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  1. BEAT the clock and BLOCK deadly disease with this age-defying secret

    I’m absolutely SICK of all the old cliches the “experts” use when they deliver their dopey and unhelpful lectures about aging.

    These clowns treat America’s seniors like kindergartners!

    Seriously, how many times have you heard this nonsense:

    • Age is just a number!
    • You’re only as old as you feel!
    • You can be young at heart!

    Your age ISN’T just a number… sometimes, you can FEEL like you’re 160… and there’s NO deluding yourself about the age of your heart when cardiovascular disease sets in.

    So while those might make for nice inspirational posters at the senior center, they’re absolutely useless out here in the REAL world.

    And that’s why I’ve got something else for you today – something that can FIGHT the toll of aging, DEFY chronic disease and help you BEAT the calendar so you not only live longer, but love every minute of it.

    Fight the toll of aging where it matters most

    New research confirms what the medical mainstream will never admit as they spew those empty platitudes.

    Supplements WORK.

    The study names two of the most promising natural options – and although I’m about to nitpick one of them, it’s important research in that it confirms the age-defying effects of this approach.

    Then, it goes a step further… and shows how TIMING is EVERYTHING when it comes to one of those supplements.

    The new report looks at nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) and resveratrol.

    The first has been getting a TON of attention in recent years.

    The second has been a standard in age-fighting natural therapies for ages now, often praised as a “fountain of youth” compound.

    Let’s start with that NMN.

    The new study confirms its age-fighting effects, and finds that it doesn’t matter much what time of day seniors take it (younger folks, however, should take it in the morning).

    NMN raises levels of NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), a crucial compound in the body that plays a central role in longevity and disease prevention.

    As we get old, NAD levels plunge – and by the time you’re old enough to cash a Social Security check, you have HALF the levels of NAD that you did in your 40s.

    Now for my nitpick: While it’s critical to bring those levels back up, I’m not sold on NMN as the best way to do it (but I’m open to seeing more research if and when it’s published).

    For now, I suggest NR (nicotinamide riboside), found in formulas such as Tru-Niagen, which is backed by human clinical trials.

    Then there’s that old standby, resveratrol.

    You might already be taking it yourself – millions do, either on its own or as part of an anti-aging blend – but the new study finds that WHEN you take it matters.

    And in this case, you want to take it in the afternoon the maximize its age-defying powers.

    The study ends there, but to really beat the effects of age on your cells – and especially mitochondrial function – I also suggest PQQ and the “master antioxidant,” glutathione.

  2. SAVE your vision from the WORST sign of aging

    Cataracts are a LEADING cause of vision loss in America’s seniors – and when your eyes go, you can kiss your independence goodbye.

    You want HELP beating this. You want answers. And you’d LOVE to avoid surgery.

    But what do they give you?

    Dumb gimmicks and cheap headlines!

    And they’re out with the dumbest and cheapest yet – something I can pretty much guarantee won’t make a lick of difference.

    But there’s a reason they’re trying to distract you with this nonsense, and it’s because they hope you NEVER learn the true cause of the explosion in cataracts in recent years.

    Spoiler: It’s not your age.

    So allow me to pull back the curtain today and show you what’s really going on… as well as a way to put a stop to cataracts before they start and prevent or at least delay the need for surgery so you can keep your independence and quality of life for years to come.

    REVEALED: The TRUE cause of cataracts

    I hate to play party-pooper.

    So trust me, it gives me no pleasure to tell you that new study making headlines… the one that claims BOOZE can prevent CATARACTS… is almost certainly bunk.

    Just one look at the details should tell ya that – because the numbers are all over the place.

    For example, if you have a drink four times a week, your odds of needing surgery drop by 6 percent.

    But if you have a drink six times a week, the odds INCREASE by 6 percent.

    Here’s another weird part of this thing: They had two study groups. In one, wine cut the odds of cataract surgery by 23 percent. In the other, it was just 14 percent.

    And another: You can cut that risk with up to 6.5 drinks a week. But… again… drinking EVERY night will increase the risk instead.

    See the problem with that? In theory, you can get absolutely wasted once a week… knocking back six drinks in a single binge… and as long as you abstain the other nights, your risk will plunge.

    But if you spread those drinks out moderately to just one a night, your cataract risk will jump.

    What kinda sense does THAT make???

    Like I said, this nonsense is just a distraction. If you want to prevent cataracts, there’s one important step to take – one the drug industry hopes you NEVER learn.


    That one step alone will do more for your eyes than all the wine in France, as a study last year found these cholesterol meds will increase your odds of this vision-stealing condition by 27 percent.

    There are two much easier steps you can take to prevent cataracts:

    • Wear sunglasses, since UV light can accelerate the damage
    • Take a vision supplement with lutein and zeaxanthin

    Along with preventing cataracts, that same duo will help ward off macular degeneration, which is another leading cause of vision loss in seniors.

    If you DO need surgery, don’t put it off. It’s not as bad as it sounds, and your vision’s a whole lot more important to your health, wellbeing and quality of life than a couple days of discomfort.

