House Calls

  1. Gene editing comes to the supermarket

    TERRIFYING new foods are SNEAKING into your supermarket (Here’s how to avoid them)

    Move over, GMOs…

    A frightening new science experiment is headed to supermarkets.

    Fruits, meats, salad dressings... nearly everything will be “made” with this technology.

    It’ll provide the industry with foods that:

    • Grow bigger;
    • Grow faster;
    • Stay fresh longer; and, of course...

    But there’s ONE thing this tech WON’T deliver on...

    A science-backed promise of SAFETY!

    And here’s the most terrifying part:

    You’ll have almost NO way of telling which foods are made with it.

    See, these foods won’t be labelled, so they’ll be difficult and even downright IMPOSSIBLE for most folks to spot.

    But NOT you.

    I’m going to give you a way that’ll help you quickly find what’s SAFE – so you don’t have to participate in their little science experiment ...

    Refuse to become a supermarket “test subject”

    You’ve heard about genetically modified organisms (GMOs). I’ve warned you about these lab-tweaked “Franken-foods” and how they were rushed to market without any real long-term human testing.

    Now, they’ve taken it even further.

    A new method called GENE EDITING allows scientists to treat genetic material like something in an email...

    You can cut out parts, paste stuff in from other places, and move it all around.

    The example they like to tout is soybeans: They’ve clipped out the parts of the genes that produce trans fats.

    Snip, snip.

    Now – like magic – soybean oil is supposedly healthier.

    And they’re not stopping there (of course). They’re working on everything from cows without horns to allergy-free peanuts.

    It also SOUNDS good, to be sure, especially when they claim it’s “safe.”

    But all they do is run some tests to analyze the food...

    If the lab test shows it “looks” enough like the old food, regulators shrug – and off to the supermarket it goes!

    It shouldn’t work that way.

    NOTHING should be added to the diet without thorough, long-term testing – first in animals, then in (brave and willing) humans.

    Without that, you’re rolling the dice with every bite… and like I said earlier, you won’t even know it.

    But there’s a simple way to:

    • Avoid GMOs
    • Avoid gene-edited foods
    • Dodge pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other chemicals in produce

    Go organic.

    By law, organics can’t be altered genetically.

    NO genetic modification. NO genetic editing. And NO chemicals.

    You’ll pay a little more… but you’ll get safer, more natural, and better-testing food – with higher levels of essential nutrients, too.

  2. Hypertension cure works in 3 days

    SLASH your blood pressure by 10 points in 72 hours (It’s EASY!)

    Today, I’m going to show you an incredible blood pressure “trick” that’ll make your doctor’s jaw DROP...

    A new discovery has revealed an easy way to slash up to 10 points off your blood pressure – in just 72 hours!

    The trick works:

    • Without drugs;
    • Without vitamins;
    • Without exercise; and
    • Without any changes to your diet!

    By the end of this article, you’ll be able to work this trick yourself, in the comfort of your home!

    Every breath you take

    No matter where you live, there’s a good chance there are toxins in the air – even if it looks and smells just fine.

    That means you’re taking in a big lungful of poison with every breath.

    Here’s what happens...

    Damaging particles enter nose. They travel through your lungs, and rush around your body. Some even make it into your bloodstream, where they can cause incredible havoc from head to toe.

    One of the most immediate effects of poison exposure is a spike in blood pressure.

    But when you’re ALWAYS exposed – as most of us are – it’s not a spike anymore.

    That jump becomes PERMANENT.

    It’s your new “normal”—except there’s nothing NORMAL about it.

    Your doc, of course, won’t know the cause. He’ll just know you have high blood pressure and try to get you on meds to bring it down.

    But a new study points to a much better solution than those drugs, which come with dizzying side effects...

    Try this blood pressure “trick”

    An inexpensive air purifier – one that costs as little as $70 and lasts for years – can pull many of those toxic particles OUT of the air.

    It’ll have an almost IMMEDIATE impact on your blood pressure levels!

    The new study tested three kinds of air purifiers: One had a sham filter to act as a placebo, the other two were real filters with different efficiency levels.

    I shared some early data from this study that had been released over the summer and it was impressive enough at the time: The filters cut particulate matter by 40 percent, which led to a blood pressure dip of nearly 4 points.

    But now we have the full results, and it’s far more incredible than what anyone expected...

    In folks who needed help the most – people who were overweight and obese with high blood pressure – the drop was DRAMATIC.

    They lost up to 10 POINTS off their top number blood pressure in just THREE days!

    It didn’t matter what kind of filter was used; the cheaper $70 purifier delivered the same results as a more expensive high-efficiency device.

    All that matters is that you get one… and that you use it!

  3. Arthritis drugs always fail… but YOU can have success

    Hyped new arthritis drug already DOOMED to fail (Try this instead!)   Two top dogs in Big Pharma are getting ready to take the ribbons off a NEW DRUG aimed at people with arthritis in the knees. They’re promising REAL, COMPLETE relief. They’re also going to try to sell you on the fact that it’s not an opioid – they...
  4. Urinary tract infections can be STOPPED for good

    The REAL reason your UTIs keep coming back (And what to do) Your doc will blame your urinary tract infections (UTIs) on bacteria... And he’s partially right. But there’s something else that gets to share the blame here, too, and it’s not some microscopic little bug. It’s the very ANTIBIOTICS that are supposedly TREATING the infection. New research reveals how...
  5. Lyme disease discovery STUNS feds

    Get to the bottom of your “mystery illness” (No, you’re NOT crazy!) A SECRET EPIDEMIC is running rampant across the United States... Most mainstream doctors won’t TEST for it... Many won’t even TALK about it... And they certainly don’t know how to TREAT it! Yet close to 600,000 Americans are battling with this disease every day. You might be one...
  6. Heart disease DEFEATED with a simple pigment

      This COLOR could cut your death risk Here’s something I’ll bet you didn’t expect to learn today... There’s a single color that has the power to: Protect your body; Prevent one of today’s top causes of death; and SAVE your life! No, I haven’t been sniffing too much nutmeg. This cheery Christmas hue has just been PROVEN to STOP...
  7. Prescriptions drugs – and how to QUIT them safely!

