only way to really make sure your food is safe is to grow it yourself – and do it in a greenhouse.

    That’s not likely or practical for most of us, but you can limit your exposure to glyphosate and other toxins by going organic, because -- by law – organic crops can’t be genetically modified or sprayed with chemicals.

  2. Pancreatic cancer lessons from the Queen of Soul

    Could the cancer that claimed Aretha Franklin come for you next?

    Aretha Franklin has died, but the Queen of Soul’s music will continue to resonate, inspiring millions for generations to come.

    But there’s another way she can inspire us all, as her death shines a spotlight on a killer disease that doesn’t get nearly enough attention.

    And if anything good can come out of her passing, perhaps it’s that it could help some people avoid it.

    We often say that someone died “too young,” and that’s definitely true in this case. At 76 years old, Franklin was positively youthful by today’s standards. Throw in her wealth and fame, and she should’ve had years -- maybe even decades -- left to share her gift.

    But this disease had other ideas.

    It usually does.

    Pancreatic cancer can be treated if it’s caught early… but it rarely is. Usually, by the time it’s found, it’s far too late to do anything about it.

    That means that the REAL key to beating it is avoiding it in the first place.

    We may not know how or why this musical legend developed pancreatic cancer. Sometimes, your number just comes up.

    But we do know that some of her very public battles with three chronic health problems certainly didn’t help – and if you’re locked in that same fight, call this your golden opportunity to act so you don’t share her fate.

    First, there was her weight.

    Like so many of us, she struggled to keep her waistline under control. And like so many Americans, she took the wrong approach to trying to lose weight, using crash diets and meal replacement drinks, according to CNN.

    Those tricks rarely last for long, since you never really learn to eat well. So, the weight keeps coming back, and the risks come along for the ride.

    Obesity can raise your risk of pancreatic cancer by 20 percent.

    Second, like many people her age, she had a history of smoking.

    We all know this bad habit can lead to lung cancer. But what many people don’t realize is that it’s also a risk factor for several other cancers, with up to 30 percent of all pancreatic cancers caused by smoking.

    And third, she waged a battle with alcoholism, which can lead to problems with both the liver and pancreas, which can increase the risk of pancreatic cancer.

    I know it’s easy to say old-fashioned “clean living” is the answer… and a whole lot harder to actually do it.

    But it’s worth the effort.

    It’ll not only help you to avoid the disease that claimed the Queen of Soul, but it can also prevent nearly every other major killer out there… giving you more time to enjoy the things you love, including the timeless music of Aretha Franklin.

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  10. Breast cancer fueled by processed meats

    Breast tumors LOVE this common food Don't bring home the bacon, ladies. No, I'm not about to say something controversial about women in the workplace. I mean that literally. Bacon -- and all other processed meats, for that matter -- pack big-time health risks. You know that. I know that. We all know that, right? But many folks eat processed...
  11. Colon cancer linked to inflammation

    Avoid colon cancer with these small changes It's one of the biggest steps you can take to cut your risk of colon cancer. A new study shows how this deadly disease forms... AND just how to stop it if you're willing to make a few small changes. It's a powerful cancer-fighting lifestyle that'll keep this disease in your rear-view mirror...
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  14. Prostate cancer recurrence linked to dairy

    This common breakfast item can turn prostate cancer deadly Guys, it's time to wipe away that milk mustache. Despite the feel-good ad campaigns, it DOESN'T do a body good -- and it's especially dangerous to one part of your body in particular. It's a part that's very near and dear to you. Yes, it's "down there" -- specifically, your prostate...
  15. Breast cancer patients often rushed into decisions

    Ladies, what's your doctor hiding from you? It's an ugly con that doctors and surgeons are using to enrich themselves... while hurting their own patients. Now, a new report exposes the truth. Women are being rushed into surgery for breast cancer, often choosing aggressive and invasive operations without getting all the information first. And you're not going to believe who...
  16. Thyroid cancer often needs no treatment

    Beat this common cancer WITHOUT surgery There's nothing more frightening than a cancer diagnosis... and nothing patients want more than to have the tumor ripped right out. But if you've been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, don't rush into surgery just yet. The latest research confirms that at least half of all these cancers DON'T need treatment after all! Low-risk thyroid...
  17. Cancer treatments cause rapid aging

    The hidden cancer risk that can strike YEARS later You don't want to just SURVIVE your cancer. What good is survival... if you're in misery when it's all over? You want to survive it in STYLE: You want to beat the disease and laugh in its face! And the best way to get the last laugh against cancer is to...
  18. Glyphosate weedkiller isn’t as safe as the EPA claims

    BUSTED! Feds caught hiding the truth about your food It might be a new year... but we're getting the same old line of nonsense from the feds! The EPA just fired off a new report that's supposed to reassure American consumers that their food is safe. But dig a little deeper, and you'll find that it's rife with conflict, contradictions...
  19. Acid reflux linked to head and neck cancers

    It's one of those cancers "they" just don't talk about. Every year, nearly 65,000 Americans develop head and neck cancers, and more than 13,000 die of them. The older you get, the greater your risk. Or so we thought. Now, the latest research adds a whole new risk factor to the formula, one that can boost your odds at any...
  20. Skin cancer linked to hypertension meds

    WARNING: Common blood pressure drug can cause cancer! Time to check the medicine chest, my friend. New research exposes an ugly new risk linked to a popular diuretic. That "safe" old blood pressure med your doc has you on -- the supposedly time-tested hydrochlorothiazide used by 10 million Americans -- isn't so safe after all. And if you take this...

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