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  1. Omega-7 Benefits: Why Provinal Purified Omega-7 is Better

    You’ve probably been hearing a lot of buzz about omega-7 oil and something called Provinal lately. But you may still be wondering, what are the benefits of omega-7, and what exactly is Provinal? So let’s discuss Omega-7 benefits, and talk about what Provinal is, the research behind it, and what it means for you.

    So what is Provinal, exactly?

    Provinal is a purified blend of omega-7 oil. Like omega-3s, omega-7s can come from fish and have been a part of the human diet since the beginning. Omega-7s are also found in other foods, like macadamia nuts and an herb called Sea Buckthorn. Thanks to recent research, you can find supplements on the market from all of these sources. Though as you’ll see, where you get your omega-7s from is critically important. But first, let’s look at…

    What are some omega-7 benefits?

    Omega-7s help promote a strong heart and healthy arteries, thanks to their high concentration of a healthy fatty acid called palmitoleic acid. And here’s an incredible study to show you exactly what we’re talking about. The Cleveland Clinic -- the top cardiovascular hospital in the U.S. --ran a 12-week study on omega-7 oil using special mice bred specifically for heart studies. The study was designed to determine the heart health benefits of omega-7 oil and its palmitoleic acid.

    For 12 weeks, half of the mice were fed a high-fat, western diet. The other half were fed a diet rich in omega-7 oil. Then the blood was tested from both groups of mice. After 12 weeks, HDL cholesterol levels were 75% higher in the omega-7 group. This is groundbreaking news because HDL cholesterol is the “good” cholesterol that helps keep your heart and arteries healthy.

    Even more promising --at the end of the study, researchers actually analyzed the difference between the arteries in both groups of mice. It was clear that the omega-7 group had visibly healthier arteries than the other group. Of course, this study was conducted with mice. But the data was promising enough to gain attention from Dr. Michael Roizen – a frequent Dr. Oz guest and Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic, where this study was performed.

    Dr. Roizen even went on the record to say, “I'm impressed enough with the data that I myself use a purified omega-7...the data imply the higher the percentage of omega-7 the better.”

    But why does it matter which source omega-7 oil comes from?

    Not all omega-7s are the same. Even though new research is continuously uncovering new omega-7 benefits, some sources of omega-7s could actually be dangerous. You see, omega-7s naturally contain an unhealthy saturated fat called palmitic acid – not to be confused with the healthy fatty acid, palmitoleic acid. And palmitic acid is so dangerous, it’s actually on the World Health Organization’s list of most damaging fats for heart health. So you can see why you’d want to avoid it at all costs.

    Omega-7s from Sea Buckthorn, macadamia nuts, and other sources are readily available . But they naturally contain the unhealthy palmitic acid – so any omega-7 benefits you get could be wiped out by the negative effects of the palmitic acid in these supplements.

    That’s why Dr. Roizen only recommends purified omega-7 oil. This is what led him to team up with Tersus Pharmaceuticals to create Provinal, the only purified omega-7 oil on the market today. In fact, Dr. Roizen serves on the advisory panel at Tersus and oversees the formulation of Provinal.

    Unlike other sources, Provinal is purified to remove more than 99% of the unhealthy palmitic acid – leaving only the healthy omega-7s behind..

    So if you want the benefits of omega-7s without the risks of palmitic acid, Provinal is your best option since it’s the only purified omega-7 on the market today.

    Is Provinal safe?

    There have not been any toxicology studies on Provinal itself, but in this case, that’s no cause for alarm. Since omega-7 oils have been a part of the human diet throughout history, these kinds of tests aren’t urgent or even necessary. It would be the same as testing if something like an apple is safe.

    But we can look to current research to determine Provinal’s safety. Since there have been studies on the benefits of omega-7 oil, palmitoleic acid (the healthy fatty acid) and Provinal – we do know that no serious side effects have ever been reported.

