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  1. Cancer patients may not have ‘cancer’ after all!

    Is your ‘cancer’ NOT ACTUALLY cancer?

    It’s a FACT at this point: MILLIONS of Americans are living with the devastating long-term side effects of cancers that never even needed treatment.

    And it’s not getting much better.

    But now, the mainstream claims that it’s figured out the problem.

    It’s not the unscrupulous docs who are STILL using cancer fear to manipulate frightened patients into getting life-altering drugs, surgery, radiation, and chemo for tumors that should be LEFT ALONE.


    It’s YOU!

    Patients just plain panic when they hear the “C word.” Imagine that!

    And if docs could just remove that anxiety-inducing name, maybe so many patients wouldn’t rush to remove the “cancer.”

    Right out of the gate, a new study is singling out three diagnoses for renaming.

    The first is intrathyroidal papillary thyroid cancers that measure less than a centimeter, which would lose the “C word” in hopes that fewer people would get treated.

    Can’t argue with that -- a study two years ago found that up to 80 percent of thyroid cancers in women don’t need treatment, but many have the thyroid removed anyway.

    And that means a lifetime of medication to replicate the lost hormones your body will never again make on its own.

    Second is “intermediate-grade ductal carcinoma in situ,” a.k.a. “stage zero breast cancer.” The “stage zero” part alone should tell you that it’s not a real cancer – yet, again, many women are put through the trauma of treatment anyway.

    And third, removing that dreaded “C word” from localized prostate cancer with a total Gleason score of 6 or less (which indicates that it’s slow-moving) would hopefully also stop over-treatment.

    OF COURSE we need to cut back on unnecessary treatments. That’s a GOOD goal.

    But the mainstream could change the name to “Friendly Body Lump” and it wouldn’t matter a bit -- because the problem isn’t the name.

    It’s the DOCTORS.

    Until they get an attitude adjustment… until they’re FORCED to treat cancer patients with respect and dignity and not as walking insurance checks… not much will change.

    And for that reason, every single cancer patient needs to take ONE STEP before choosing a treatment.

    Get on the horn, make some calls, and hear a second or third opinion so you can get all possible perspectives on your tumor.

    And no matter who you speak to, make sure that you always ask one critical question: What happens if I choose no treatment at all?

    You’d be surprised at how often the answer might be “nothing,” even if the doctor hems and haws before getting there. (After all, as consumer health advocate Mike Adams reveals in episode 1 of my Beyond Chemo video series, the money-grubbing cancer industry WANTS you coming back and paying for more and more unnecessary treatments.)

    But if you absolutely DO need treatment, ask about the least invasive option – and always speak to a holistic doctor about natural therapies that can limit the side effects and reduce the toxicity of mainstream cancer care.

    And for more shocking insight from Mike Adams (and 17 OTHER top cancer experts), catch up on episodes of the Beyond Chemo series – back online due to popular demand and FREE for a limited time only.

  2. Gout linked to heart and stroke risk

    Is your gout pain a warning of something WORSE?

    You’re no cream puff. I bet you’re pretty tough – and you’re certainly not the type to gripe over a little pain.

    And because you’re so tough, sometimes you don’t want to seek help for pain even when you need it.

    “I can handle it!”

    Well, friend, some kinds of pain NEED to be taken care of… even if you THINK you can handle it.Take gout pain, for example. It’s some of the worst agony imaginable, like being stabbed in the toe from the inside.

    You NEED help -- and not just because you want to be comfortable on your feet.

    New research reveals how that extra pain carries some extra-extra risks, including a few nasty dangers your own doctor won’t warn you about.

    And if you’re prone to gout yourself… if you know that stabbing, burning agony in your toe all too well… you could ultimately face something a whole lot worse than pain.

    You could suffer a heart attack or stroke!

    The new study finds that gout will increase your risk of heart attack, stroke, and death from heart disease by 15 percent.

    Even worse, it can double your risk of death from heart failure.

