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  1. Heartburn cures that are better than meds – and safer, too!

    Ditch heartburn drugs with THESE ‘old-fashioned’ cures

    One big plus to living out in the country like we do here in the Berkshires is that “old fashioned” isn’t tossed around like an insult.

    It’s a badge of honor!

    We’re a touch skeptical of anything “latest and greatest,” and that goes doubly so for new meds.

    And when we’ve found something that works for a condition like heartburn, we’re not afraid to stick to it—no matter how backward it might look to some big city doc.

    Listen to those hotshots and you’ll be on a med like ranitidine (aka Zantac) – and probably having a panic attack right now over news a cancer-linked chemical was found inside generic forms of the drug.

    You’d think the FDA would issue a recall; in a SANE world, that’s exactly what they’d do.

    But they didn’t!

    So while some manufacturers and retailers pulled it from stores voluntarily, it’s STILL widely available.

    And that means you and your loved ones could STILL be at risk.

    Since the feds obviously won’t step in to help, I want to set you up with not just one but TWO SAFE CURES that are much better than this ugly drug.

    Get REAL and LASTING heartburn relief… naturally!

    The drug was pulled because it was supposedly contaminated with a dangerous compound called N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA).

    But a new report finds the problem isn’t “contamination” …

    It’s the drug itself!

    Tests by the online pharmacy Valisure reveal that the drug molecule can break down to form the cancer-linked chemical in certain conditions, including high temperatures.

    The FDA claims it’s not an issue since it doesn’t happen at normal room temperature or even normal body temperature.

    But it IS an issue.

    Improper storage… being shipped in a hot truck… even being left in a car could expose the drug to high temperatures.

    And even with PERFECT storage, the drug could STILL form this cancer chemical.

    A second set of tests in conditions that mimic the human stomach found the drug can also break down into the chemical after being exposed to gastric juices.

    A single 150mg tablet can break down into 300,000 ng of NDMA.

    That’s 3,000 times the FDA’s “safe” limitand STILL no recall!

    Friends, it’s time to take matters into your own hands.

    Try my two time-tested remedies proven to end heartburn in a flash with NO risks:

    Apple Cider Vinegar: Mix one tablespoon into 4-6 oz of water and drink up after each meal; along with preventing heartburn it’ll also help control post-meal blood sugar spikes. Any brand will do, just stick to organics.

    Swedish Bitters: Take this blend of a dozen natural herbs before meals to help smooth digestion and block heartburn. There are a number of varieties out there; one good brand that’s easy to find is Nature Works. A big bottle will set you back about $40, but it should last at least three months.

  2. Strange “MIRACLE FRUIT” slashes LDL, strengthens blood vessels

    Gooseberry? Sounds like something out of a children’s book!

    But this strange little berry with the funny-sounding name is actually hiding an INCREDIBLE secret…

    One of the compounds locked deep inside every little berry can wipe out some of the BIGGEST risks facing older Americans!

    And now, new research confirms some of the biggest benefits of all, revealing how it can:

    • ENHANCE blood flow
    • STRENGTHEN arteries
    • POWER UP your immune system
    • SLASH cholesterol
    • WIPE OUT inflammation

    …all at once!

    And even more importantly… it can do the job with ZERO serious adverse events!

    How this funny-sounding berry could save your life

    The new study tested an extract from this berry called amla.

    Yeah, from one funny name to another!

    But there’s nothing funny about the results, as you can see in this study of folks with metabolic syndrome.

    That’s a collection of risk factors such obesity and high blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol.

    It often leads to diabetes and heart disease.

    And sadly, it’s a major risk factor for an early death.

    But amla can turn it around…

    Within just 12 weeks, folks with metabolic syndrome given amla supplements REMARKABLE changes.

    First, and maybe most importantly, it improved the function of the endothelial layer.

    That’s the lining in the blood vessels that helps push blood along to keep circulation moving and to stop the flow from getting slow and sluggish.

    As you get older… and as you suffer the damage of metabolic syndrome… that lining starts to wear out, and your blood starts to move more like mud.

    Amla helped REVERSE that damage to ensure healthy circulation.

    The benefits didn’t stop there…

    Amla also helped gently bring cholesterol levels back into balance, cutting:

    • Total cholesterol by 11 percent
    • LDL cholesterol by 21 percent
    • Triglycerides by 19 percent

    …and it RAISED levels of HDL (“good”) cholesterol by 7 percent!

    But while mainstream doctors might obsess over cholesterol, there’s another marker that’s even more important: Inflammation.

