1. How to Get More Energy Naturally – The Little-Known Secrets…

    Get Natural EnergyYou’re tired, stressed, irritated, and even having a hard time sleeping . You’re struggling to get through your days, and getting even more frustrated when you can’t get the rest you need at night. And you think, “it’s all a natural part of life, right?” Wrong! There really are ways to get more energy naturally. You just have to be addressing the right issue. And the right issue might surprise you…

    But first, you need to know…

    Why You Need More Energy

    Yes, life is stressful these days. And while that’s part of the problem, it’s only part of the problem. Your body is designed to handle stress – it’s called “the fight or flight response” and it’s an automatic biological reaction.

    When you face an emergency situation, your body’s adrenal glands flood your system with adrenaline, so you have the energy to fight off the threat, or to flee from it – thus the name “fight or flight.” Your adrenal glands provide you the energy you need in an emergency, then once the emergency has passed, they relax, recharge, and are ready to go next time you need them.

    This reaction was essential back when we had to hunt for our dinners or outrun whatever wanted to make us dinner. But in this day and age, we don’t have those kinds of emergencies all that often any more. And unfortunately, our bodies don’t realize that.

    So What Really is the Issue?

    Your body can’t tell the difference between trying to outrun a hungry predator and the stress of modern life. And your adrenal glands take on the brunt of the responsibility. They think the pressures from work, retirement concerns, health worries – in other words, daily life – are the same kind of emergency that requires a constant flood of adrenaline. But because those stressors never go away, your adrenal glands never get the change to rest and recuperate.

    You know what happens when you go and go and go without stopping? You get tired, worn out, exhausted. That’s exactly what happens when your adrenal glands go and go without stopping, too. And suddenly that little tiny gland becomes a very big deal, because when your adrenal glands are exhausted, so are you.

    The Best Ways to Get More Energy Naturally – Myths v Reality

    Fortunately, there are ways you can get more energy naturally. Unfortunately, there are also a lot myths and misconceptions about how to do that.

    So let’s dispel the top 3 myths, and give you a blueprint to how you can have more energy…

    Myth 1 – Coffee will give you more energy.

    Reality – The truth is that if you are just having a long day, or didn't sleep well one night, a cup of coffee or tea will give you a short-term boost to help you get through the morning or afternoon. But if you are dealing with a bigger issue than just one slow day… if you’re dealing with worn out adrenal glands, coffee is the last thing you want.

    See, for a tired adrenal gland, adding caffeine is like stepping on the gas when your car’s on empty. Sure, it may lurch forward, but then it’s going to stop cold. You should stay away from herbs that behave like caffeine, as well. Instead, to get more energy naturally, reach for a supplement that will support your adrenal gland but that doesn't have any caffeine at all, like Eleutherococcus Senticosus extract, which has been used for years by Russian cosmonauts to keep up their energy reserves.

    Myth 2 – Drink energy drinks or fruit juices for extra energy.

    Reality – Again, these are poor choices for your adrenal glands. The sugar in energy drinks will just keep weakening your adrenals, and is so high in fruit juices that it even outweighs the benefits of antioxidants found in the fruit. By taking fruit extracts – like acai, pomegranate, and goji berry, you can get more energy naturally, reap the antioxidant benefits, and not overwhelm your adrenal glands with sugar.

    Myth 3 – Hard, strenuous exercise will give you energy.

    Reality – Exercise is great for added energy…to a point. Just like overdoing it on the bike path or walking trail will wear out your muscles, it will stress an already tired adrenal gland. Keep getting moderate exercise, but remember to give your body – and your adrenal glands – time to relax and recover.

    And make sure you give your adrenal glands supplements that help nourish it, rather than drain it. Supplements like ashwaganda, which has been used to relieve fatigue, promote mental clarity, and even enhance balanced energy levels for centuries. You’ll find you get more energy, naturally, when you give your body the attention it needs.

    What Your Body Really Needs to Get More Energy, Naturally

    Dr. Mark Stengler recognized the need for adrenal support in this stressful world we live in, so he developed Adrenal Performance Plus, a cutting edge adrenal support supplement that combines ingredients for energy, mental clarity, and better mood.

    While he started with a blend of Eleutherococcus Senticosus extract, ashwaganda, and the fruit extracts, he didn't stop there. He also included Rhodiola rosea extract, to boost energy levels and enhance mental ability. And vitamins B12 and B5, because they are both essential to energy production within the body. Dr. Stengler has seen his clinic patients benefit by leaps and bounds with the Adrenal Performance Plus formula, so he made it available to you.

    And the rave reviews are pouring in from people who were looking to get more energy naturally, just like you. People like Sarah Brown, who wrote in “I must say that Adrenal Performance Plus has given me more energy than I expected.  I believe you have a winner in this one.  Thanks for making my life more enjoyable.”

    In fact, Dr. Stengler is so certain Adrenal Performance Plus is exactly what you need to get more energy naturally that he’s backed by his Dr. Stengler's Anytime Guarantee. If you aren't completely satisfied, if you don’t have more energy, feel better, sleep better, are even in a better mood, simply return your order and we’ll refund your purchase price. All of it. Anytime.

    And if you order now, you can take 25% off. Enter promo code W653Q9ZC when you check out, and we’ll take 25% off.

    You can get more energy naturally – with Adrenal Performance Plus. Order today!

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  2. RevitalizeQ Plus Ingredients – Your Key to a Healthy Heart

    Ingredients in RevitalizeQ PlusIf you’re ready to…

    • Experience better energy levels throughout the day...
    • Recharge your muscles…
    • Keep your heart pumping strong…your blood flowing smoothly…and your mind working like a super-computer

    (And really, who isn't), then it’s time to learn more about the RevitalizeQ Plus ingredients that can offer you all that and more.

