1. [SCARY] Look at what reflux meds are REALLY doing to your body

    They know you’re desperate...

    They know you’ll do just about ANYTHING to get even a little relief from the burning pain of acid reflux...

    And THAT’S how they get ya!

    The mainstream knows its plan for reflux is a big bust. They know the drugs:

    • Can eventually make it worse instead of better;
    • Are so dangerous that a leading consumer group is calling for them to be RESTRICTED; and
    • Aren’t truly the best way out there to cool your boiling stomach acid and get REAL and LASTING relief.

    And now, a new warning shows how those drugs can lead directly to a terrifyingly fatal disease.

    Yet they WON’T talk about it!

    Well, enough is enough. Today, you’ll find out there are other real options to treat acid reflux. Ones that not only work—they’ll do it without making you sicker.

    When you’re literally DYING for relief

    The new warning concerns proton pump inhibitors, a class of medication so wildly popular that one in ten Americans are taking them.

    You’ll want to make sure you’re not one of them when you read this next part...

    Because taking proton pump inhibitors will:

    • Increase your risk of chronic kidney disease by 28 times;
    • End-stage renal disease by 35 times; and
    • Other “unspecified” kidney problems by 8 times!

    And that’s true across the board for this entire class of medications, the study finds.

    But like I said, the mainstream already knows the drugs are dangerous.

    Other studies also show taking these drugs regularly can increase your risk of:

    • Hip fracture by 44 percent
    • Heart attack by 21 percent
    • Larynx cancer by 300 percent
    • Pharynx cancer by 250 percent
    • Sinus cancer by 40 percent

    They can even increase your risk of DEATH by up to nearly a third!

    The problem is how these drugs “work.”

    They block stomach acid, which sounds GREAT when you have reflux and that acid seems like the cause of all your problems – especially when you can literally feel and even taste (ew!) it bubbling up in your throat.

    But it’s not.

    You actually NEED that acid. Suppressing it can block part of the digestive process and leave you suffering from dangerous nutritional deficiencies, including low levels of essentials such as magnesium and B vitamins.

    For quick relief without the risks, consider natural options such as:

    • Deglycyrrhizinated licorice (aka DGL)
    • Aloe vera
    • D-Limonene extract

    Those are best for symptom control.

    To stop the attacks from happening in the first place, pass on all processed foods (especially anything with hydrogenated oils) … eat smaller meals…cut back on red meat.. and lose a little weight.

    And obviously, avoid your known triggers which could include booze, caffeine and certain spices.

    Still suffering? Get tested for undiagnosed food sensitivities by a holistic medical doctor.

  2. Gluten-free meals often have hidden gluten

    Feel LOUSY after eating out? Here’s the REAL reason

    Nothing like a nice dinner out, right?

    No cooking… no cleaning up after… and maybe you’ll even splurge and enjoy some dessert.

    But then “it” hits you.

    Maybe minutes later. Maybe hours later. Either way, your stomach starts to protest and you feel “it.”

    You’re bloated. Gassy. Tired. Foggy. And on the way home, you may even have to put the pedal to the medal and hurry up to make sure you get to the toilet in time.

    It’s not just you!

    New research reveals a different kind of “food poisoning” hiding in restaurant meals, and it’s not some virus or bacteria from a chef who didn’t obey those “MUST WASH HANDS” signs.

    It’s HIDDEN gluten in your foods – including foods listed on the menu as “gluten free.”

    Tens of millions of Americans are secretly sensitive to gluten, and a growing number are doing their best to avoid it as a result.

    When you cook at home, using your own ingredients, you know exactly what’s in your meal. And you know when you’re eating truly gluten-free food.

    But all bets are off the moment you sit down in a restaurant.

    The new study finds gluten everywhere, even where it shouldn’t be, and in amounts that can trigger a serious reaction if you have Celiac or other gluten sensitivity.

    This wasn’t a little study of a handful of restaurants in a city or two.

    It was a massive undertaking, as 800 investigators spread out across the country, using portable gluten sensors to check more than 5,600 meals labelled as “gluten free” on the menu.

    A third of all those meals had gluten in levels high enough to trigger a reaction, including 27 percent of “gluten free” breakfasts and 34 percent of “gluten free” dinners.

    It might be tempting to just stay home!

    You don’t quite have to go to that extreme.

    There are two main sources of contamination that you can learn to avoid.

    First up are the worst offenders: gluten-free versions of meals that traditionally have gluten, like pizza and pasta. More than half of the samples had some gluten.

    And second are foods that might be cooked in the same pots and pans as gluten-y food. That gluten-free pasta, for example, could be cooked in the same water as normal pasta, allowing for easy cross-contamination.

    So here’s the deal. If you have Celiac disease or serious gluten sensitivity, avoid “gluten-free” versions of breads, pizzas and pastas and anything else traditionally made with flour, at least when eating out.

    As the new study shows, that’s just tempting fate.

    For the rest of the dishes, ask how they’re prepared and if the chefs are taking steps to avoid cross-contamination.

    A good chef won’t mind telling you. Heck, he’ll be proud of his efforts.

    That one simple discussion can help minimize your risk and ensure a safe meal and a pleasant evening out… without having to rush home for the bathroom.

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