Diet and Food Safety

  1. Cancer risks jump with processed foods

    This one change can cut your cancer risk dramatically

    It's the magic bullet against cancer -- and it's been right under our noses all along!

    We can talk all day about treatments, both good and bad, that can help shrink or destroy a tumor.

    But why have that conversation when you don't have to?

    The BEST way to beat this disease is to avoid getting it in the first place -- and new research reveals one key to doing just that.

    It's a change that will help you avoid nearly every major form of cancer... and you can make it as soon as today.

    It's as close as your dinner plate!

    This isn't one of those reports that finds that a single ingredient can cause the disease.

    It's not one magic nutrient that'll help you avoid it, either.

    It's much bigger -- and far more important -- than that.

    In many ways, it's a whole lot simpler, too, because it involves a holistic approach to your meals that will make you leaner, healthier, stronger, and more energetic, even as it arms your body to fight off deadly tumors BEFORE they form.

    The key is in getting back to basics.

    If it's fresh, dish it out. If it's from a can, freezer bag, microwave tray, or fast-food window, give it a pass.

    The more processed the food, the more likely it'll have cell-destroying chemicals and preservatives -- not to mention tumor-feeding ingredients such as sugar.

    As a result, the new study finds that people who eat the most processed foods also have the highest risk of cancer.

    Every 10 percent of the calories that come from processed foods will increase your overall cancer risk by 12 percent. And ladies, along with that increase in total risk, that same level of processed food will hike your odds of breast cancer by 11 percent.

    The study finds that many people in the West -- especially here in the United States -- get 50 percent or more of their calories from these ultra-processed foods.

    That means that the cancer risk is 60 percent higher overall, and the breast cancer risk jumps by 55 percent.

    On the flipside, cutting those foods can reverse the risk -- which makes avoiding processed junk the single most powerful step anyone can take toward preventing cancer.

    You know what I'm about to say here.

    The freshest diet around is the Mediterranean lifestyle -- and it's no coincidence that studies show that folks who follow it have a lower risk of cancer overall, an 86 percent lower risk of colorectal cancers, and a 40 percent drop in the risk of the deadliest forms of breast cancer.

    If you haven't exactly had a healthy diet over the years, it's never too late to make some changes.

    Make the switch today so that you can avoid cancer tomorrow.

  2. Hypertension risks shrink with yogurt

    Eat this twice a week for the ultimate heart protection

    Take two yogurts and call me in the morning?

    I know that it sounds crazy, but it's true: Just two servings of yogurt can make a MAJOR difference when it comes to your health.

    And you don't even have to eat it every day to get the benefits!

    New research shows how just two servings per WEEK is all it takes to cut your risk of some of today's top killers.

    Here's the best part: These benefits don't go to healthy people who aren't facing much risk to begin with.

    The new study focused on REAL-WORLD outcomes in the very people who need help the most. It looked at older men and women with high blood pressure -- who face a higher risk of heart attack, stroke, and more.

    Most of these folks end up taking meds for their blood pressure.

    Some of them take two or three meds or more.

    But maybe all they need is some yogurt!

    In women, the biggest benefit is in heart risk. Eating yogurt will cut your risk of a heart attack by 30 percent and slash the risk of revascularization by 16 percent.

    Guys, those same two servings a day will cut your risk of a heart attack by a fifth.

    And in men and women alike, eating yogurt can cut the risk of major coronary heart disease and/or stroke by 20 percent, according to the study in the American Journal of Hypertension.

    If there were a drug that promised all that, it would be a best-seller -- because NONE of the meds currently given out for hypertension can promise all of those benefits.

    It's just the opposite!

    Many of those drugs work on paper only. They cut blood pressure -- so, as far as your doctor is concerned, they do their job. And you think they work, because you can see your numbers coming down.

    But studies show even when the meds cut BP, they don't always deliver on a lower risk of heart attack and stroke. And thanks to side effects, including fall-inducing dizzy spells, these drugs often end up doing more harm than good.

    You're better off with natural blood pressure control treatments and a little yogurt.

    The one thing to watch for here is the kind of yogurt you eat, since too many of them are loaded with sweeteners, coloring agents, preservatives, and a mess of other junk.

    Stick to all-natural organic yogurts. Ideally, buy plain yogurt and then add your own ingredients at home -- try fresh berries, crushed nuts and even some cinnamon and cocoa powder... all of which will give you extra benefits instead of just empty calories.

