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  1. Bone loss and muscle weakness reversed with DHEA

    Ladies: RESTORE your strength and energy in 2019


    I hope 2019 is your best year yet.

    While some see the New Year as another sign of getting older, remember that you don’t have to let the march of time SLOW YOU DOWN...

    And you certainly don’t have to let it STOP YOU from doing the things you love!

    Ladies, today I’m going to help you stay YOUTHFUL and VIBRANT even as the years tick by… because I’ve got the inside scoop on the SECRET CURE for some of the WORST problems of aging.

    Watch your “get-up-and-go” SURGE

    You can’t quite put your finger on WHEN it started...

    Maybe you didn’t notice it at first...

    But sometime after menopause, you started to wear out more easily.

    Life-sapping fatigue leaves you feeling tired.

    A loss of strength can turn simple tasks – even just opening a door – into a frustrating struggle.

    There’s a good chance your bone is starting to thin out too, turning more brittle. Even if you haven’t had a fracture… yet… you’re certainly now at risk for one.

    Now, a new study confirms an approach I’ve long been a big proponent of:

    A steroid therapy called DHEA.

    Researchers examined four trials that put DHEA therapy up against a placebo for a year.

    The combined results show two essential benefits in older women:

    • More bone mineral density by three important measures, including the hip.
    • More “fat free mass,” or a sign of increased muscle.

    That’s a BIG win for DHEA therapy – and it means this is certainly an option to consider, especially when all else fails.

    But there’s another solution – one you can try FIRST – because low DHEA is often the earliest warning sign of a much DEEPER problem…

    One that just so happens to be one of the BIGGEST undiagnosed conditions in the nation!

    It’s called adrenal fatigue, and it’s just what it sounds like.

    Your adrenals can get so overworked over the years that they just plain wear out and fail to produce the right levels of stress hormones when you need them – including DHEA!

    If you get your adrenals back in shape, you won’t need DHEA therapy – your body will be making it on command again, as-needed.

    To do this, start with the natural herbal therapy ashwagandha, which has been used for centuries in India to fight fatigue, ease stress and boost energy.

    At the time, they didn’t know WHY it worked -- only that it did.

    But today, we know ashwagandha can balance out stress hormones, giving this “ancient” remedy a modern scientific explanation!

    Don’t stop there; B vitamins and a botanical extract called rhodiola rosea can also help restore your adrenals and balance out stress hormones.

    A good adrenal support formula should contain ALL THREE of these, at a minimum.

  2. Sleep problems could pack some unexpected risks

    The HIDDEN death risk in your bedroom (And two ways to REVERSE it)

    There’s a SECRET death risk hiding in your bedroom.

    I’m not talking about insomnia...

    Quite the opposite – this HIDDEN RISK will only make you feel refreshed come the next morning.

    Until it’s too late!

    Here’s what you need to know (and two easy ways to reverse this little-known threat to your health)...

    New study reveals SURPRISING sleep risk

    New research is a “wakeup call” for anyone who is snoozing too much...

    If you get more than eight hours of sleep a night, your risk of dying from heart failure, stroke and other cardiovascular problems leaps by a distressing 41 percent!

    In other words, if you sleep TOO MUCH, it could cost you your LIFE!

    Now, if you’re in that group, don’t start shopping for a new alarm clock just yet.

    I’ll show you two effortless tricks that will get you the sleep you need – no more, and no less.

    See, there are two common causes of excess sleep… and both of them are completely within your control.

    Sleep apnea: This is the condition where you STOP BREATHING in the night, dozens or even hundreds of times. A prime symptom? Sleeping to excess, yet still feeling tired in the morning.

    Not coincidentally, sleep apnea can increase your risk of death from heart troubles by a third.

    You can reverse is with a little weight loss; studies show dropping as little as 10 pounds can reduce or even reverse the apnea. You’ll breath better… sleep better… and your risks will plunge!

    Polypharmacy: Even ONE med can knock you out… but two, three or more? The combined effect could tranquilize a moose!

    But that’s not all they can do...

    Studies also show multiple meds can increase the risk of serious health problems, and even death.

    It’s not that you NEED all of those drugs. In many cases you don’t – and in some, it’s because people have multiple doctors and specialists, each giving out meds without consulting the others.

    So once a year or more, make sure to go over ALL your prescriptions -- from all your doctors and specialists. Then speak with your main physician and see what you can drop.

    Or better yet, work closely with a holistic medical doctor who can get you off dangerous prescription drugs and onto safe natural therapies instead!

  3. Alzheimer’s ISN’T one disease – it’s SIX!

    The REAL causes of dementia REVEALED Dementia is one of the most devastating and terrifying diseases of aging… and your doctor is utterly powerless when it comes to treating it. He can’t stop it... He can’t slow it down... And he sure is heck can’t cure it. But in a moment, I’ll give you what he can’t: REAL hope...
  4. Mediterranean diet recipes for quick meals

    5 delicious recipes to kick start 2019 When is a diet NOT a diet? When you can LOSE weight…without even noticing that you’re on one! That, my friend, is where the Mediterranean diet shines the most… This rich lifestyle is packed with filling portions of foods you already know and love. This is the ONE RESOLUTION you need to make...
  5. Diet success – finally! – with this one simple tweak

    The New Year’s resolution that could KILL you Everyone HATES dieting. Yet we all DO IT. And – spoiler alert – nearly ALL of us FAIL at it, too! But not you. Not this time. In a moment, I’ll reveal what’s been missing from your diet resolutions… the ONE KEY to success that’ll make 2019 the year for positive change...
  6. Cancer drug linked to deadly new risk

