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  1. Diabetes drug gets new push despite amputation risk

    [Warning] TERRIFYING diabetes drug being pushed on MILLIONS

    It’s a DANGEROUS drug that’s RUINING lives.

    This medication needs to be pulled from the market…

    But instead, they’re doing just the OPPOSITE!

    They’re EXPANDING it to reach MORE consumers and put MORE lives on the line.

    And if you have diabetes, one of those lives could be yours!

    The FDA has just extended its approval for a diabetes drug called canagliflozin (aka Invokana).

    Until now, it was supposed to be given ONLY after other drugs, such as metformin, failed to control blood sugar.

    But now, the feds are trying to push it on EVERYONE with both diabetes and heart disease, claiming it’s practically a magic pill.

    The FDA claims canagliflozin can cut your risk of heart attack and stroke – two of today’s top killers, especially in patients with diabetes – as well as cut the risk of death itself.

    But don’t join the “canagliflozin caravan” just yet.

    This is a bandwagon you DON’T want to be on

    First off, there’s that supposed benefit.

    Sure, there’s a study that claims the drug can cut those risks… but only by between 14 percent and 18 percent.

    Not exactly what I’d call impressive.

    What’s TRULY impressive here isn’t the drug. It’s the FDA – because they keep finding new and amazing ways to PROVE how completely CLUELESS they are!

    Just last year, the agency wasn’t talking about expanding this drug.

    They were adding WARNINGS to it!

    They slapped this drug with the dreaded “black box,” reserved for the most serious and dangerous risks of all.

    The drug still carries this label, which warns of one of the most frightening risks you can imagine…


    That’s right: patients who take this drug have DOUBLE the risk of leg and foot amputations, and that’s according to the FDA itself.

    Once upon a time, amputations were common among people with diabetes. In modern years, they’ve become rare.

    In other words, this drug is turning back the clock in all the wrong ways.

    And now they want even MORE people to take it?


    There’s a far BETTER, much SAFER and EASIER way to cut the heart risk that comes along with diabetes, and you don’t need to add a questionable drug to your daily routine.

    If anything, you may be able to ELIMINATE your meds rather than expand them.

    A much safer alternative

    One of the main reasons diabetes often spiral out of control -- even with medication -- is something that’s been published in many of today’s leading medical journals…

    Yet most doctors STILL won’t talk about it.

    The common toxins in your food and water, and around your home, can cause or worsen nearly every major sign and symptom of the disease.

    Even with treatment – and even with a strict diet – your disease GETS WORSE because of those toxins.

    But you can turn it around.

    I’ve developed an easy-to-follow plan to ELIMINATE those toxins so effectively that it can reverse nearly every major symptom of diabetes in just 30 days.

    I call it Diabetes Detox and you can get all the details on this groundbreaking program right here.

  2. Blood pressure guidelines FLUNK major new study

    Don’t fall for this MASSIVE blood pressure SCAM

    Another one bites the dust!

    I’m talking about the new blood pressure guidelines announced last year with great fanfare. You’ll recall they were supposed to IMPROVE health and SAVE lives.

    I warned at the time that those guidelines were wrong.

    And now, a MASSIVE new study not only confirms my warning, but also exposes the UGLY TRUTH about those guidelines.

    MORE people will end up on meds… and MORE of them will be HURT, not HELPED, because of them!

    The new guidelines dropped the levels considered “high” enough for treatment from 140/90 down to 130/80.

    Of course, that one little “tweak” – a drop of just 10 points – is a potential windfall for the drug industry…

    It meant 31 million new patients going from “healthy” to “hypertension” literally OVERNIGHT.

    Nearly all of them, according to those guidelines, now need meds.

    Let’s hope their docs aren’t playing ball, because the new study finds – and this is a direct quote from the lead author at Oxford University – there is “no evidence of any benefit” for dishing out drugs at that level!

    The folks on the drug tracked for up to six years DIDN’T have a lower risk of heart attack… and they DIDN’T have a lower risk of a stroke.

    But really, they should’ve seen this coming.

    I sure did.

    Older studies have found that people with “stage 1” hypertension DON’T always see a drop in risk even when their meds “work” and cut the blood pressure itself.

    But they DO see a higher risk of side effects.

    The new study confirms that, too.

    Over six years, patients on the drugs faced serious problems including – ironically – hypotension, or when blood pressure drops too low.

    That can cause fainting, which can lead to head injuries and bone breaks.

    These meds can also cause memory loss and kidney damage, just to name a couple of other risks.

    And to cap it all off, the patients in the new study who were on the meds actually had a slightly HIGHER risk of death!

    Now, I get why you don’t want to defy your doc and refuse to cut your BP.

    But you may not have to!

    A healthier alternative

    If you’re among those 31 million “new” hypertension patients… in other words, if your BP is consistently about 10 points too high… there’s an option that can bring your levels down by exactly what you need – and then some.

    And you don’t have to swallow a thing.

    Many people have higher BP at a doctor’s office than they do at home. It’s so common it has a name: white-coat hypertension.

    Get your own reader (they run about $30).

    Take your own measurements at home every day for about a week or so.

    And if the numbers are lower, share them with your doc. You can probably talk him out of treatment altogether!

