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  1. Prostate cancer treatment linked to heart risk

    [URGENT] Deadly warning over prostate cancer drug

    It’s an absolute travesty how men with prostate cancer are exploited by mainstream medicine.

    They see your cancer as a chance to make money by exploiting your fear over the “c” word; they’ll rush you into (a highly profitable) treatment before you have a chance to do your homework, make your own decisions and change your mind.

    So today, I’ve got a different option for you...

    It’s NOT expensive.

    And it WON’T make your oncologist rich.

    But it will help you to avoid the ugly new risk of one of the most common treatments for prostate cancer – and it’s something much, much worse than a tumor.

    You could spend the rest of your life with a potentially DEADLY heart condition!

    Your cancer treatment could STOP your heart

    The new study links testosterone-blocking drugs for prostate cancer to delays in the QT interval, or the little space between heartbeats where your heart recharges.

    You know what happens when your phone battery starts to have trouble recharging, right?

    Yeah. It means you’ll be needing a new battery – or maybe a new phone – real soon.

    But of course your heart isn’t as easy to repair and/or replace as a phone battery, so the net result is a higher risk of serious heart problems as well as death.

    And that’s just ONE WAY this horrible treatment can take a hammer to your heart…

    One study last year found guys who’ve had androgen deprivation therapy face a higher risk of heart failure, with the odds jumping by:

    • 72 percent in the 12 months after treatment
    • 53 percent in the 3 years after treatment
    • Up to 90 percent higher in some cases

    That’s not even getting into what happens when the drugs work “right” and “without side effects.” Since the drugs deplete your testosterone, you’ll end up slow, weak, tired and unable to perform in the bedroom.

    In other words, you might be alive...

    But you might not FEEL alive!

    And since testosterone is also essential to cognitive function, guys on these drugs face almost two and a half times the risk of dementia, according to a 2016 study.

    But the real tragedy is that you might not have needed the meds in the first place!

    Many cases of prostate cancer AREN’T dangerous.

    I know that can sound a little crazy… it’s CANCER, after all… but the tumors often grow so slowly that they will never cause a problem. And the older you are, the less likely it’ll need treatment.

    So make sure you get a second opinion so you know ALL of your options—including the possibility of doing nothing at all.

    And if you choose treatment, work with a holistic medical doctor who can help you to detoxify during and after therapy to help minimize both the short-term side effects and long-term risks.

  2. Aspirin therapy WRONGLY given to millions

    The mistake 10 million seniors make EVERY day

    You’ve heard it’s healthy…

    You’ve been told it could save your life…

    And maybe you’ve been ORDERED by your doctor to do it every single day.

    But new research reveals how there’s a strong chance you SHOULDN’T be taking daily aspirin at all.

    In fact, some 30 million Americans—including 10 million seniors—are taking a daily aspirin AGAINST the latest guidelines and recommendations.

    That’s not just a mistake.

    It’s a dangerous habit – one with potentially deadly consequences.

    And despite what you’ve probably heard, those risks aren’t balanced out by any benefit…

    In many cases, there’s NO BENEFIT at all!

    So today I’m going to share another way. I’ve got a SAFE plan to END the aspirin and give your body what it really needs for true protection against:

    • Heart attack
    • Heart failure
    • Stroke
    • Heart disease
    • …and MORE

    And it starts by doing what you should’ve done years ago.

    How to SAFELY quit and REPLACE your aspirin

    Decades ago, it was all the rage…

    EVERYONE should take a low-dose aspirin EVERY DAY starting in middle age, supposedly to prevent heart problems.

    But it turns out this wasn’t based on science; it was MARKETING!

    Now, we know… for a fact… that aspirin is more likely to hurt than help people without heart disease. Even mainstream guidelines now warn against it.

    But the new study finds doctors are IGNORING it and recommending the drug anyway!

    Some 10 million Americans over the age of 70 with NO SIGN OF HEART DISEASE are taking daily aspirin.

    And that means they’re facing serious risks… today and every day.

    In one study last year of “moderate risk” patients, aspirin DIDN’T beat a placebo in cutting heart attack and stroke risk.

    In a second study of patients with diabetes, aspirin DOUBLED the risk of dangerous stomach and/or intestinal bleeding. They also battled other less serious – but still painful and debilitating – side effects such as nosebleeds, indigestion, reflux, and stomach pain.

    So aspirin won’t help. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have options...

    You absolutely DO—starting with these three:

    • Pycnogenol: Better known as French maritime pine bark extract, this natural circulation-booster can give real protection without the risks.
    • Fish oil: Healthy omega-3 fatty acids can cut heart risk by as much as 40 percent, according to one major study.
    • Omega 7: This “other omega” can improve the endothelial layer of your blood vessels to help speed circulation so everything keeps flowing efficiently.

    One more note about aspirin: If you’re on it right now, don’t go cold turkey. Aspirin is notorious for a dangerous “rebound” effect in which the risk of a heart attack or stroke jumps right after quitting.