    In many ways, this is the single biggest risk factor for serious heart problems – and yet amla was able to turn it around…

    The supplements slashed levels of hsCRP, a marker of inflammation, by 40 percent at lower doses and 54 percent at a higher dose.

    You can find amla, or gooseberry, on its own… but for the BEST results, look for it at the heart of a circulation-boosting, artery-enhancing formula with other all-natural superstars such as omega-7.

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    Heart failure patients need to make ONE key change to the diet ASAP as new research reveals how this easy-to-follow plan can mean the difference between life and death.
  4. [SHOCKING] Statin drugs FLUNK major cholesterol study!

    Statins aren’t the miracle drug we’ve been sold as a new study finds they fail to meet their main goal in more than half of all patients!
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    CUT your blood pressure and CURE hypertension – WITHOUT meds Hypertension is easily the most over-treated condition in the country, now diagnosed in a third of all adults and HALF of all seniors. The SHOCKING thing is that often, you’re not diagnosed because your blood pressure is unhealthy… In MOST cases – it’s not. It’s because the guidelines for blood...
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    Get the benefits of exercise… without moving a muscle! It may sound like a dream, but today I’ve got a hot tip on how to give your body a workout... And you don’t have to move a muscle! Yep, it’s just about the most relaxing way to “exercise” around... So gentle you can literally sip a glass of wine while...
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      This COLOR could cut your death risk Here’s something I’ll bet you didn’t expect to learn today... There’s a single color that has the power to: Protect your body; Prevent one of today’s top causes of death; and SAVE your life! No, I haven’t been sniffing too much nutmeg. This cheery Christmas hue has just been PROVEN to STOP...
  12. Cholesterol drug coming soon is an expensive hoax

    WARNING: The next big cholesterol ‘treatment’ is the WORST ONE YET Millions of older Americans facing heart risk are about to get conned. Yet another lousy cholesterol treatment WON’T save your life. Instead, this $1,000-a-month swindle is mainstream’s big new push to line their pockets. I’ll share what they hope you never see. And I’ll give you the inside scoop...
  13. Heart attack risk plunges with this natural therapy

    SLASH your risk for heart attack by 40%! (Just PENNIES a day) You could be doing everything “right.” Ace every test… Swallow every pill… And still suffer a heart attack! The truth is, the majority of heart attacks happen to people who have “normal” cholesterol -- and who hit most other mainstream health targets, too. But there’s a POTENT therapy...
  14. High blood pressure DEFEATED without drugs

    The secret blood pressure CURE you’ll NEVER see in the news   There’s a little-known CURE for high blood pressure. The TV “experts” won’t talk about it. Your doctor won’t mention it. And of course, mainstream medicine would rather you NEVER know it exists. That’s because this treatment will be a small, one-time expense… And it’s SO EFFECTIVE it can...
  15. Cholesterol drugs linked to horrible new risks

    Get PERFECT cholesterol… without TOUCHING a drug They’re some of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the nation, especially among older patients... I’m talking about cholesterol-lowering statins. And there’s a ONE out of THREE chance you’re taking one right now. You may have even experienced the terrible side effects, like severe muscle pain… memory problems… sexual dysfunction… and even blood...
  16. Blood pressure guidelines FLUNK major new study

    Don’t fall for this MASSIVE blood pressure SCAM Another one bites the dust! I’m talking about the new blood pressure guidelines announced last year with great fanfare. You’ll recall they were supposed to IMPROVE health and SAVE lives. I warned at the time that those guidelines were wrong. And now, a MASSIVE new study not only confirms my warning, but...
  17. Heart attack risk JUMPS during grief

    The DEADLY heart risk you’ll NEVER see coming (And how to FIGHT BACK!) It’s the SECRET… and serious… health problem that’s quietly KILLING America’s seniors. And it’s something most doctors NEVER warn you about. In most cases, they can’t... Because it happens so fast, your doc won’t even have the chance! Today, I’m going to give you what your doctor...
  18. Blood pressure linked to hidden lead in your body

    What your blood pressure reading is REALLY telling you To most doctors, blood pressure is something to measure and medicate. They never pause to wonder what it MEANS. They just look at the number – and when it hits a certain level, it’s time for meds (or more meds if you’re already being treated). I’m NOT “most doctors,” and I...
  19. Heart attack damage can be silent… and deadly

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  20. Blood pressure linked to hidden lead in your body

    What your blood pressure reading is REALLY telling you To most doctors, blood pressure is something to measure and medicate. They never pause to wonder what it MEANS. They just look at the number – and when it hits a certain level, it’s time for meds (or more meds if you’re already being treated). I’m NOT “most doctors,” and I...

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