  3. Alzheimer’s disease linked to THESE early warning signs

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  4. Cancer drug side effects DESTROYED with natural oils

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  5. Tryptophan can improve sleep and mood if you get it the RIGHT way

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  6. Osteoporosis now striking more MEN

    Attention guys: Don’t let this “secret disease” WRECK your bones It’s not supposed to be a “guy” problem. Weak and brittle bones… especially osteoporosis… are supposed to be a “women’s disease” – or at least that’s what you’ve heard. But MILLIONS of older men are silently suffering from weaker bones, and many are even facing the risk of osteoporosis. And...
  7. Fatty liver disease patients to get sickening meds

    Ignore Big Pharma’s cash grab… and SAVE your liver for PENNIES a day! It’s a SILENT illness… once very rare… that’s striking MILLIONS of older Americans. Yet the mainstream isn’t looking at the liver disease epidemic as a health crisis that needs immediate action and safe treatment. No, they’re looking at it as something else entirely: a MARKETING opportunity! That’s...
  8. Antibiotics lead to long-term gut damage

    This bogus SCARE TACTIC could DESTROY your gut It’s the ONE key to protecting yourself from infection… digestive problems… mood disorders... and more. It’s a single step that will SOLVE ALL OF THESE problems at once. Yet right now, the mainstream is doubling down on an effort to SCARE YOU AWAY from it! See, there’s been yet another attack...
  9. Heart attack risk JUMPS during grief

    The DEADLY heart risk you’ll NEVER see coming (And how to FIGHT BACK!) It’s the SECRET… and serious… health problem that’s quietly KILLING America’s seniors. And it’s something most doctors NEVER warn you about. In most cases, they can’t... Because it happens so fast, your doc won’t even have the chance! Today, I’m going to give you what your doctor...
  10. Immunotherapy can DESTROY tumors – even WITHOUT meds

    Meet the miraculous CHRISTMAS CURE for CANCER! It’s one of the most unmistakable signs of the holiday season… one you’ve no doubt seen popping up already. But this humble green bough is more than just a quaint, centuries-old Christmas custom. It’s also hiding one of nature’s most powerful cancer-fighting compounds. Talk about a Christmas miracle! And it’s one you might...
  11. Cancer defeated with organic diet

    FIGHT cancer and SAVE your life with this supermarket swap Here’s a quick way to BEAT cancer – and you won’t need to visit a doctor, a pharmacy or even a vitamin shop. There’s one easy swap you can make in the supermarket that can do the trick. It’ll mean paying a little more for your groceries, but I’ve even...
  12. Dementia’s first warning sign – and how to spot it

    REVERSE the very first sign of dementia THIS could be your first sign of dementia… It’s not what you’d expect... Or even WHERE you’d expect it. It’s not the telltale memory loss, or even the frustrating “senior moments” that can make you worried you’re starting to lose it. In fact, it’s not a problem in your brain at all! New...
  13. Memory loss linked to hearing loss

    The SURPRISING secret that can REVERSE memory loss There’s ONE quick action you can take today that can BLOCK decline in your brain and STOP the onset of dementia, and it’s as simple as this: All you need to do is make sure you don’t have this KNOWN risk factor that’s popped up repeatedly in studies. It’s a condition that...
  14. Blood pressure linked to hidden lead in your body

    What your blood pressure reading is REALLY telling you To most doctors, blood pressure is something to measure and medicate. They never pause to wonder what it MEANS. They just look at the number – and when it hits a certain level, it’s time for meds (or more meds if you’re already being treated). I’m NOT “most doctors,” and I...
  15. Dementia linked to inflammation

    Erase this PRIME CAUSE of dementia…starting TODAY Ever wonder why the mainstream has been so utterly and completely powerless when it comes to dementia? It’s not just that they don’t have a cure or even a semi-decent treatment… It’s that they don’t even know WHERE to LOOK! Just about every major mainstream theory about dementia has been proven WRONG. That’s...
  16. Pancreatic cancer risk DESTROYED with magnesium

      Mineral ‘miracle’ wipes out one of the most deadly cancers It’s one of the DEADLIEST forms of cancer on the planet – a nasty tumor that’s claimed some of the most famous people in the world. Steve Jobs… Luciano Pavarotti… Sally Ride… and just a few months ago, the “Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin. Fame and wealth couldn’t save...
  17. Weight loss can be effortless with this one trick

    Why diets FAIL… and how to succeed WITHOUT one! It’s official: Your diet has already failed… even if you haven’t started it yet! New numbers from the federal government expose the ugly truth about decades of mainstream diet advice. NONE of it works! Just about EVERY diet is doomed from the beginning, which shouldn’t surprise you too much. You’ve no...
  18. Chemotherapy side effects can be defeated naturally

    Take a moment today to honor those who’ve served the nation and helped to defend our freedoms. And if you’ve put your own life on the line in the name of liberty, thank you for answering the call and being willing to risk it all. The BIGGEST lie about chemo side effects It’s the DIRTY SECRET about cancer care that...
  19. Knee replacement surgery often doesn’t work

    END knee pain WITHOUT a joint replacement! Some people brag about their new cars. But once you’re past a certain age, you start to hear a different kind of boast. “Check out my new knees!” At a cost of about $50,000 a pop, a new knee can be more expensive than a new car, too. But while cars are getting...
  20. Memory enhanced in just 20 minutes with rosemary

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