1. Mediterranean diet now proven to cut heart and stroke risk

    The No.1 PROVEN remedy for heart health (Hint: it’s NOT statins)  

    There’s a TIME-TESTED secret to a stronger, better, healthier heart.

    This one has been used since Biblical times for better health and a longer life… and now, it’s backed by the latest cutting-edge research.

    In ONE STEP, you can:

    • LOSE weight
    • STOP a stroke
    • PROTECT your heart
    • PREVENT diabetes
    • …and more!

    It’s even been proven to help keep bones strong as you grow old.

    But today, let’s focus on heart protection, because the latest research proves yet again that when it comes to your ticker…

    You need to make some time for the Mediterranean diet!

    Now, I know “diet” isn’t a popular word…

    But in truth, this is the one diet that feels like you’re hardly on one; instead, you’ll lead a full and satisfying lifestyle – and it’s amazingly easy to follow.

    So friends, don’t think of it as a diet…

    Think of it instead as the world’s greatest heart “drug.”

    The BENEFIT of drugs… WITHOUT the drugs

    You know the story with meds that are supposed to “protect” your heart.

    Even when they work… even when they deliver… even when they help ensure you never have a heart problem… they can undermine those very same benefits with side effects.

    Statins, for example, are often touted for their heart benefits. I don’t buy it; most of the studies behind them have more conflicts than a “Real Housewives” episode.

    But even if you believe the highly suspect research, you know the drugs can cause everything from immediate problems such as agonizing muscle pain to long-term risks like diabetes.

    Worth it? Not when you have this OTHER option… because the new study found something that STUNNED mainstream doctors.

    The Mediterranean diet can deliver ALL of the “benefits” of statins and other common drugs… but without the actual drugs or ANY of the risks!

    The long-term study of more than 26,000 older women finds this easy-to-follow lifestyle will dramatically cut your risk of serious heart problems including:

    • Heart attack
    • Stroke
    • Coronary arterial revascularization
    • Coronary death

    Ready for the most important part?

    It works for that all-important and highly elusive “primary prevention,” or preventing a first heart problem.

    That’s critical. Once you have a first heart problem, you’re at risk for everything else. Stop that first one from happening, and you’ll keep your risks nice and low.

    And in the new study, that’s just what happened.

    Women who followed a Mediterranean diet even moderately had a 23 percent lower risk of a first heart problem… while women who followed it even more closely saw that risk plunge by 28 percent.

    They also enjoyed:

    • Less inflammation
    • Better blood sugar control
    • Decreased insulin resistance
    • A lower BMI

    And while the study was on women, men often see the same benefits as well.

    Here are the main tenants of the Mediterranean diet

    You’ll give up most carbs (even whole grains) and limit your red meat.

    Instead, you’ll focus on fatty fish, poultry, and fresh produce.

    And you’ll cook with olive oil, and make liberal use of herbs and spices.

    Don’t forget: on this “diet,” you can absolutely feel free to polish it all off with a glass of wine!

  2. Fatigue triggered by common medications

    Why you feel so CRUMMY – and how to CURE it

    Your doc will blame your age and your illness...

    But he’s WRONG.

    There’s another, much more common reason that explains why you feel so darned LOUSY all the time.

    And it has nothing to do with age or illness!

    New research reveals the TRUE CAUSE of so many common health problems in older Americans, including:

    • Pain
    • Brain ‘fog’
    • Fatigue
    • Loss of strength
    • Mood problems
    • Poor digestion
    • Dizziness
    • Nausea
    • …and more

    In fact, this single common condition could even lead to the biggest risk of all: DEATH.

    In a moment, I’m going to not only reveal the cause, but I’ll also have your ticket OUT of this mess...

    You can cut ALL of those risks at once… even DEATH… and feel better than you have in decades!

    The TRUE cause of today’s most common problems

    At long last, the mainstream is FINALLY starting to recognize a crisis they created: too many seniors are on too many meds.

    Four out of every ten older folks are taking at least five drugs a day -- and many are taking twice that amount or more!

    The new study finds that quitting some of those meds can help seniors feel better… sharper… stronger… and more.

    They call this a “surprising” benefit.

    C’mon. This should surprise exactly NO ONE.

    Any single pill can make you loopy, dizzy, nauseous, fogged over and more...

    But FIVE pills?

    That can leave you feeling like you fell down a flight of stairs!

    In fact, it’s more than just a feeling...they can quite literally WRECK your body wrecked: a 2017 study found those five pills a day will increase your risk of frailty by 50 percent; ten or more will DOUBLE it.

    And in 2013, researchers found that just three meds a day can KILL brain cells.

    You won’t feel the damage right away, but over time it’s a recipe for cognitive decline that culminates in drug-induced dementia.

    Of course, as far as mainstream is concerned, you’re just “old” and “unlucky.”

    In reality, they CAUSED it!

    That’s why it’s critical to:

    1. Go over your meds with a doc; and
    2. Eliminate what you don’t need.

    A study in 2016 found ONE in THREE seniors are on “unnecessary” or “inappropriate” meds – and remember, that’s going by mainstream standards.

    By my standards, that number is much higher.

    Statins, blood pressure meds, painkillers, aspirin, PPIs, and more are ALL candidates for removal, and even many mainstream docs are starting to agree.

    Speak to your doc about quitting these and other meds… and if he won’t play ball, get a second opinion from a holistic medical doctor who can help get you off common drugs and onto proven natural therapies instead!

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  4. Acupuncture works even in the ER

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  6. Chronic fatigue syndrome linked to gut bacteria

    Ease chronic fatigue with this all-natural remedy Run around? Forget running around. When you have chronic fatigue, some days you can barely even stand up. But when you visit the doctor, that's what you'll get: the runaround. He doesn't have answers. How could he? Mainstream medicine hadn't even admitted the condition was real until recently. Even now, they don't know...
  7. Caffeine isn’t needed for energy boost

    BETTER than a cup of coffee! Quitting caffeine isn't always easy, especially if you've had a long-term habit. It's not just addictive -- many folks miss the quick pick-me-up they get from a little java. Unfortunately, that energy boost comes with a downside in the form of jitters, anxiety, and restlessness. In some cases, a late-afternoon cuppa can even cause...
  8. Step-by-step plan defeats rheumatoid arthritis fatigue

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  9. Protein from plants just as good as meat

    Your secret source of muscle-boosting protein One of the biggest barriers standing between older folks and stronger, healthier muscles has just been knocked down. And if you're getting older and want to keep your strength as you age -- as I know you do -- you're going to want to pay close attention to this. The latest science busts open...
  10. Daytime sleepiness caused by too much fat

    Daytime sleepiness might not be because of poor sleep at night. It could be due to lousy eating during the day – especially if you eat too much fat.
  11. Chronic fatigue study gets “best treatment” wrong

    Chronic fatigue syndrome isn’t a mental health problem, but it’s often treated as one—which is why many patients are never cured.
  12. Vitamin C boosts energy and fights the cold

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