    FDA issues urgent warning over DEADLY cancer drug for seniors When you’re locked in a life-or-death battle with cancer, the LAST thing in the world you want or need is MORE trouble for your body. Yet that’s EXACTLY what you’re facing when you’re working with conventional doctors to battle cancer... Because of Big Pharma’s TREATMENT! And now, a new...
  7. Aging can be SLOWED deep inside your cells

    New study confirms how to STOP AGING – even REVERSE it! Anyone who’s visited me here in the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine knows I have a much different way of looking at “age” than most mainstream docs. And now, amazingly, top scientists from Harvard and Yale have CONFIRMED my cutting-edge approach… This BOMBSHELL report is shaking mainstream medicine...
  8. Intensive care stays lead to death risk

    The SILENT KILLER in the ICU (And how to survive it) A trip to the ICU for you or a loved one is bound to be one of the most TERRIFYING moments of your life. But I’m here to tell you today that your fear and worry, while totally understandable, is misplaced... Statistics show nearly ALL folks who visit the...
  9. High blood pressure guidelines have massive flaw

    How to QUIT your blood pressure drugs… for GOOD! Blood pressure drugs can wreck everything from your balance to your mood… Yet your doctor is absolutely CONVINCED you need them. Today, I’m going to show you a way out. After this, even your own doctor will have no choice but to help you quit those meds. And it starts with...
  10. Burn fat with this quick trick

    Burn HUNDREDS of extra calories per day (Hint: NOT extreme diet or exercise!) Merry Christmas! Today, I join with you in taking a moment to honor the reason for the season as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. We also look forward to enjoying much-needed time with our loved ones. (I can’t wait to watch the joy as the...
  11. Stress can trigger deadly heart condition

    URGENT: Holiday stress HURTS your HEART! (How to STOP it) It’s Christmas Eve, and time for one last check to make sure everything is in place for the big day. I hope it’s a joyous one for you and your family… But let’s face it: getting here was a challenge! All the planning… running around… and spending adds up to...
  12. Sleep apnea linked to deadly heart risk

    Ladies: You may be DYING in your sleep! (Learn to identify and STOP this condition) A condition is literally KILLING women while they sleep, one deep and desperate breath at a time... And ladies, odds are…you DON’T even know you have it! There are three steps that’ll help you: IDENTIFY this deadly condition; STOP it completely; and REVERSE the damage…...
  13. Chemotherapy can trigger rapid aging… unless you take action

    How to FIGHT the SECRET DAMAGE of cancer treatment The cancer might be gone... If you’re lucky, it’s gone for good. But the treatment? That can leave behind permanent damage... They can AGE you from the inside… meaning that even if you survive that cancer today, you could face a higher risk of EVERYTHING ELSE tomorrow. In a moment, I’ll...
  14. Respiratory infections cured without meds

    CURE your cold (And fight off even the NASTIEST respiratory infections!) A battle with an infection that just won’t go away can turn the season of joy into a nightmare... It’s like an unwanted, obnoxious guest who’s lingering around, spoiling your holiday party. But today, I’m going give you just what you need to chase those infections away: It’s the...
  15. Migraine meds cause new headaches

    CONFIRMED: Migraine drugs make your headaches WORSE They’ll SAY their expensive pain pills can fix you right up... They’ll INSIST it’s the best way to fight migraines... And they’ll PROMISE that even if they don’t cure the headaches, the drugs will at least help make them a little more bearable. But it turns out the very drugs that are supposed...
  16. High blood pressure cured without meds

    CUT your blood pressure and CURE hypertension – WITHOUT meds Hypertension is easily the most over-treated condition in the country, now diagnosed in a third of all adults and HALF of all seniors. The SHOCKING thing is that often, you’re not diagnosed because your blood pressure is unhealthy… In MOST cases – it’s not. It’s because the guidelines for blood...
  17. Heart attack warnings MISSED in women

    The new study that EVERY WOMAN needs to see (It could save your life!) There’s a sad, SHOCKING truth about heart attacks the mainstream’s not telling you… See, women die every day from having a heart attack… But it’s NOT because of the event. It’s because of their doctors! You won’t believe the SHOCKING results of a new study… What...
  18. Cancer treatment side effects wiped out

    Beat the WORST side effects of cancer treatment with this STUNNING cure-all There’s a part of your cancer care that NO ONE will warn you about. Your doctor WON’T mention it… And his nurses are practically SWORN to secrecy. It’s not mentioned in the glossy brochures that paint such a rosy picture of cancer therapies, and you certainly can’t expect...
  19. Gluten linked to dozens of risks

    HIDDEN trigger causes DOZENS of health problems (Learn how to AVOID it!) What if I told you there’s one thing you can do that would… END your joint pain…. EASE your digestion… SOOTHE your anxiety… And help you LOSE weight? Sounds amazing, right? What if I also told you it’s so EASY that anyone can do it… It’s so SAFE...
  20. Food allergies strike older Americans

    The REAL reason you feel so crummy (and a 5-minute gamechanger!) A HIDDEN affliction has struck millions with symptoms that can RUIN your day… Maybe even WRECK your life. Brain fog… Stomach problems… Headaches… ALL be traced to one single condition: food allergies. Yet most docs are absolutely CLUELESS about it!   They can’t tell you: What’s CAUSING your symptoms...

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