    Omega-7 oil can come from a number of sources, like macadamia nuts. But Provinal’s omega-7s come from anchovies because they contain 7 times less of that bad palmitic acid and 22 times more omega-7 oil than macadamia nuts. So, not only is Provinal purified, it starts from arguably the best source of omega 7 oil to begin with. Keep in mind that since it comes from anchovies, Provinal is not recommended for people with fish allergies.

    Where can you get Provinal?

    If your doctor recommends taking an omega-7 supplement, be sure to check the labels. There are many omega-7 supplements on the market but only a few that use purified Provinal. Several companies sell Provinal on its own, and this is a pretty good way to get the benefits of purified omega-7s.

    You can also look for a more comprehensive heart health formula that combines Provinal with other key heart nutrients. Provicor from Best Health Nutritionals does exactly that. Developed for Best Health by Dr. Mark Stengler, Provicor is a well-rounded heart support formula with Provinal at its core.

    It also contains a standardized Indian Gooseberry extract called Amlamax, which helps support healthy cholesterol and triglyceride numbers and a standardized grape seed extract, chosen for its high concentration of heart-healthy antioxidants.

    In addition to these three standardized extracts, Provicor also provides a dose of CoQ10 – the vital enzyme for cellular energy in your heart and body, plus it includes a concentrated blend of plant sterols to give you extra support for healthy cholesterol. And it’s backed by a hefty guarantee if you decide to try it. Best Health Nutritionals will give you a full refund, at any time for any reason if you ever decide it’s not right for you.

    The most important thing to keep in mind if you’re going to take an omega-7 for your heart, is to make sure it’s purified. Purified omega-7 oil, like Provinal, packs all the benefits of omega-7s without any of the dangers of palmitic acid.

  2. Provicor with purified omega-7

    Provicor with Provinal Purified Omega-7 –

    Find out about the Omega-7 breakthrough that could revolutionize heart health…and it was accidentally discovered by a Cleveland fry cook?!?

    When most people first hear the story about how Provinal purified omega-7 oil was discovered, their disbelief meter goes off the charts.

    Because it’s a discovery with the potential to keep your cardiovascular system healthy that was found in, of all places, a fry kitchen.

    That’s right—a fry kitchen, where a Cleveland fry cook played a role in uncovering what may prove to be a revolutionary breakthrough for heart health.

    But as crazy as this sounds, it’s true.

    Mike (the fry cook) and his buddy Al accidentally stumbled upon a unique compound with the potential to change the way we look at natural heart health support.

    From fried chicken grease to the renowned Cleveland Clinic research lab

    Mike owned one of the most popular fried chicken joints in town. He fried so much chicken his deep fryer was thoroughly coated with fat… nearly impossible to clean out.

    So Mike turned to his scientist buddy, Al Jenkins, who’d worked as a biochemist for more than 30 years. Always willing to help out, Al went to work to solve the problem. It took months of trial and error, and many different formulas, and still nothing was working. And then, as a last resort, Al decided to try a natural oil he’d read about – omega-7 oil.

    It worked. The fryer was free and clear.

    Al’s scientific brain was spinning—what he’d just seen was so intriguing. And it got him wondering, first about exactly which compound in that oil had cleaned the fryer so well. And, even more important, if a natural oil did such a good job cleaning Mike’s fryer, what else might it do?

    He took those questions to local medical researchers to see whether his ideas could work. And he finally found a group willing to put those questions to the test. And they commissioned a study performed at the famous Cleveland Clinic. A study that grabbed the interest of scientists…and Dr. Mark Stengler.

    Cleveland Clinic puts Omega-7 oil to the test

    When researchers begin testing a new heart health discovery, they start with very special lab animals known as Apo-E knockout mice. These mice are specifically bred for cardiovascular research.

    So the Cleveland Clinic team tested omega-7 oil in Apo-E knockout mice. And it helped! After just 12 weeks on this oil, it helped those mice maintain healthy arteries.