    Dangerous drug TRAP targeting seniors A hidden TRAP has left millions of older Americans on DANGEROUS drugs they DON’T NEED. Often, for conditions they DON’T EVEN HAVE! Even your own DOCTOR… the same guy who gave you those meds in the first place… would tell you to STOP taking these drugs. But our health system is so flawed...
  8. Cholesterol drug coming soon is an expensive hoax

    WARNING: The next big cholesterol ‘treatment’ is the WORST ONE YET Millions of older Americans facing heart risk are about to get conned. Yet another lousy cholesterol treatment WON’T save your life. Instead, this $1,000-a-month swindle is mainstream’s big new push to line their pockets. I’ll share what they hope you never see. And I’ll give you the inside scoop...
  9. Heart attack risk plunges with this natural therapy

    SLASH your risk for heart attack by 40%! (Just PENNIES a day) You could be doing everything “right.” Ace every test… Swallow every pill… And still suffer a heart attack! The truth is, the majority of heart attacks happen to people who have “normal” cholesterol -- and who hit most other mainstream health targets, too. But there’s a POTENT therapy...
  10. High blood pressure DEFEATED without drugs

    The secret blood pressure CURE you’ll NEVER see in the news   There’s a little-known CURE for high blood pressure. The TV “experts” won’t talk about it. Your doctor won’t mention it. And of course, mainstream medicine would rather you NEVER know it exists. That’s because this treatment will be a small, one-time expense… And it’s SO EFFECTIVE it can...
  11. Tennis elbow pain defeated

    Cure that stubborn elbow pain for good Tennis elbow is one of the most FRUSTRATING injuries you can have. It’s tough to spot, and often misdiagnosed… It’s tough to treat, and agonizing to endure… Heck, even the NAME is confusing! Because you can get tennis elbow even if you’ve never so much as watched a match. In a moment, I’ll...
  12. Aging blocked with this time-defying strategy

    This breakthrough study could REVOLUTIONIZE how you age! It’s the STUNNING new research that’s rewriting the book on aging. This breakthrough study has scientists finally admitting what I’ve shared with my own patients – and what you’ve read right here in House Calls and in Health Revelations... Your DNA is NOT your destiny! In other words, you can FORGET how...
  13. Seasonal affective disorder cured without meds

    BEAT “winter blues” and LOVE the holidays again It’s supposed to be the “most wonderful time of the year,” when we celebrate the joy of Christmas and the birth of Christ… Yet MILLIONS of people are desperately unhappy. They’re not just grumps who hate the holidays. No, they’re being hit with a devastating form of depression called seasonal affective disorder...
  14. Back pain increases death risk in women

    This common ache could turn into DEADLY risk Ladies, you know how quickly back pain can make life miserable. It keeps you from doing the things you love… and it can make sleep nearly impossible. But those problems may be just the tip of the iceberg. See, a new study finds back pain won’t just ruin your life... It...
  15. Weight gain BLOCKED with this one delicious snack

    This delicious treat can STOP weight gain in its tracks It’s one of the most visible – and FRUSTRATING – parts of aging. I’m not talking about the wrinkles on your face or the gray in your hair. No, it’s those extra pounds that slowly and quietly build up around your waistline year after year. Now, new research reveals an...
  16. Cholesterol drugs linked to horrible new risks

    Get PERFECT cholesterol… without TOUCHING a drug They’re some of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the nation, especially among older patients... I’m talking about cholesterol-lowering statins. And there’s a ONE out of THREE chance you’re taking one right now. You may have even experienced the terrible side effects, like severe muscle pain… memory problems… sexual dysfunction… and even blood...
  17. Weight loss speeds up with this one little trick

    Drop 5 pounds in just ONE SECOND! Can you lose weight in just one second? It sounds too good to be true. Heck, it sounds downright impossible. But there’s a quick trick that’ll literally take you about a second a day. It’s painless... Effortless... And you already have everything you need on hand... The easiest weight loss trick of all...
  18. Depression treatments that work in the toughest cases

    Skip this depression drug SCAM… and learn to make your blues DISAPPEAR Big Pharma’s a big believer in second chances… as long as they can make a pile of money in the process. They just LOVE taking old, rejected drugs and bringing them back to terrorize patients all over again. And they’re about to do it one more time... A...
  19. Incontinence defeated… WITHOUT drugs

    End embarrassing bladder leaks WITHOUT drugs It’s one of the most COMMON health problems facing older women. I’m talking about that leaky bladder… and how it always seems to act up at the WORST possible time. It can STOP YOU from doing everything you love.... Going out for fun evenings with friends – even a trip to the supermarket...
  20. Cellphones in new brain tumor link

    CONFIRMED: Cellphones linked to deadly BRAIN TUMORS! There’s a habit we’ve settled into over the past couple decades because it’s just so darned convenient. We’re spending HOURS a day on our cell phones. Unfortunately, this modern “convenience” can also turn DEADLY. For years, the cell phone companies have tried to convince us that cell phones are as harmless as kittens...

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