Finally! An END to one of chemo's worst side effects

It's one of those things people who've never had cancer don't really understand.

It's not the toll of the disease itself, but the toll of the treatment... and the most visible sign is the hair loss that so often accompanies chemotherapy.

Those who've never had the disease might assume it's no big deal.

What's a little hair loss compared to losing your life?

But to those who suffer chemo and live with its toxic and debilitating side effects, hair loss is a constant reminder of what you're going through -- one literally staring you in the face every time you gaze into a mirror.

Now, the FDA has expanded its approval for a treatment that will help you keep most or even all of your hair.

It's not a drug, and it's perfectly safe.

As someone who works with cancer patients every day and sees the emotional toll hair loss can take on someone's lifestyle, all I can say is...

It's about time!

The treatment isn't a drug. It's a device called DigniCap Cooling System -- and, at first glance, it might look like a swimmer's cap with a chinstrap.

It's actually a little thicker than a swimmer's cap, because it has two layers and a hose coming off it. The hose pumps in coolant that rushes between the layers and -- as the name says -- cools your head.

I've heard from patients that when it first goes on the head it's a little like stepping into a cool pool. It's cold -- and not quite pleasant -- but, much like stepping into that pool, you quickly adjust.

After a few minutes, it's not bad at all.

The "cold cap" was approved two years ago for breast cancer patients, and now the FDA has given it the go-ahead for folks undergoing chemo for other solid tumors as well.

That means less stress and anxiety for more people, as two-thirds of the patients who try this treatment keep at least half of their hair, and many keep more.

Some folks hardly lose any -- and you can make this even more effective if you combine it with other natural treatments known to ease chemo damage.

One option is a supplement made from a mushroom called maitake, which has been proven in studies to ease the pain, nausea, and hair loss that accompany chemotherapy.

No one has studied maitake in combination with the DigniCap -- yet -- but since the two work in different ways, it stands to reason that they would be more effective together than either would be alone.

Maitake can also help fight the cancer itself, preventing the spread of the disease and slowing or even stopping the growth of the tumor.

This mushroom is perfectly safe -- but if you're battling cancer, be sure to speak with your doctor before adding anything to your treatment.