    The researchers were excited and intrigued after viewing the highly visible results (I wish you could see the pictures!).

    While more human research is needed, omega-7 oil appears to hold the enormous potential to become an important tool for your cardiovascular health

    Scientists overcome a huge drawback with Omega-7

    Omega-7 is just starting to pique the interest of doctors around the world, including Dr. Mark Stengler. And while the Cleveland Clinic mouse study showed very promising results, the scientists ran across a stumbling block.

    You see, with some sources—like the one used in that study—it comes with a drawback called palmitic acid. The mouse study tested an Omega-7 found in macadamia nut oil, which also happened to contain higher levels of palmitic acid, an unhealthy saturated fat.

    So they had to look for a better source… and they found it, a form of Omega-7 that met their standards.

    Introducing Provinal—a purified omega-7 oil to help keep your cholesterol healthy

    Provinal is a brand new form of ultra-purified Omega 7, derived from one of the best sources of omega oils—anchovies. These small, oily fish are richly concentrated sources of Omega 3 fatty acids, and it looks like their Omega-7 content will come in very high as well.

    Anchovy oil is a highly prized source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. That’s partly due to the fact that such small fish have much lower toxin levels than other marine sources. And Provinal goes even further.

    Provinal purified omega-7 oil contains less than 1% palmitic acid (less than any other form of Omega-7). Even better, it contains 22% more Omega-7 content than the next highest source on the market.

    Now, we don’t know everything about Provinal, or even purified Omega-7 fatty acids, yet. But based on very preliminary research, and the fact that other omega fatty acids promote cardiovascular health, this looks to be one of the most promising finds of the century.

    That potential is what inspired Dr. Stengler to develop a complete heart health supplement, built around the promise of Provinal purified omega-7 oil.

    Stellar potential plus time-tested powerhouses packed into one healthy heart formula

    Dr. Stengler was so intrigued by what Provinal purified omega-7oil might be able to do for cardiovascular health, he was inspired to create a formula that would really let it shine.

    Despite the very limited current clinical evidence—Provinal purified omega-7 oil is so new there hasn’t been enough time yet to subject it to robust study—Dr. Stengler couldn’t ignore its very promising potential.

    To achieve maximum cardiovascular support, he anchored its potential to four well-tested healthy heart compounds. He uses these four cardiovascular powerhouses regularly in his practice, but has never before packed them all into a single formula, with the extra added promise of Provinal purified omega-7 oil.

    And Dr. Stengler has so much confidence in this formula, that he’s using it in his practice even before full clinical testing has been completed.

    “Even the most skeptical doctors will be impressed with the results”

    “Three months,” said Dr. Stengler. “That’s about how long I expect it will take most people to show an effect from Provicor. And that’s when they should ask their doctors to test them, after they’ve been taking the formula for three months. I expect even the most skeptical doctors will be impressed with the results.”

    It turns out that many patients come to Dr. Stengler looking for help keeping their numbers in check, especially cholesterol.

    He believes this new formula will help with that, along with several other important cardiovascular markers.

    “I expect doctors will be able to see objective proof that this works, if they do a blood test at the baseline, and again after three months on the formula. In fact, I expect they’ll see a dramatic improvement.”

    But he doesn’t expect the improvement to come only with cholesterol numbers. No, this is a total heart health formula, and it could improve many important measures of heart health, including some that your doctor probably isn’t testing for… yet.

    What your doctor isn’t testing…yet…
    but should be

    Dr. Stengler was talking about inflammation and heart health all the way back in 2005. And now he’s leading the charge to ask for the most telling tests when it comes to your cardiovascular health:

    • hsCRP, the newest form of the CRP inflammation test (the “hs” stands for high sensitivity)
    • VAP (vertical auto profile), to measure cholesterol particle size
    • Oxidized LDL test, to keep tabs on cholesterol oxidation

    These tests offer a more complete profile of your cardiovascular health, giving your doctor more telling clues about how to keep you healthy.

