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  1. Three URGENT actions for any dementia diagnosis!

    The three hardest words for a doc are “I don’t know” – and you won’t believe the kinds of stunts they’ll pull rather than say it out loud.

    They’ll send you out for tests you don’t need… bring you in for followups that won’t matter… and prescribe drugs that don’t work.

    Case in point: Dementia.

    New research reveals how docs are recklessly pumping dementia patients full of dangerous meds they shouldn’t be taking.

    That not only can lead to horrific consequences, including dangerous or even deadly side effects…

    It can also mean these folks DON’T get the crucial help they need when it matters most!

    So today, allow me to step in and give you the THREE ACTIONS anyone should take when they or a loved one are diagnosed with dementia.

    How dementia patients end up on the WRONG meds

    The new study finds that a shocking three out of four dementia patients are given meds that could HURT them.

    They get antidepressants, for example, at TRIPLE the rate of the general public… and while docs might say it’s because dementia patients often show signs of depression, the reality in many cases what looks like depression is really a symptom of the Alzheimer’s.

    And the drugs WON’T help.

    These vulnerable patients are also wrongly given:

    • Painkillers including the opioids that can lead to addiction and overdose
    • Antipsychotics, which have been linked to death in dementia patients
    • Sedatives that can leave them dangerously unsteady
    • Other inappropriate meds including anti-epileptic drugs, anti-anxiety meds and more

    These drugs not only don’t help… but can make matters worse, with side effects including falls, which can lead to injury and death.

    If you have a loved one who’s been battling dementia for some time, go over their prescriptions with the doctor to ensure everything’s on the up-and-up and have anything unnecessary eliminated.

    But if you or a loved one is newly or recently diagnosed with dementia… especially in the early stages… there’s something else you can do.

    There are THREE ACTIONS you can take that just might help turn this condition around!

    ACTION 1: Don’t ADD drugs.

    Remove them!

    Many cases of cognitive decline and dementia could actually be drug side effects – so before you do anything else, talk to your doc about removing as many drugs as safely possible to see if there is improvement.

    ACTION 2: Do a diet makeover.

    Eliminate all potential sources of toxins, which means zero processed or refined foods, and nothing with chemical colors, preservatives, flavoring agents, etc. And definitely avoid gluten.

    Get as back to basics as possible and see if there’s any improvement over 4-6 weeks.

    ACTION 3: Get tested for mercury.

    As Health Revelations know, long-term exposure to mercury could be a key factor in Alzheimer’s disease – but quick and thorough detox can often lead to dramatic improvements.

    The Mercury Tri-Test from Quicksilver Scientific can give you a quick look at your levels of this brain-rotting metal. If it turns out your mercury levels are high, natural therapies including METAL-X-SYNERGY and glutathione can push some of it out… but if they’re very high, you may need more aggressive treatment.

    Work closely with a doctor who practices integrative or functional medicine for complete testing, treatment and personalized care.

  2. What EVERY senior needs to know BEFORE knee surgery

    There’s a class of painkiller out there right now so dangerous that EVERYONE in medicine is under orders to limit it.

    And when I say EVERYONE, I mean there’s not a doc in the nation who isn’t aware of this.

    So what are they doing?

    A shocking new study finds they’re giving it out MORE often… and to the very patients MOST at risk!

    They’re pumping seniors full of opioids after knee surgery at a pace never seen before – and that could have massive repercussions across the nation.

    But not you. Not today.

    And not anymore!

    Because I’ve got a two-step action plan to save your knees, end the pain and feel better than ever… without opioids, and without surgery!

    BEAT knee pain without drugs or surgery

    If it hasn’t happened to you yet, just wait.

    There are few guarantees in life, but knee pain is one of them – because it’s just a fact that your joints take a beating over the years.

    First they creak and moan.

    Then they SCREAM.

    If you’re at creak-and-moan levels, docs will typically just give you pain pills, often the over-the-counter stuff.

    But when the knees start to SCREAM, they break out the scalpel.

    It’s joint replacement time!

    And that, my friend, is when it happens – when they give you drug you want nothing to do with… just to help you over the hump of the surgery’s painful recovery period.

    Like I said earlier, docs were warned to STOP dishing out opioids so frequently, especially to seniors. Even when you don’t become addicted to them, they can leave you woozy, unsteady and even cause cognitive problems – side effects that can be magnified in older folks.

    Yet the study finds seniors are getting them more, not less.

    Just a few years ago, 82 percent of patients who had knee or hip replacement surgery were on opioids within 60 days of the procedure.

    That number’s unacceptably high… and should be coming WAY down.

    But today, 90 percent of patients are given these drugs after the surgery!

    Clearly, doctors aren’t doing their part to end the use, misuse, overuse and outright abuse of these meds.

    So let me step in here with TWO ACTIONS you can take to ensure you’re never in a position to need these meds.

    ACTION #1: Do you REALLY need that knee replacement? I know the surgeon SAID you do… but he’s a surgeon. OF course he’s gonna say that!

    You know the old saying. Never ask the barber if you need a haircut.

    In reality, a 2018 study found that up to a third of the operations NEVER should’ve been done, and many of the rest were kinda iffy. Overall, they found just 44 percent of knee replacements fully met clinical guidelines for surgery.

    Call it a sign to always get a second or even third opinion. And if you do need surgery, talk to the doc beforehand about post-op recovery plans, making it clear you want the safest option… not opioids.

    ACTION #2: Don’t need surgery yet? Good – now, let’s keep it that way!

    You can STOP the progression of damage, FIGHT the pain, EASE inflammation and RESTORE function and movement… and you can do it without drugs.

    As readers of Health Revelations learned earlier this month, UC-II collagen – which is pulled from chicken bones, of all things – has not only beaten placebos in studies but was also shown to be TWICE as effective as glucosamine and chondroitin.

    It’s available both on its own – for as little as $8 a month – and in combination with other pain-fighting treatments in knee formulas.

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  13. How WOMEN are getting shoddy heart care… and how to FIX it!

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  14. Protect yourself during the ‘summer of surgery’

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