    This might not seem to make sense. Why would some toe pain lead to heart and stroke risk?

    Even if the pain is bad – and let’s face it, gout pain can be absolutely brutal – it’s still stuck there in the toe, right?

    Not so much.

    Gout is a form of arthritis, and like other forms of the disease, it’s marked by inflammation. In this case, some pretty severe inflammation.

    Inflammation is often a reaction that takes place THROUGHOUT the body. While you can FEEL it and sometimes even SEE it in the toe, that same inflammation is taking place all over.

    And it can have a crushing effect on your vital organs, including your heart.

    The more inflammation you have, the bigger the risks climb… until you get what we see in the new study.

    If you’re prone to gout, you can prevent painful flare-ups and the risks that come along with them by carefully watching your diet for the purines that trigger the condition.

    Restrict or avoid cheeses and certain meats, especially red meats and organ meats. As well, watch out for seafood including anchovies, sardines, and herring.

    Want to cut the risk even further? A daily cup of cherry juice will slash the odds of an attack by more than a third, while boosting your vitamin C intake can cut it in half.

    For natural arthritis support in the San Diego area, make an appointment to see me here at the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine.

    Not in Southern California? I’m also available for advice by phone. Call 855-DOC-MARK to schedule a consultation.

    And don’t forget to connect with me on Facebook!

  3. Heart disease linked to common herpes virus

    Could your heart be infected… with herpes? It’s one of the most common viruses on the planet… one that someone in your household likely has right now. It might be you – and you might not even know it. The cytomegalovirus is what we call a slow-burner. It sits in the background and doesn’t do much in many cases. Or...
  4. LDL cholesterol ISN’T the risk factor it’s been made out to be!

    Is LDL more dangerous than you’ve thought? Hear that drumbeat? The mainstream is banging away at the cholesterol drum yet again – and this time, it has a study designed to panic you into dancing to the beat. It says that even if you’re healthy… even if you have NO other risk factors for heart problems… and even if you’re...
  5. Prostate biopsy packs hidden infection risks

    The SECRET risks of a common prostate procedure Guys, your urologist won’t tell you this. He won’t admit it, and he won’t even talk about it unless you ask. And if you DO ask about the safety of that “just-in-case” prostate biopsy he wants to perform, he’ll swear up and down that it’s safe and easy. When it’s all over...
  6. Longevity is within your control

    Has the ‘fountain of youth’ just been discovered? Happy Labor Day! The summer is winding down, autumn is coming, and in just a few short weeks, you’ll be stocking up on Halloween candy. But you don’t have to worry about any of that today. Today is the perfect chance to kick back, unwind, and enjoy the good weather while it’s...
  7. Delirium during hospitalization triggered by drugs

    What EVERY senior needs to know about hospital stays It’s a hidden epidemic creeping through hospitals across the country… one the mainstream KNOWS is happening. But WON’T talk about! If you’re a little older and you find yourself in the hospital for any reason at all – be it an emergency stay in the ICU or a routine hernia operation...
  8. How a colonoscopy can lead to dangerous infection

    Read this BEFORE your next pipe-cleaning! No butts about it: If you want to save your rear, you need to drag your tail in for a colonoscopy. Unlike other cancer screenings, this one allows a doc to not only detect the early warning signs of the disease… but also remove them on the spot. You might say that it’s the...
  9. Alzheimer’s disease linked to ‘muffin top’ fat

    Could that ‘muffin top’ damage your brain? You try your best… but one day, it happens. Your belly fat has had enough of your belt and spilled out over the top of your pants. Yes, it’s the dreaded muffin top -- and it’s not just unsightly. It’s dangerous! New research exposes an unexpected risk of all that extra fat around...
  10. Food additives can trigger risks in kids and adults

    The 10,000 secret toxins hiding in your fridge It’s a STUNNING confession from the mainstream. The foods you eat every day… the meals you serve yourself and your family, including any little ones… are LOADED with potentially dangerous toxins. And they don’t get inside the food by accident. They’re placed there ON PURPOSE! The American Academy of Pediatrics says that...
  11. Dementia linked to benzodiazepines