    You may already know that inflammation can play a part in your cardiovascular health—and maintaining a healthy inflammatory response can help keep your heart in good working order. And it can be measured by testing your CRP (C-reactive protein) levels, preferably (according to Dr. Stengler) by using the hsCRP test.

    Cholesterol particle size is just now starting to get more attention. And it seems that size really does matter, when it comes to your cardiovascular health—possibly as much as (or maybe even more than) the standard cholesterol counts. The consensus seems to be that bigger particles are better, and tracking the particle size can help you keep your heart healthy.

    And then there’s oxidation, which even sounds bad. It’s so common, an entire industry was built around fighting it…antioxidants. And you will find plenty of antioxidant power, along with help to keep inflammation at healthy levels, in Dr. Stengler’s formula—Provicor.

    “It’s my goal to keep your heart healthy”

    Dr. Stengler wants to help people maintain their cardiovascular health– which means keeping their cholesterol numbers in the healthy zone. And that’s just what his new formula may do: help you keep your cholesterol numbers, both good and bad, right where they belong, and so much more.

    In fact, if it works as expected, Provicor with Purified Omega-7 Oil may:

    • Help keep your LDL cholesterol healthy
    • Help boost heart healthy HDL cholesterol
    • Use antioxidant power to help protect LDL cholesterol from oxidative stress
    • Help lower CRP levels
    • Help you maintain healthy blood pressure levels
    • Help keep your triglyceride levels right where they belong

    Provicor unites potential with research-backed heart health powerhouses

    With Provinal purified omega-7 oil at the base, the Provicor formula also brings in four time-tested ingredients to offer plenty of cardiovascular support without a ton of pills.

    Some of these ingredients may sound familiar, and some are fairly new (but well-tested). And all together, along with the promise of Provinal purified omega-7 oil, they may help keep your cardiovascular system—your heart—in top working order.

    The ingredients list reads like your heart’s wish list:

    • Provinal™ Omega7 fatty acid blend
    • Amlamax® (a special extract of Ayurvedic amla fruit)
    • MegaNatural® BP (a unique grape seed extract)
    • CoQ10
    • Plant sterols

    Together, these ingredients cover virtually every aspect of maintaining good cardiovascular health. And we’re about to learn a whole lot more…

    Confidential pre-publication trial results revealed

    “VERY CONFIDENTIAL” covers the top of the report. Inside are the details of a very exciting, just completed but not yet published clinical trial. The subject: Amlamax, a crucial ingredient in the Provicor formula.

    Several studies have already been published demonstrating the benefits of Amlamax, a compound that promises to be a heavy hitter in your heart-healthy lineup. A 12-week randomized, double blind, placebo controlled trial included more than 50 human subjects. And the results were extremely positive for many cardiovascular health measures – so you can see why this is.

    The most important plant in Indian traditional Ayurveda

    You already know there’s some very exciting research going on involving Amlamax—but just what is it?

    Amla (emblica officinalis), which some consider to be the “most important plant in the Indian traditional Ayurveda,” has been used for centuries to promote health and well-being. And while many parts of the plant are used, the fruit is most important.

    An extract of that time-tested fruit offers your cardiovascular system a wealth of help to stay in good health. In addition to the two studies we can’t yet talk about, there are already published trials detailing the benefits of this Indian super fruit.

    Amlamax shines inclinical trials, improving many heart health markers

    It happens sometimes with natural compounds—you expect them to do one thing, and they prove to do so much more. Amlamax is one of those multi-talented ingredients, taking on cholesterol, triglycerides, and inflammation. And that’s just what we know so far…

    In one pilot study, subjects that took 500 mg of Amlamax daily for six months showed improvement in just three, with some measures improving even more by the six-month mark. Along with significant improvements in LDL and total cholesterol, just look at these three-month results (all results are calculated from baseline).

