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  1. Eliminate the SECRET TOXIN that’s wrecking your brain

    In the movies, it’s played for laughs: A little aluminum foil… shaped like a hat… is the sure sign of a conspiracy weirdo.

    Well, my friend, today I’ve got the REAL conspiracy.

    It involves the main ingredient in that foil.

    You’re not wearing it ON your head as a hat (at least, I hope you aren’t). But it’s getting IN your head anyway – and it’s not there to help you out.

    Aluminum is a MAJOR undiagnosed cause of cognitive struggles in seniors, leading to decline and even dementia, not to mention more severe neurodegenerative diseases ranging from Parkinson’s to Alzheimer’s.

    But new research reveals a natural weapon that can help you fight back, stopping the damage and protecting your brain so you can keep sharp and independent even as you grow old.

    How aluminum gets in… and how to chase it out

    Here’s the problem: When aluminum gets inside the brain, it’s generally NOT coming back out.

    Not without a fight.

    And that’s what makes this new study so important.

    It finds what essentially becomes a crack team of warriors that can rush into the brain… latch onto that aluminum… and then drag it back out, kicking and screaming.

    And it does this without harming healthy brain cells!

    Before I get into HOW it works, a word on WHY this is so hard to pull off.

    Your brain has a natural defense system called the blood-brain barrier… but sometimes, it works a little TOO well.

    It not only keeps out toxins, but it also keeps out many detoxifiers, too.

    And that would be just fine if toxins NEVER got into your brain.

    That’s not how it shakes out in reality. Certain toxins… especially metals, and aluminum in particular… have an uncanny ability to slip through the barrier and wreck the joint.

    For the most part, that aluminum has the run of the place and never has to worry about being chased out.

    Until now.

    A natural compound found in the spice turmeric called curcumin can get inside the brain and then hunt down the aluminum.

    But there’s a catch: While it CAN cross the blood-brain barrier, it DOESN’T do it very well… so in many cases, not enough curcumin makes it through to handle all that aluminum on the other side.

    And that’s why this new study is such a game-changer.

    It finds that combining curcumin with an essential oil of turmeric enhances that barrier-busting ability, allowing more of the curcumin to slip into the brain and get to work.

    In experiments on mice, this combo was able to cross through, bust out the aluminum, and stop the damage.

    And then, it did something even more important.

    It REVERSED the cognitive problems caused by aluminum!

    The mice also had improvements in spatial learning and memory, making this potentially one of the biggest breakthroughs in cognitive health in years.

    This needs to be confirmed by human trials before we get TOO excited.

    But the early word is certainly encouraging – especially when you consider all the other benefits of curcumin, a natural inflammation-fighter than can fight chronic disease, enhance circulation and protect the heart, too.

    The curcumin-turmeric oil in the new study is starting to become a little more common. Overall, however, I tend to prefer a form called Theracumin, which your body can also absorb more effectively than the standard stuff.

  2. The BIGGEST antidepressant myth… BUSTED!

    Imagine getting rescued from the sea – only to find the boat that “saved” you is also sinking.

    And now, you’re in shark-infested waters to boot.

    But when you point this out to the captain, he smiles unconcernedly and says “at least we’re not on fire.”

    I don’t think ANYONE would find comfort in that.

    Yet that’s what’s going on right now with the SSRI drugs that tens of millions of Americans rely on to rescue them from the depths of depression.

    These drugs have more problems than I can even list here, including some that make them an especially dangerous choice for seniors (more on that shortly).

    But the mainstream is smiling over a new report that claims SSRIs won’t cause a stroke.

    At least we’re not on fire! 

    Here’s a better idea: A true rescue that won’t leave out to sea – because there IS a way to beat depression for good WITHOUT these drugs.

    Beat depression… without the antidepressants

    For YEARS now, doctors and patients alike have worried over studies that show SSRI antidepressants can raise the risk of a hemorrhagic stroke by 40-50 percent.