    Explosive report links popular meds to DEMENTIA! It’s the SECRET drug crisis -- one the mainstream KNOWS is there. But it REFUSES to acknowledge it! There’s a DARK SIDE to benzodiazepines and the related Z-drugs that 1 in 12 seniors take. They’re SUPPOSED to help with everything from sleep to anxiety. But even when they WORK… even when they calm...
  12. Hypertension ‘triple’ drug has three times the risks

    New BP med will TRIPLE your troubles! In what has to be the WORST example yet of the push to over-medicate millions of American seniors, the mainstream has cooked up a terrifying new drug. It’s a single pill. But locked inside each one, you’ll find THREE different drugs for blood pressure. That’s three sets of risks in one handy pill...
  13. Glyphosate weed killer in new cancer link

    Courtroom shocker: Common chemical CAUSES cancer! It’s the SHOCKING DEFEAT that could CHANGE what you eat. And for once, this could be a change for the better! A MAJOR court ruling could finally set the stage for reducing… restricting… and maybe even ELIMINATING glyphosate. That’s the chemical at the heart of Roundup, the weed killer dumped on crops of common...
  14. Thyroid drug recall could impact millions

    Frightening new drug recall could impact millions There’s a terrifying new warning out for the millions of Americans who suffer from thyroid problems. Thyroid patients are being URGED to return two common medications, as Westminster Pharmaceuticals has recalled EVERY unexpired batch of levothyroxine and liothyronine. The reason? It’s frighteningly non-specific. The FDA says that it found “substandard” current good manufacturing...
  15. Pancreatic cancer lessons from the Queen of Soul

    Could the cancer that claimed Aretha Franklin come for you next? Aretha Franklin has died, but the Queen of Soul’s music will continue to resonate, inspiring millions for generations to come. But there’s another way she can inspire us all, as her death shines a spotlight on a killer disease that doesn’t get nearly enough attention. And if anything good...
  16. Stroke survivors need vitamin D

    What EVERY stroke survivor needs ASAP It’s one thing to survive a stroke. It’s quite another to come out the other side without missing a step. Even when the stroke doesn’t KILL you, it could WRECK you. The damage left behind by stoke is one of the leading causes of disability in seniors. It can stop you from getting out...
  17. Ticks spread, as deadly new type discovered in U.S.

    SCARY: Disease-carrying insect is invading the U.S. There’s a new tick in town – and if you thought the dangers of Lyme disease were bad, wait ’til you hear about this little nasty. It’s called the Asian longhorned tick, and its bite isn’t just sickening… It can be deadly, carrying the phlebovirus that causes fever, internal bleeding, and organ failure...
  18. Fluoride isn’t the only way to fight tooth decay

    Clean teeth… no cavities… and NO fluoride! It’s FLUORIDE or NOTHING. At least, that’s what the mainstream wants you to believe. It’s pretty desperate for you to buy into this, too. And it’s out with a new report that ludicrously claims that you can’t brush with ANYTHING else at all. According to the mainstream, using a fluoride-free toothpaste is just...
  19. Endometrial cancer’s first warning sign

    IMPORTANT: Ladies, have you noticed this FIRST sign of cancer? It’s one of the TOP 10 cancers in the nation, striking more people than leukemia or pancreatic cancer. More than 63,000 older women are diagnosed with endometrial cancer every year, and nearly 1,000 women die every month from this disease. Yet it gets almost NO attention from the mainstream! It’s...
  20. Breast cancer risk plunges with this one diet swap

    99 percent of people AREN’T doing this to prevent cancer. Are you? How would you like to be a member of the 1 percent? I don’t mean in WEALTH (though wouldn’t it be nice?)… but in HEALTH. And when it comes down to it, I think we both know which one matters most. New research reveals that the key to...

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