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  1. Homeopathy under new attack from the FDA

    [URGENT] FDA launches new attack on natural medicine

    Who’s the FDA really protecting?

    I think we all know the answer by now – but in case it wasn’t obvious, the agency has just launched an all-out assault on an entire branch of safe and effective natural medicine.

    They just fired off an angry warning against homeopathic medicine built around wild exaggerations and outright lies.

    The FDA notes – correctly – the “like cures like” principle of homeopathy, where treatments are made from the substances causing the problem… then adds, breathlessly, “including known poisons.”


    Of course, they don’t mention all the poisonous drugs out there (a generic heartburn med was recently found contaminated with LITERAL poison, and the FDA still hasn’t issued an official recall).

    This scare tactic also ignores another basic principle of homeopathy: it’s so heavily diluted that the original substance can’t even be detected, much less harmful.

    Which leads to the other common criticism of homeopathy – that the treatments can’t work because there’s “nothing” in them.

    I wish these naysayers would make up their minds; homeopathy can’t be both ineffective because nothing is in it, and dangerous because it contains “poison!

    So let me cut through the bull here and tell you what’s REALLY going on...

    Because, as you’ll see in a moment, I’m in a very unique position to give the what’s what on homeopathy.

    The absolute TRUTH about homeopathic medicine

    I studied homeopathic medicine at the University of Glasgow in Scotland – one of the oldest and most respected universities on the planet. It’s ranked in the top 100 in the world, and its medical program is No. 2 in the United Kingdom.

    I’m not trying to toot my own horn here.

    My point is this: If homeopathic medicine were unproven and unsafe, why in the heck would it be such a valuable part of a leading medical program?

    Seems to me like the real problem isn’t homeopathy.

    It’s over-reaching government bureaucrats joined at the hip to the drug industry!

    Every time someone takes a homeopathic remedy, they’re NOT taking a drug—and that’s what really has both the feds and the industry alarmed.

    I’m here to discourage you from being intimidated by their bad advice and fear tactics.

    Genuine homeopathic medicine is not only perfectly safe, but incredibly effective for dozens if not hundreds of common conditions.

    Let me give share with you one of the best options… for one of the most common complaints of all.


    You know it. You loathe it. We all do.

    Most people turn to over-the-counter drugs like acetaminophen and ibuprofen for daily aches – except regular use of those drugs can cause stomach pain, liver and kidney damage and more.

    They’ve even been linked to long-term risks such as heart attack and death.

    Homeopathic arnica can deliver the same relief, with exactly NONE of those risks. It’s NUTS that this isn’t the go-to remedy for pain...but because it’s a homeopathic medicine, the mainstream won’t even mention it.

    But don’t let that stop you from giving it a shot; if the safety and the studies aren’t enough to convince you, just look at the reviews on where they have 4-5 star ratings even after hundreds and in some cases more than 1,000 reviews.

    Better still, it’s so inexpensive that a $10-$15 supply could last you several years.

  2. Cognitive decline blocked with powerful flavonoids

    [BREAKTHROUGH] BLOCK cognitive decline and REVERSE “brain aging” by nearly 15 years!

    Age your brain… in REVERSE?!?!?

    That just doesn’t seem possible now – but I’m here today with PROOF you can age your brain in reverse.

    You can:

    • SLOW aging
    • REVERSE decline
    • BLOCK dementia

    With the help of just one absolutely effortless trick.

    And what makes this stunning breakthrough so powerful is that it doesn’t just help kinda-maybe-sometimes in folks who don’t actually need much help in the first place.

    It works in the most desperate cases.

    In fact…

    The STEEPER your decline, the BETTER the results!

    And in some of the worst cases of all, you can take a whopping 14 years off the age of your brain!

    Sound too good to be true?

    Check out the stunning results from the study below…

    RESTORE your brain

    Some of the world’s most POWERFUL nutrients are found in the humblest of places… including ordinary blueberries and grapes.

    They’re not just good for your overall health…

    In the right levels, those nutrients can deliver something that NO DRUG IN THE WORLD has been able to promise yet (and maybe never will).

    They can restore your LOST brainpower!

    New research put a powerful blend of the polyphenols from blueberries and grapes to the test against a placebo in older folks with the struggles often blamed on aging.

    Specifically, they took a French supplement called Memophenol at a dose of 600 mg per day – 258 mg as flavonoids – for six months.

    By the end of the study, the folks who had the WORST decline saw the BIGGEST improvements.

    Their “cognitive age” dropped by about 14 years!

    That’s not just a major improvement overall…

    That’s nearly TRIPLE the rate of improvement of the folks given a placebo supplement.

    I don’t know if you’ll find this specific blend near you, but it’s certainly worth the effort to seek out an anti-aging formula built around the polyphenols in grapes and berries.

    Remember, these little guys which can also help protect the heart… fight cancer… and slow aging.

    But let’s stick to your memory today…

    As encouraging as the new study is, it’s just one study – so be sure to cover your bases with a multifaceted approach.

    One common reason for memory loss and other cognitive struggles as we get older is a brain chemical called acetylcholine.

    It’s critical to brain function, but as you get older the levels sink… sometimes dramatically… which leads to that “rapid aging” in the brain.

    A compound called L-Huperzine A – often sold as Chinese Club Moss – can slow the breakdown of acetylcholine.

    It hangs around longer, so it works better.

    Take 50 mcg once or twice a day for general memory support, or up to 200 mcg twice a day for more severe cognitive struggles.