  3. A really BAD drug is about to get WORSE

    If I ever get the flu, the last thing in the world I’d do is take oseltamivir, aka Tamiflu. No matter how sick… No matter how weak… No matter how much my own doctor (yes, doctors have doctors too!) might urge me to try it… You couldn’t get me to TOUCH the stuff, because I’ve seen what’s going on behind...
  4. The FIVE bacteria that can BEAT the nastiest respiratory infections

    You wanna be an instant pariah? Go cough somewhere! Your friends will flee, strangers will stare angrily and you’ll be left stammering out an excuse about allergies or something in your throat. “I’m not sick! Really!!!” But of course, even without coronavirus, there are still dozens of other nasty viruses out there that can leave you hacking and wheezing, and...
  5. The post-coronavirus hobby that could ENHANCE your brain

    There’s a new kind of “bucket list” out there as millions of Americans make plans for the end of the pandemic. I’ve heard it all: Skydiving… bear hunting… Internet dating… global travel… plus a few I can’t even print here. But if you’re looking for a new experience once it’s safe to get back out, I’ve got an option that’s...
  6. This ‘healthy’ food is KILLING older Americans

    Every single American born in the past century has been fed a myth from childhood about what and how to eat. And today, as adults, it’s literally KILLING us! The dietary guidelines weren’t based on science, biology, nutrition or health. They were based on well-connected industry players lining up and DEMANDING to be included… no matter what kind of junk...
  7. Get a LEG UP against aging with this ‘green’ secret

    Here’s a crazy piece of trivia for you today… One of the BIGGEST indications of how long you’ll live isn’t the condition of your heart, and it won’t be found in a scan of your brain. It’s not your age… your habits… your weight… your bank account… or your zip code either. It’s something you can check, right now, with...
  8. The most important part of surgery is often overlooked!

    There’s one person who holds the key to your surgery. And it’s NOT the surgeon! Sure, he’s important. But a good surgeon can probably do the job with his eyes closed and one hand behind his back. But there’s another person in the room who doesn’t get much attention at all. And what he does… the decisions he makes… and...
  9. The OTHER pandemic… hiding in plain sight!

    It’s like a bully who socks people in the face, returns later to laugh at the black eye and then comes back a third time to sell ice for the bruises. Insanity, right? Welcome to mainstream medicine, 2021! They’re taken a deadly pandemic and made it WORSE with inconsistencies, hypocrisies and outright lies. That’s spread fear and panic, leading to...
  10. 94% of seniors have this problem – and don’t know it yet!

    You’re no creampuff, begging for help. And you’re practically INSULTED when someone gets the door for you… offers to carry something… or tries to help you up or down the stairs like you’re some kinda weakling. But let’s face facts today, my friend: When it comes to strength, muscle and bone… time isn’t kind to any of us. I know...
  11. SLOW aging with the TOP 3 SECRETS of the super-agers!

    We’ve all met them… and we all envy them. There are people who Father Time just seems to be afraid to touch. They look, sound and act HALF their age. But you don’t have to envy them anymore! New research confirms that “super-aging” is real – that there are people who just age a whole lot slower than everyone else...
  12. Eliminate the SECRET TOXIN that’s wrecking your brain

    In the movies, it’s played for laughs: A little aluminum foil… shaped like a hat… is the sure sign of a conspiracy weirdo. Well, my friend, today I’ve got the REAL conspiracy. It involves the main ingredient in that foil. You’re not wearing it ON your head as a hat (at least, I hope you aren’t). But it’s getting IN...
  13. The BIGGEST antidepressant myth… BUSTED!

    Imagine getting rescued from the sea – only to find the boat that “saved” you is also sinking. And now, you’re in shark-infested waters to boot. But when you point this out to the captain, he smiles unconcernedly and says “at least we’re not on fire.” I don’t think ANYONE would find comfort in that. Yet that’s what’s going on...
  14. Is HDL cholesterol secretly BAD for you???

    If they can’t sell a drug for it… then they’ll try to destroy it! And if you think that’s an exaggeration, just check out the latest news from the supposed cutting-edge of mainstream medicine. For YEARS now they’ve burned piles and piles of cash trying to create an overpriced pharmaceutical to raise HDL cholesterol, aka “good” cholesterol. And for the...
  15. The EXOTIC spice that could CHANGE your life!

    If you’ve got a potential treatment for stress, there’s no better time to let the world know about it than right now. And if it works? There’s no better time to TRY it! Well, friend, it looks like we’ve got another winner ready to pass the literal stress test here in these tense times as the latest science reveals a...
  16. The TWO DRUGS you REALLY don’t need anymore!

    We do so much outta habit that it’s not always easy to spot the bad ones. And it’s not just chewing pencils and biting nails. Millions of Americans… especially OLDER folks… take medications each day that they probably should’ve stopped years ago. You might even be one of them. Because as new research shows, the problem’s a lot more widespread...
  17. Watch your high blood pressure go up in smoke

    It’s amazing what a difference a few years can make. Not too long ago, a guy like me had to put his reputation on the line to prescribe medicinal cannabis. You could be an EXPERT on dozens of diseases and conditions… know entire libraries worth of treatment options… and have a proven track record at the top of your field...
  18. Busting the BIGGEST myth about obesity

    I’ve never been the type to sugarcoat the news… so I’m here with what some might call “tough” talk. I prefer to think of it as HONEST talk. Because millions of Americans are living in denial right now. They’re ignoring some VERY SERIOUS and VERY DEADLY risks – and what makes it so frustrating is that they don’t have to...
  19. CONFIRMED: A single diet change REVERSES diabetes

    They act like it’s some kind of pipe dream – that your odds of reversing diabetes are the same as hitting the Powerball. But new research shows how you could hit the jackpot… not in lottery cash, but for a much, much bigger prize. Because this report PROVES once and for all the you CAN reverse diabetes, regain control over...
  20. [WARNING] Common skin medication can CRACK your bones!

    They promise it’ll SOOTHE your skin… delivering the relief you need from conditions such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. But there’s a DARK side this promise – one they WON’T warn you about. In order to SAVE your skin… you might have to SACRIFICE your bones! New research finds a direct link between osteoporosis and some of the most common...

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