  3. Water contaminated for up to 1 in 4 Americans

    80 million Americans are drinking dirty water Clean water is something we all just take for granted. But we shouldn't. You could have what looks, smells, and even tastes like fresh and pure water flowing from your tap. You might even chill it in a pitcher with a built-in filter, just for extra protection. It's all just an illusion, as...
  4. Breast cancer fueled by processed meats

    Breast tumors LOVE this common food Don't bring home the bacon, ladies. No, I'm not about to say something controversial about women in the workplace. I mean that literally. Bacon -- and all other processed meats, for that matter -- pack big-time health risks. You know that. I know that. We all know that, right? But many folks eat processed...
  5. Cravings? Diet drugs are a bad idea

    Diet drug combo is a double dose of bad news Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner! I've just found the worst study of the year in a bonkers new report that's already being used to push American dieters onto TWO bad drugs. And it's all for a benefit that may not even exist! In what has to be the...
  6. Gluten-free diet has one big flaw

    What's wrong with your gluten-free diet I'm not the type to go around endorsing fads. How dumb are most of them? Whoever came up with the "man bun" should be charged with crimes against humanity... or at least a crime against masculinity. But there's a trend out there that even I can get behind. Millions of Americans have gone gluten-free...
  7. Colon cancer linked to inflammation

    Avoid colon cancer with these small changes It's one of the biggest steps you can take to cut your risk of colon cancer. A new study shows how this deadly disease forms... AND just how to stop it if you're willing to make a few small changes. It's a powerful cancer-fighting lifestyle that'll keep this disease in your rear-view mirror...
  8. Mediterranean diet cuts frailty risk

    Slash your risk of frailty in half You don't know exactly when it happened, but you know that it happened. The strength you once relied on... the power that gave you mobility and independence and protected you from injury and pain... seems to have gone AWOL. Some docs will tell you that it's just "getting older." All I can say...
  9. C. diff infections linked to common food additive

    Common food additive linked to deadly diarrhea If people knew what all the funny words listed on ingredients panels really meant, they'd NEVER touch processed food. Polydimethylsiloxane, used in chicken nuggets, is a silicon polymer also used in silly putty and breast implants. EWW! That's why I have a simple rule: If I don't recognize the word immediately, I'm not...
  10. Prostate cancer recurrence linked to dairy

    This common breakfast item can turn prostate cancer deadly Guys, it's time to wipe away that milk mustache. Despite the feel-good ad campaigns, it DOESN'T do a body good -- and it's especially dangerous to one part of your body in particular. It's a part that's very near and dear to you. Yes, it's "down there" -- specifically, your prostate...
  11. Cholesterol control is about more than just LDL

    The ultimate secret to PERFECT cholesterol It's time to turn the tables on your doctor. Normally, he's the one dishing out the advice, right? Well, friend, today I'm going to let you in on a little secret to heart protection that's going to help give you PERFECT cholesterol levels by the most important measures possible. And it works in as...
  12. Celiac disease test could hurt millions

    What your doc doesn't understand about gluten There's a new test for celiac disease that promises a simpler, safer, faster, and more accurate diagnosis. And it's bound to be a total nightmare! Here's the problem: The mainstream has an absolutely rigid view of what gluten can do to people. As far as it's concerned, you either have celiac disease and...
  13. COPD risk cut with tomatoes

    Slow aging in your lungs with this one delicious fruit An apple a day may not keep the doctor away... but two tomatoes are another story. Enjoy a pair a day, and you just might avoid the pulmonologist! New research shows how working a pair of tomatoes into your meals each day can protect your lungs from two kinds of...
  14. Fasting can boost health in as little as 2 days

    Try this trick the day after Christmas Merry Christmas! Today, we celebrate the moment God sent his one and only Son to our sin-filled world to redeem us with the promise of everlasting life. It's a time to be surrounded by family and other loved ones -- and I hope tonight you all sit down together for a big feast...
  15. Breakfast skippers could face higher heart risk

    The one shortcut you should never take You know what happens when you take shortcuts. Sometimes, you really do get where you're going faster... but usually, you find yourself backing out of a dark alley riddled with potholes big enough to swim in. That's just as true with your health as it is on the streets, as new research reveals...
  16. Cholesterol levels slashed with green tea

    The 'green' secret to perfect cholesterol It's practically 2018... yet when it comes to cholesterol, your doc may as well be in the Stone Age. We know that LOWER isn't always better. We know that you actually NEED cholesterol, including the LDL cholesterol that's often dismissed as the "bad" kind. We know that it's far BETTER and far SAFER to...
  17. Overeating linked to food smells

    Is your NOSE making you overeat? Does anything smell better than December? There's the scent of a freshly cut Christmas tree... the burning wood in your fireplace... and all of those delicious foods. But it's that last one you have to watch for. The smell alone can wreck your diet! New research shows how sniffing out your next meal can...
  18. Lead found in decorative glassware

    Are you being poisoned by your holiday plates and cups? Some folks wait until a few days before Christmas, throw up a small tree, and call it a holiday. Others start right after Halloween, redecorating every surface of the home. And some are right in the middle, waiting until at least tomorrow -- after Thanksgiving -- to break out the...
  19. Capsaicin can help you cut salt

    Too much salt? This little trick can help We all want to cut back on salt... but none of us want to make the switch to bland, lifeless, and flavorless foods. As it turns out, you don't have to. You can cut back on salt and love every minute of it -- and you don't have to make any sacrifices...
  20. Bagged salad loses nutrition

    How to make salad less healthy in 8 days We're all busy. I get it. I certainly understand the appeal of bagged salads. You cut open a bag, dump it into a bowl, and -- voilà -- there's your salad in seconds. No cutting. No washing. No mixing. None of it. And it's all perfectly healthy. Or so you'd like...

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