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  4. Cognitive decline reversed with this nighttime habit

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    This popular arthritis treatment is a BUST What’s the most important part of your body? My answer will probably surprise you… because I wouldn’t pick my brain, heart or any of the vital organs. It’s my KNEES! Sure, if my heart stopped I’d by dead like anyone else. But if I couldn’t get up, head out and go for a...
  6. Heartburn cures that are better than meds – and safer, too!

    Ditch heartburn drugs with THESE ‘old-fashioned’ cures One big plus to living out in the country like we do here in the Berkshires is that “old fashioned” isn’t tossed around like an insult. It’s a badge of honor! We’re a touch skeptical of anything “latest and greatest,” and that goes doubly so for new meds. And when we’ve found something...
  7. CBD guidelines released for arthritis

    GAME-CHANGER: Mainstream finally recognizes this non-drug pain-beater! Here it is, friend: the long-overdue game-changer for the 30 million Americans suffering from osteoarthritis. And it could replace EVERYTHING you hate about the “pain management” approach that has failed so many…for so long. For years, the establishment has pushed painkillers as the “main” way to cope with the agony of knees falling...
  8. Prostate cancer treatment plan is all wrong, and study proves it

    Common prostate treatment is a DEADLY mistake Guys, they’ll say your prostate cancer is gone, this time hopefully for good. The operation was a success, and you’re now… officially… cancer-free. But don’t start shaking hands just yet. They’ll also tell you something else... You’re NOT out of the woods! If you’ve already had more than one battle with prostate cancer...
  9. Aspirin pushed on patients who should NEVER take it

    The senior “drug problem” no one is talking about It’s secretly become one of the biggest health problems facing the nation… and it’s NOT a disease or any other kind of condition. It’s just the opposite… This isn’t something that HAPPENS to you via bad lifestyle, genes, toxins or luck. It’s something that’s DONE to you… caused by some the...
  10. Dementia linked to hearing loss

    REVERSE dementia risk and PROTECT memory The first place to look… the first chance to act… the first opportunity to STOP dementia… isn’t where you’d expect. It’s NOT in your brain. No; as it turns out, it’s in another place that’s not far off... Your EARS just might hold the key to your brain health! And if you find yourself...
  11. Sugar can destroy your health in 3 ways

    What a ‘fun size’ candy can REALLY do to you At some point in the past few weeks, just about every store in the country transformed into a candy store. Even the pharmacy is loaded with super-sized bags containing hundreds of little pieces of “fun size” candy! Something tells me it’s not all for trick-or-treaters. Plenty of adults like to...
  12. Cognitive decline could be triggered by surgery

    What every senior MUST know before surgery Don’t sign up for that surgery yet! There’s an important piece of information your doctor forgot to tell you – one he might not even know himself. Because while he WILL warn you that every operation has risks, he probably WON’T tell you there’s something that can go very, very “wrong” even...
  13. Prostate cancer treatment linked to heart risk

    Deadly warning over prostate cancer drug It’s an absolute travesty how men with prostate cancer are exploited by mainstream medicine. They see your cancer as a chance to make money by exploiting your fear over the “c” word; they’ll rush you into (a highly profitable) treatment before you have a chance to do your homework, make your own decisions...
  14. Aspirin therapy WRONGLY given to millions

    The mistake 10 million seniors make EVERY day You’ve heard it’s healthy… You’ve been told it could save your life… And maybe you’ve been ORDERED by your doctor to do it every single day. But new research reveals how there’s a strong chance you SHOULDN’T be taking daily aspirin at all. In fact, some 30 million Americans—including 10 million seniors—are...
  15. Obesity is NOT your fault

    The REAL reason you can’t lose weight (HINT: It’s not your fault!) If you’re overweight or obese, they’ll wag their fingers at you – right in your face – and say it’s your own fault. But I’ve never bought that. I know the TRUE reason so many people gain weight just by LOOKING at a menu. And I know the...
  16. Better vision in as little as ONE HOUR

    There’s a looming epidemic that’s about to explode… A widespread health crisis that already has a direct daily impact on MILLIONS of older Americans. And in the coming years, it could turn into one of the BIGGEST health emergencies the nation has ever seen. Yet the skyrocketing population of seniors with vision loss gets NO attention from the mainstream! Well...
  17. Say “goodbye” to the WORST side effects of breast cancer treatment

    They’ll tell you what to expect when you go into treatment for breast cancer. Your doctors will warn you of the side effects... Your friends and loved ones will share their experiences… And you’ll read plenty about it online. But then it happens to you, and it’s a whole lot worse than what you expected, because it’s not just one...
  18. Take a year and a half of aging OFF your brain

    It’s like a bucket with a hole it in, slowly leaking water until there’s nothing left.   Except it’s not a bucket…   It’s your BRAIN.   It’s true: Your brain’s got a leak. You’re losing gray matter, right now, at this very moment.   The older you get, the more you lose—roughly 0.2 percent of volume per year. That’s all your precious memories...
  19. This “forest treasure” BLOCKS the cognitive struggles of aging

    Cognitive decline has an answer… and it’s the fungus among us! Mushrooms can block the damage and protect your brain.
  20. [BEWARE] Lyme can linger, even AFTER your doc declares victory

    Lyme disease isn’t supposed to be “chronic,” or so the mainstream claims. But a new study proves them wrong. You could have it for YEARS! Here’s what to look for.

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