    That’s the less common… but far deadlier… form of stroke.

    Now, the new study claims it’s all sorted out.

    The drugs DON’T raise the risk of this form of stroke after all – so go ahead and take them, right?

    All I can say is: not so fast.

    These drugs can still make you miserable with immediate side effects, like nausea and such… ongoing problems like weight gain and sexual dysfunction… and one risk that could have tragic consequences for seniors.

    They can leave you dizzy and unsteady, which can raise the risk of a fall – and any fall past a certain age can have life-changing ramifications.

    And it’s all for a drug that works based on a TRICK, since SSRIs don’t increase your serotonin levels.

    They just pull off a little biological sleight-of-hand to keep the old and used-up serotonin in circulation longer.

    Does it work? Kinda-sorta-maybe, in some people, some of the time.

    But as anyone on the meds will tell you, they’re not great even when they do “work.”

    Some people stay on them anyway thinking there’s not much choice – and that, my friend, is a massive myth pushed by the drug industry.

    There’s ALWAYS a choice!

    And I’ve got some for you right now…

    One option for handling serotonin is with supplements of 5HTP (5-hydroxy tryptophan), which your body converts into fresh, new serotonin (just don’t take it with an SSRI unless specifically directed by your doctor).

    It’s especially effective in milder cases, and works even better in combination with theanine.

    SAMe (S-adenosylmethionine) is another terrific natural antidepressant, and an anti-inflammatory compound called curcumin – from the spice turmeric – has even matched some SSRI drugs in studies.

    If you’ve tried these natural options without any luck, it could be a sign of something else going on. A doctor who practices integrative or functional medicine can run some tests, figure it out and get you the help you need.

  3. Is HDL cholesterol secretly BAD for you???

    If they can’t sell a drug for it… then they’ll try to destroy it! And if you think that’s an exaggeration, just check out the latest news from the supposed cutting-edge of mainstream medicine. For YEARS now they’ve burned piles and piles of cash trying to create an overpriced pharmaceutical to raise HDL cholesterol, aka “good” cholesterol. And for the...
  4. The EXOTIC spice that could CHANGE your life!

    If you’ve got a potential treatment for stress, there’s no better time to let the world know about it than right now. And if it works? There’s no better time to TRY it! Well, friend, it looks like we’ve got another winner ready to pass the literal stress test here in these tense times as the latest science reveals a...
  5. The TWO DRUGS you REALLY don’t need anymore!

    We do so much outta habit that it’s not always easy to spot the bad ones. And it’s not just chewing pencils and biting nails. Millions of Americans… especially OLDER folks… take medications each day that they probably should’ve stopped years ago. You might even be one of them. Because as new research shows, the problem’s a lot more widespread...
  6. Watch your high blood pressure go up in smoke

    It’s amazing what a difference a few years can make. Not too long ago, a guy like me had to put his reputation on the line to prescribe medicinal cannabis. You could be an EXPERT on dozens of diseases and conditions… know entire libraries worth of treatment options… and have a proven track record at the top of your field...
  7. Busting the BIGGEST myth about obesity

    I’ve never been the type to sugarcoat the news… so I’m here with what some might call “tough” talk. I prefer to think of it as HONEST talk. Because millions of Americans are living in denial right now. They’re ignoring some VERY SERIOUS and VERY DEADLY risks – and what makes it so frustrating is that they don’t have to...
  8. CONFIRMED: A single diet change REVERSES diabetes

    They act like it’s some kind of pipe dream – that your odds of reversing diabetes are the same as hitting the Powerball. But new research shows how you could hit the jackpot… not in lottery cash, but for a much, much bigger prize. Because this report PROVES once and for all the you CAN reverse diabetes, regain control over...
  9. [WARNING] Common skin medication can CRACK your bones!

