Diet and Food Safety

  1. America’s NEW weight-loss problem – and how to BEAT it!

    They’ll lecture you, guilt you, and force you to feel absolutely awful about yourself.

    They’re only happy… when you’re NOT happy!

    That’s how they make their coin, profiting off misery. And if Americans are fat, depressed, and desperate, they know they’re going to make a killing off meds.

    So when they see the new report just out that finds more than 40 percent of Americans are obese, they’re not sad.

    They’re THRILLED!

    They don’t see desperate Americans looking for a way to get healthy.

    They see a whole bunch of targets for their new wave of weight-loss drugs – meds they’re already hoping will turn into the nation’s next billion-dollar blockbusters.

    But NOT you.

    NOT today.

    …and NOT ever.

    Because I’ve got another plan to take you OUT of this system and OFF of their balance sheets – and it’s a whole lot easier than they’ll ever let on!

    The REAL reason for the obesity crisis

    New numbers from the CDC find that 42.4 percent of U.S. adults are now obese.

    Not simply overweight, but obese.

    And more than 9 percent are in the next category up: severely obese.

    That last number has DOUBLED in less than 20 years.

    If you’re fighting that battle yourself, this shows you’re not alone.

    And there’s something else you need to know -- something they’re keeping hidden from you because it doesn’t fit their narrative.

    It’s NOT your fault!

    They want you to believe weight gain is caused by YOU. That somehow, you can’t control yourself.

    But that’s not always the full story.

    See, they’ve LOADED the American food chain with toxins that disrupt hormones and destroy your metabolism… leading to weight gain and chronic disease.

    And it leads to something else: desperation.

    That’s when they get you – because when patients are desperate, they turn to DRUGS.

    And if 42.4 percent of Americans are desperate to lose weight, those new drugs are about to become the most popular meds in the pharmacy!

    But you don’t have to be one of their desperate customers.

    You can undermine this whole plan, single-handedly, starting with one, simple change.

    Are you ready? Here it is:

    Give up ALL processed foods.

    They’re not just healthier overall. They’re also free of those nasty toxins – and once you switch to a natural diet, everything should come back into balance quickly including appetite.

    For best results, go full paleo. That means meats such as pasture fed beef, pork, lamb, chicken and turkey, fish, eggs, seeds, nuts, fruits and veggies, along with healthy fats (including butter) and oils. Avoid processed food, grains and sugar.

    And to kick start your weight loss, try one of these two fasting diets.

    • Intermittent fasting: This is when you reduce calories to just 500-600 per day, two or three days a week.
    • Time-restricted fasting: This is when you confine your eating to within a certain window – usually about 8-10 hours per day, with only water or tea outside those hours.

    You don’t have to live this way forever. But 2-3 months of this can often lead to dramatic weight loss.

    Even more importantly, combined with the paleo lifestyle, you’ll gain better overall health, too.

    Consider working with a nutritionist who can help individualize your food plan and find out what works best.

  2. The EMPTIEST promise of the NEW diabetes drug

    The EMPTIEST promise of the NEWEST diabetes drug

    They’re REALLY desperate now!

    The industry was hoping to cash in on an expensive new class of medications for diabetes called SGLT2 inhibitors.

    They had billion-dollar dreams…

    Instead, it’s turned into a NIGHTMARE as the true risks are exposed and patients turn away in droves.

    However, they’re not giving up yet.

    They’ve cooked up a NEW plan to try to get people onto the med by promising to END a common pain condition that plagues many people with diabetes.

    Don’t fall for this one, my friend!

    Because if you cave to the marketing and take these drugs yourself, you could end up in far more pain than you could possibly imagine.

    Don’t believe the SGLT2 hype

    Diabetes and gout often go hand-in-hand.

    If you have gout, you’re more likely to develop diabetes. And if you have diabetes, you’re more likely to suffer from gout (not to mention more painful and more frequent flare-ups).

    The new report is trying to capitalize on that link.

    They claim SGLT2 inhibitors cut the risk of gout by 36 percent compared to taking other diabetes drugs.

    But hold on…

    That benefit comes with a terrible price!

    These drugs can DOUBLE the risk of amputation, especially of the foot.

    Maybe that explains the benefit; you can’t have a gout flare-up on your big toe if the toe itself is gone!

    That amputation risk is what has turned so many people away from these meds. One popular drug in this class… canagliflozin (aka Invokana)… has seen its sales plunge by 20 percent a year since the FDA ordered an amputation warning on the label.

    And the rest of the meds in the class are also suffering— especially after other risks came to light including a horrific infection that eats the flesh around the genitals.

    The bad news has many Americans turning back to metformin.

    And sure, it’s better than this foot-wrecking poison. In fact, a review of 300 studies found NONE of the new drug classes out for diabetes work much better than metformin.

    But I’ve got a better option – one I’ve pioneered with my patients here at my clinic in western Massachusetts.

    It’s backed by dozens of scientific studies, and proven by real-world experience.

    It’s two, easy steps:

    STEP ONE: Quit sugar, processed foods and carbs. When you cut the carbs going into your body – dramatically – you will get total control over blood sugar.

    STEP TWO: Take 1,200-1,500 mg of berberine daily, split into three doses about 30 minutes before meals. This proven natural therapy can cut blood sugar as effectively as metformin, but without the risks.

    You’ll find it any decent vitamin shop or online.

    Of course, don’t quit drugs on your own. Work with a skilled doctor who practices integrative or functional medicine.

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  13. GMOs made with dangerous new technology

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  14. Artificial sweeteners linked to weight gain

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  15. Mediterranean diet protects bone and muscle

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  17. Pesticides in new toxin scare

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