1. Good bacteria promote belly balance for a happy calm gut

    Something bad is buried in your belly

    Gas, bloating, indigestion, cramps and constipation: Most of us find our occasional digestive woes too uncomfortable to even talk about.

    But ignoring these signals from your belly is a bad idea. They're, more often than not, a sign from your stomach and digestive system that something bad is buried in your belly, and you need a little extra support.

    All of our guts are teeming with bacteria, good AND bad. The good bacteria help with digestion, but the bad bugs can do a real number on your gut. That's when suddenly, before you can even say "Burp," your digestive comfort has left the building.

    If bloating, gas, cramps, and occasional diarrhea or constipation sound familiar it's time to stop being embarrassed by your gut, and start supporting it instead. Because these signals could mean you need to do something to replenish your gut's supply of good bacteria.

    Believe it or not, to avoid those embarrassing moments when your gut just doesn't want to cooperate -- and to maintain a healthy digestive system-- all you may need is a simple probiotic supplement.

    But don't bother handing over your hard-earned cash for those supermarket "probiotics." They may mean well, but unfortunately most of them are loaded up with worthless strains that do practically nothing to turn your belly woes around. And if they do happen to get the probiotic strains right, they simply don't include enough of them to make a real difference.

    That's why I had to step up and create my own. I was so darn frustrated by my hunt for the perfect probiotic blend that eventually it became clear that my only choice was to come up with my own science-based formula. The result is a top-notch, effective probiotic that I not only feel comfortable recommending to my patients, but that I also take myself.

    And now, it's available to you.

    Probiotic Performance Plus is loaded with five powerful key strains that have been backed by science in human studies.

    At its heart I've placed the one essential bacteria strain we all start out with. This probiotic is so basic I call it the "Genesis Strain," because it's one of the first to colonize our guts after we're born.

    Our Creator designed us to use this strain for life. But modern living can cause the Genesis Strain to make an early exit.

    Stress, diet, chlorinated water, pollution, toxins, and even certain drugs take their toll on all of our good belly bugs including the critical Genesis Strain.

    That's where Probiotic Performance Plus comes in. Every single serving is packed with more than 5 billion Genesis Strain bacteria to help promote a healthy probiotic balance in your gut, and support a healthy digestive system.

    And with four other carefully-chosen, powerful probiotic strains in the mix, I'm sure you will feel a huge difference.

    If you're ready to stop being embarrassed by your unruly belly -- if you want to ease the gas, cramps, and bloating -- click here to discover more about what Probiotic Performance Plus could do to help restore balance to your belly.

  2. Probiotics can reduce blood pressure

    Gut bacteria can help lower your BP

    Want to knock a few points off your blood pressure quickly, easily and without drugs?

    Then follow my advice and take a probiotic.

    You know I'm a big fan of these friendly bacteria for digestive health, immune system support and more. Now, new research finds one more benefit: they could help reduce your blood pressure levels.

    The review of 9 studies involving a combined 543 patients finds that using probiotics for at least six to eight weeks can bring systolic blood pressure (aka the "top number") down by 3.56 mm Hg, and diastolic blood pressure ("bottom number") down by an average of 2.38 mm Hg.

    Ready for the best part of all? The biggest benefits went to those who need them most -- people already suffering from elevated blood pressure.

    Of course I realize shaving 2 or 3 points off your BP may not sound like much to some people. But it's a real difference -- and when combined with other incremental changes, it can add up to perfect blood pressure levels without drugs.

    I can't tell you how important that is, because while drugs can bring BP levels down, they also come with some serious risks.

    Even worse, those drugs don't really solve the problems that cause high pressure. They only mask them, which is why studies have shown that some common BP meds don't reduce the risks linked to high blood pressure even when they successfully bring those levels down.

    So along with taking a quality probiotic supplement daily for immune support, digestive health and more, be sure to make a few other heart-friendly changes.

    Cut back on salt and animal fat, increase dietary potassium and get a little more movement and your BP levels will come down on their own -- and if you need a little more help, consider supplements such as hawthorn berry and gingko biloba.

  3. Probitoic Performance Plus supports digestion and a healthy immune system

    Why your probiotic may not work

    The headline alone made me angry: "Your Probiotic Is Probably B.S." But then a funny thing happened when I actually read the article in The Daily Beast.

    I didn't get mad at all.

    Much of it echoes the same warning I've issued here in House Calls -- because most probiotics really are baloney.

    Probiotics are friendly bacteria shown to help with everything from digestive health to immune system support. But "probiotic" has also become a marketing buzzword -- something slapped willy-nilly onto product labels to help make a sale. Continue reading

  4. Digestive Health Discovery--Something BAD is hiding in your intestines

    This natural digestive health breakthrough worked so well for me -- it's what made me decide to become a doctor.

    And now, after years of recommending it to my own patients and seeing it work wonders for them -- I've actually found a way to make it even better. In fact, I'm convinced if I had this when I had my digestive issues -- it would've worked at least 5 times faster!

    Discover everything you need to know about this digestive health breakthrough right here. Keeping ALL those occasional digestive issues like gas, bloating and constipation from ruining your day is much easier than you think... Continue reading

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