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  1. Stroke drug could make recovery even tougher!

    [URGENT]: New warning every stroke survivor NEEDS to see

    Having a stroke is one of the most terrifying moments of your life.

    You may not realize what’s going on at the time – but you know very quickly that something’s very wrong.

    If you’re lucky enough to survive, you know something else, too:

    You NEVER want to have that experience again.

    In a moment, I’ll share my science-backed,two-step plan to help you recover from a stroke faster, and SLASH your risk of having another.

    But first, let me share with you what NOT to do when you’ve had a stroke…

    This treatment could DERAIL your stroke recovery

    In what has to be one of the most absurd habits in modern medicine, some docs routinely pump a “happy pill” -- SSRI antidepressants -- into stroke survivors.


    Not because of the science, that’s for sure – a new study makes that pretty darned clear.

    While some mainstream experts claim SSRI antidepressants can improve and speed recovery in stroke survivors, the new study finds it can do just the OPPOSITE.

    First, it doesn’t make a whit of difference in your recovery. Not one, with the new study finding zero recovery benefit.

    And second, it can increase the risk of bone fractures.

    That’s likely because some SSRI antidepressants can increase the risk of falls -- and of course falls can lead to fractures in older folks.

    Incredibly, the mainstream “experts” are already urging you to keep taking it anyway.

    That’s nonsense.

    If you’re on this drug to supposedly help your recovery after a stroke, you should talk to your doctor about finding a way off right away.

    And then, focus on this two-step plan that will REALLY help speed your recovery; it’ll also SLASH your risk of another stroke:

    Ginkgo biloba: This natural therapy is one of nature’s most powerful circulation boosters, and when you’re recovering from a stroke that’s exactly what you need.

    A study last year found adding 150mg of gingko per day to standard post-stroke aspirin will speed recovery, including greater improvements in cognitive function compared to folks given only the aspirin.

    And for the icing on the cake:  they enjoyed a better quality-of-life, too… all from a supplement that costs about $1.50 a month!

    Mediterranean Diet: This is the single best diet for preventing a stroke… and if you’ve had a stroke, it’s doubly important to stick to it (or get started if you haven’t).

    This diet is the most natural way to improve circulation and restore blood flow to damaged parts of the brain.

    It not only helps with your recovery, but it will also be instrumental in making sure you don’t suffer a second stroke.

    I’ll have another reason to stick to this diet – whether you’ve had a stroke or not – coming up tomorrow.

    Keep an eye on your email!

  2. CBD oil can beat pain without the risks

    The “FORBIDDEN” painkiller that could change your life

    Americans are FED UP with Big Pharma’s dangerous and addictive painkiller drugs.

    Their nasty, sometimes DEADLY side effects…

    Their risks of addiction…

    Their ridiculous price tags…

    It’s no wonder a new report confirms the vast majority of people in this country are desperate for a better option.

    And that’s what I’m going to talk with you about today…

    America is ready for a NEW answer to pain

    A new survey by Remedy Review finds 72 percent of Americans are willing to try cannabidiol, aka CBD oil, for pain relief.

    And that’s great news, because for decades, CBD has been the victim of an incredible misunderstanding.

    You see, CBD oil comes from hemp, which is related to marijuana, so it’s always gotten lumped in with “weed.”

    But it’s completely different.

    So let me clear up a few misconceptions right out of the gate…

    This is not “medical marijuana” in any sense. You don’t smoke it. And you won’t get “high” using it.

    It’s not addictive, it’s perfectly safe, and hemp-derived CBD is legal (but as always check local laws since they’re always changing).

    So far, it’s showing incredible promise treating:

    • Pain (especially joint pain)
    • Neuropathy
    • Insomnia
    • Depression
    • Cancer drug side effects
    • Anxiety
    • …and more

    The most common use is that first one: Pain.

    CBD is a powerful inflammation-fighter that can work wonders with some of the most stubborn and agonizing aches, including chronic back pain and arthritis.

    And the proof is in the numbers…

    A survey in 2017 found 80 percent of people who try CBD oil for common conditions such as pain, anxiety and sleep struggles rated it “extremely effective.”

    This wasn’t just people being nice on a survey either:

    More than 40 percent said they were able to completely QUIT their “main” medications for those conditions!

    That’s right…

    Those sleeping pills that can leave you loopy well into the next day? Toss ’em!

    Painkillers with side effects that range from painful internal bleeding to deadly addiction problems? Dump ’em!

    And those dangerous “benzo” drugs so many people think they need for stress and anxiety? Yep. You know what to do with them.

    These are some of the most common meds among seniors -- and some of the riskiest, too.

    And they could be COMPLETELY REPLACED by safe and natural CBD!

    With numbers like that, you can see why the “taboo” over this stuff is breaking down as more people see the results for themselves.

    Of course, Big Pharma is getting in on the action – they’re working on a series of CBD-based drugs.

    Naturally, they’d rather you wait for their formulas and pay through the teeth for it than use what’s out there now.

    But you don’t have to wait.

    Safe and natural hemp-derived CBD oil is inexpensive, and it’s available RIGHT NOW.

    And today, a growing number of Americans are seeing the benefits firsthand!

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  12. Cancer drug linked to deadly new risk

    FDA issues urgent warning over DEADLY cancer drug for seniors When you’re locked in a life-or-death battle with cancer, the LAST thing in the world you want or need is MORE trouble for your body. Yet that’s EXACTLY what you’re facing when you’re working with conventional doctors to battle cancer... Because of Big Pharma’s TREATMENT! And now, a new...
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    The SILENT KILLER in the ICU (And how to survive it) A trip to the ICU for you or a loved one is bound to be one of the most TERRIFYING moments of your life. But I’m here to tell you today that your fear and worry, while totally understandable, is misplaced... Statistics show nearly ALL folks who visit the...
  14. High blood pressure guidelines have massive flaw

    How to QUIT your blood pressure drugs… for GOOD! Blood pressure drugs can wreck everything from your balance to your mood… Yet your doctor is absolutely CONVINCED you need them. Today, I’m going to show you a way out. After this, even your own doctor will have no choice but to help you quit those meds. And it starts with...
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    URGENT: Holiday stress HURTS your HEART! (How to STOP it) It’s Christmas Eve, and time for one last check to make sure everything is in place for the big day. I hope it’s a joyous one for you and your family… But let’s face it: getting here was a challenge! All the planning… running around… and spending adds up to...
  17. Sleep apnea linked to deadly heart risk

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  20. Migraine meds cause new headaches

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