    Work with a holistic doctor who can help get you off the drug safely… and onto natural therapies to replace it.

  3. Obesity is NOT your fault

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  6. Take a year and a half of aging OFF your brain

    It’s like a bucket with a hole it in, slowly leaking water until there’s nothing left.   Except it’s not a bucket…   It’s your BRAIN.   It’s true: Your brain’s got a leak. You’re losing gray matter, right now, at this very moment.   The older you get, the more you lose—roughly 0.2 percent of volume per year. That’s all your precious memories...
  7. This “forest treasure” BLOCKS the cognitive struggles of aging

    Cognitive decline has an answer… and it’s the fungus among us! Mushrooms can block the damage and protect your brain.
  8. [BEWARE] Lyme can linger, even AFTER your doc declares victory

    Lyme disease isn’t supposed to be “chronic,” or so the mainstream claims. But a new study proves them wrong. You could have it for YEARS! Here’s what to look for.
  9. IMPORTANT: Ladies, have you noticed this FIRST sign of cancer?

    The FIRST sign of cancer is also the BEST; yet, it’s usually ignored. Learn to recognize this sign and get the life-saving treatment you need in a hurry...
  10. Metabolic syndrome reversed in three steps

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  11. Diabetes reversed with this one diet tweak

    You can CURE diabetes (And you can do it WITHOUT drugs!) Picture it: Life without diabetes. No more painful blood sugar checks... No more insulin shots... And no more sickening meds. Not possible? That’s what “THEY” say – and THEY are wrong! A new study has SHOCKED all the mainstream experts by proving diabetes can be completely and totally...
  12. Weight gain linked to packaging chemical

      America’s “healthiest” grocer is secretly adding POUNDS to your waistline A week into the New Year, and already, resolutions are crumbling. Most people give up in weeks, if not days, on diets and exercise because – let’s face it… Losing weight is HARD WORK!! Well, friend, today I’m going to make it a whole lot easier to accomplish your...
  13. Depression can be CURED without sickening meds

    Blaming SENIORS for their own depression?! (The latest CLUELESS report from mainstream) The mainstream claims it’s about to make a big effort to treat depression in seniors. But don’t thank ’em yet… Sure, it’s good they’re finally recognizing the condition strikes more frequently (and often, more severely) in older folks. But in a stunningly tone-deaf new report, they’re suggesting the...
  14. Mediterranean diet now proven to cut heart and stroke risk

    The No.1 PROVEN remedy for heart health (Hint: it’s NOT statins)   There’s a TIME-TESTED secret to a stronger, better, healthier heart. This one has been used since Biblical times for better health and a longer life… and now, it’s backed by the latest cutting-edge research. In ONE STEP, you can: LOSE weight STOP a stroke PROTECT your heart PREVENT...
  15. Functional decline hits fast in heart disease

    Top 3 ways to BOOST heart health and PROTECT your quality of life Sure, heart disease is deadly... It’s America’s leading cause of death. But before it kills you, it can do something far worse: It can trap a vibrant mind inside a body where NOTHING WORKS anymore. THAT’S the real toll of heart disease, and in a moment, I’ll...
  16. Stroke drug could make recovery even tougher!

    : New warning every stroke survivor NEEDS to see Having a stroke is one of the most terrifying moments of your life. You may not realize what’s going on at the time – but you know very quickly that something’s very wrong. If you’re lucky enough to survive, you know something else, too: You NEVER want to have that experience...
  17. CBD oil can beat pain without the risks

    The “FORBIDDEN” painkiller that could change your life Americans are FED UP with Big Pharma’s dangerous and addictive painkiller drugs. Their nasty, sometimes DEADLY side effects… Their risks of addiction… Their ridiculous price tags… It’s no wonder a new report confirms the vast majority of people in this country are desperate for a better option. And that’s what I’m going...
  18. Heart disease risk revealed with this 1-minute trick

    Find out your risk for heart disease WITHOUT a doctor (This one-minute test reveals all!) In the era of instant gratification, there’s a lot you can do in one minute. You can record a TV show, read the news, and order dinner at the same time… You can talk to several people at once through text messages… Or call a...
  19. Chemo brain damage can be reversed

    “Chemo brain” is REAL – despite what your doctor says (How to FIGHT BACK) Your doctor may claim “chemo brain” – a side effect from chemotherapy -- doesn’t exist. Well, maybe EVERY doc who pushes chemo on desperate cancer patients should get a round of it themselves… just once… so they stop ignoring the complaints of their patients. Indeed, a...
  20. Kidney disease can be reversed – and here’s how!

    The DEADLY disease the mainstream’s NOT telling you about There’s a killer condition the mainstream DOESN’T want to talk about. If they did, they could do some real good... Because most people don’t realize they have this condition, and it’s: Secretly affecting 30 million Americans Slowly but surely becoming one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. But...

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