    RevitalizeQ Plus Ingredient #1: Coenzyme Q10

    When it comes to overall health — especially heart health — there is no other supplement like Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10 for short). Plain and simple — without CoQ10, our bodies will die. We have to have it. See, CoQ10 helps your body create a special, and essential, form of energy called ATP. When you have enough ATP, you feel great. Lots of energy. Plenty of stamina. But when you don’t have enough ATP, you start feeling weak, tired, run down. And it begins in your muscles — like your heart. Next thing you know, you’re feeling exhausted and worn out….

    Getting enough CoQ10 can stop that feeling before it ever starts, which is why CoQ10 is the keystone RevitalizeQ Plus ingredient. Over 50 years’ worth of studies show CoQ10 helps energize the heart muscle, keeps the blood flowing smoothly, and may even help maintain a healthy blood pressure. But as truly amazing as CoQ10 is, it’s not the only anti-aging, heart healthy supplement you need…

    Get the Most Out of CoQ10 with RevitalizeQ Plus Ingredient #2: Vitamin B6

    Even the best supplement sometimes needs the right support, and CoQ10 is no different. That’s why vitamin B6 is the next RevitalizeQ Plus ingredient –and we’re not just talking about any vitamin B6…

    The vitamin B6 Dr. Stengler uses in RevitalizeQ Plus a special form called PLP. Your body cannot make CoQ10 without PLP. It just can’t. And without CoQ10, your heart gets tired, then you get tired, and the cycle starts back up again. You would think, given how vital this special form of vitamin B6 is, that you would find it every CoQ10 supplement on the market. Shockingly, you would be wrong. In fact, RevitalizeQ Plus is the only supplement we know that has this breakthrough combination.

    And yet, Dr. Stengler still isn't done…

    RevitalizeQ Plus Ingredient #3: Bioperine

    This RevitalizeQ Plus ingredient is black pepper extract, but not the kind that may make you sneeze. Instead, this is the third piece in the CoQ10 puzzle. The whole purpose of Bioperine is to help your body absorb CoQ10.

    When you’re younger, not only does the body produce all the CoQ10 it needs, but it also absorbs it efficiently, as well. After you turn around 40 years old, though, the body slows its production of CoQ10 and its absorption. Just at the time your body starts needing to find more CoQ10, it stops absorbing it as well. Bioperine steps in and gives your body the extra assistance it needs to absorb the CoQ10 it needs.

    Which brings us to our next RevitalizeQ Plus ingredient. Because RevitalizeQ Plus isn't just a CoQ10 supplement. Here’s the other vital nutrient your heart needs to stay healthy…

    RevitalizeQ Plus Ingredient #4: Revesterol

    Dr. Stengler wanted to give you more than just CoQ10 in his best heart health supplement. So, he fleshed out the formula with Revesterol. Studies suggest that Revesterol is a powerful antidote to oxidative stress, which is key to keeping your heart strong and all your cells healthy. This remarkable RevitalizeQ Plus ingredient may, in the right amounts, ward off age-related conditions, maintain a healthy heart, and amp up physical performance. Naturally, Dr. Stengler made sure the right amounts are in the RevitalizeQ Plus formula to ensure your best results!

    Revesterol may also help boost blood flow to your brain, keeping you sharp and thinking on your toes. Its anti-aging properties help keep cells healthy, youthful, and thriving.

    But, even with those 4 “power players” for your heart, that’s still not everything RevitalizeQ Plus brings to the table.

    RevitalizeQ Plus Ingredient #5: Alpha-Lipoic Acid

    One of the most effective ways to keep your heart healthy is to fight back the free radicals that cause oxidative damage to your heart and cells – and that’s exactly what this RevitalizeQ Plus ingredient does. Its antioxidant power is the premiere defense against free radical attack.

    Unlike most antioxidants that can either work in fat, or in water, alpha-lipoic acid can work in both. But perhaps most impressively, there is preliminary research that indicates alpha-lipoic acid may actually help rejuvenate other antioxidants, keeping them in the fight longer.

    RevitalizeQ Plus Ingredient #6: The “Fab Five” Free Radical Fighters

    Since fighting back against free radicals and oxidative stress is so important to heart health, Dr. Stengler developed a proprietary blend of free radical fighters, and made this blend his final RevitalizeQ Plus ingredient:

    • Acai berry – a Brazilian “power fruit” and potential immune supporter
    • Grape seed – which may support free-flowing circulation and healthy blood vessels
    • Pomegranate – an antioxidant heavy-hitter that’s been shown to be more powerful than green tea
    • Quercetin –a flower extract that combats oxidation right down to the cellular level
    • And Turmeric – an ancient free radical fighter to help you defy aging in all key areas of the body

    Which brings us back to the question – are you ready to feel younger, have more energy, recharge your muscles, keep your blood flowing smoothly, and your heart and brain going strong? Are you ready for everything the RevitalizeQ Plus ingredients can do for you? Because if you are, now’s the time. RevitalizeQ Plus is better than ever, and still everything you need.

    We’re so convinced that RevitalizeQ Plus is the best natural heart health supplement that it’s backed with Dr. Stengler’s Anytime Guarantee. If you aren't feeling better, raring to go with more energy, then return your order and we’ll refund your entire purchase price. Anytime. Guaranteed.

    And if you order today, you can take 25% off every bottle. Just enter promo code W653Q9ZB at check out and we’ll take the 25% off. It’s that easy.

    A strong heart, a sharp brain, a happier you – RevitalizeQ Plus. Order now!

    *Discount applies to first order or first ADS shipment only. Cannot be combined with any other discounts.

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