    They promise it’ll SOOTHE your skin… delivering the relief you need from conditions such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. But there’s a DARK side this promise – one they WON’T warn you about. In order to SAVE your skin… you might have to SACRIFICE your bones! New research finds a direct link between osteoporosis and some of the most common...
  10. The medical appointments you SHOULDN’T cancel… even in a pandemic

    Cancel EVERYTHING! That was the reaction nearly a year ago when the pandemic first hit… and that’s pretty much the case today as the coronavirus still rages across the nation. That’s why new numbers show Americans are downright terrified of going to the doctor’s office or hospital right now. And many have no plans to go back. I get WHY...
  11. ACTIVATE your body’s LIFE-SAVING ‘hidden’ fat reserve

    Christmas might be long over, but here in Western Massachusetts we’re still walking in a winter wonderland. Because baby… it’s COLD outside. Jack Frost would get the shivers out here, but I don’t let that keep me in. I just put on an extra layer and vest – heck, I don’t even own a winter coat – and head outside...
  12. The latest UGLY LIE about flu shots

    The mainstream is celebrating what they claim is a wildly successful vaccine. No, not the one you’re thinking of! They’re claiming this year’s flu shot is the best in ages. Just look around: No one’s getting the flu. See??? What a triumph of modern medicine! And sure, flu rates are down while vaccination rates are up. But let’s stop the...
  13. How coronavirus has already changed 2021

    Less than a month into the New Year and one thing is already very clear… Things aren’t going back to “normal” anytime soon – and even when they do, “normal” is going to look a whole lot different from what we’re all used to. The pandemic hasn’t just changed life during the crisis. It’s changed many aspects of our day-to-day...
  14. LADIES: You may be able to SKIP chemo for breast cancer

    If you were challenged to create the WORST possible treatment for ANY potential disease, you’d have to give up pretty early on. Because there’s just no way you’ll top chemo! It’s less a treatment, and more a torture – one that can leave you sick, weak and feeling half-dead. Then… just when you think it’s over… it’s NOT, because chemo...
  15. BETTER than surgery for your ACHING back!

    The operation is called a spinal fusion, and surgeons just LOVE it. Of course they do: It costs about $30,000 a pop! They’ll do anything they can protect that kind of coin, so they’re out with a study claiming they’ve found a way to make it even “better.” Usually, they have to flip you over midway through, like a pancake...
  16. These FORBIDDEN FOODS can STOP a stroke!

    It’s only the second day of the New Year… but I’m already sick of the know-it-alls on TV dishing out lousy advice. And I bet you are, too! All these nags are trying to push everyone into quitting everything enjoyable with their “eat this, not that” nonsense. There’s no science behind most of it. In fact, the science usually shows...
  17. SAVE your brain with PINK power

    It’s like those scenes in a murder mystery movie where the detective misses the most obvious and important clue… and you’re practically SHOUTING at the screen. Except in this case, it’s researchers zeroing in on a MEDICAL mystery. Specifically, how to stop the aging in the brain that leads to cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease. And they came SO CLOSE...
  18. Slash your odds of the DEADLIEST cancers

    On the long list of ways you DON’T wanna go, cancer’s gotta be right near the top. It’s SLOW… it’s PAINFUL… and your FAMILY has to watch this nightmare unfold. But I’m here with a game-changer as new research reveals a way to ensure you NEVER suffer that fate. There’s a simple and effective natural option that can help protect...
  19. RESOLUTION: Beat diabetes, lose weight and save your heart

    Don’t wait until the New Year to make your resolution. If you have diabetes, new research shows you can’t wait anymore – because you’re facing a far bigger and much deadlier risk than most people realize. It’s not just “heart problems.” It could be heart failure – a condition that too often leads to a rapid decline in health and...
  20. The BRAIN-ENHANCING power of “chilling out”

    When did health advice become such a NAG??? Everything you hear… everything you read… everything THEY tell you to do is always such a bummer. Well, my friend, I’m here to say the key to good health isn’t in depriving yourself of life’s great joys. In fact, most of the NAG stuff is flat-out wrong! You CAN lose weight without...

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