    And some measures looked even better after six months, like a cumulative total 9% increase in HDL cholesterol. Triglyceride levels saw a 34% decline after six months, while CRP levels dropped by a stunning 40%. (Again, all improvements are based on starting values.)

    Heart health marker

    3 month results

    Triglycerides 21% decrease
    HDL cholesterol 3% increase
    C-reactive protein 35% decrease

    In another small study, this one lasting four months, researchers also saw very positive results. In subjects taking 500 mg of Amlamax daily, both total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol decreased, and triglycerides were reduced by an exciting 24%. What’s more, HDL cholesterol increased by a significant 14%. (This study did not measure CRP.)

    With Amlamax in the formula, cholesterol, triglycerides, and inflammation have met their match. But Dr. Stengler wanted to pack Provicor with even more support. So he added a blockbuster blood pressure compound.

    Beautiful blood pressure balance from a surprising little source

    Grapes. Everything you need to help keep your blood pressure in the normal range can be found in grapes. Well, in grape seeds, to be more exact.

    And scientists have developed a unique grape seed extract (with four U.S. patents) that contains 90-95% polyphenols, important antioxidants jam-packed with support for your cardiovascular system.

    This novel grape seed extract is called MegaNatural-BP®. And Dr. Stengler thinks even the most stubborn doctors just can’t argue with the science behind this heart health phenomenon.

    One study found that both 150 mg and 300 mg doses helped keep blood pressure levels healthy better than placebo. And this was a four-week, randomized double blind placebo-controlled trial.

    In fact, after taking MegaNatural-BP for just four weeks, both dosage groups saw improvements in both diastolic and systolic blood pressure. On top of that, MegaNatural BP appeared to help reduce the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, especially in the 300 mg group.

    An earlier study also showed very positive results. In that randomized placebo-controlled trial, subjects saw improvements in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

    So with ingredients to help you maintain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels, as well as promoting a healthy inflammatory response, the formula could be complete. But, still, Dr. Stengler believed he could make Provicor even better.

    You’re running out of this natural heart helper at analarming rate…

    It’s one of the most important natural enzymes in your body, used by every single cell, bringing substantial antioxidant power. It helps boost your cellular energy, strengthens your overall heart function, and may even help you maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

    Unfortunately, as you get older, your body just naturally produces less and less. And if you happen to be taking a statin drug, you run a greater risk of deficiency.

    The fix is simple. Supplementing with this ‘miracle’ enzyme—CoQ10—can help replenish your levels, and produce amazing heart healthy results.

    One of the biggest studies ever performed on CoQ10, which included 2,359 subjects, showed that the majority of participants had improved heart function after taking CoQ10 supplements for just three months.

    And quite a few studies have looked into its potential to support healthy systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

    Plus, along with healthy blood pressure support you’ll get antioxidant power and an infusion of cellular energy.

    And Provicor comes with still one more heart healthy compound to keep your cardiovascular system running smoothly.

    This ingredient is so well-known for maintainingheart health…

    Even the most mainstream medical professional would agree that the final ingredient in Provicor (at the dose you’ll find in Provicor) can help keep your heart healthy.

    The ingredient is plant sterols, unique compounds found in (you guessed it) plants that have been shown to support heart health. This special compound helps your body keep cholesterol levels healthy from a completely different angle: they seem to interfere with your body’s absorption of cholesterol in your intestines.

    There’s plenty of science here, too. In fact, one scientific meta-analysislooked at 84 clinical trials that included an overall total of 6,805 participants. The conclusion: plant sterols help maintain healthy LDL and total cholesterol levels.

    Add that heart health supporter to the other ingredients in Provicor, and you’ve got something really special to help keep your cardiovascular system in great shape.

    Help keep your cardiovascular system healthy with Provicor

    With all this support packed into one bottle, Provicor streamlines the way to keep your cardiovascular system in good health.

    And Dr. Stengler is so confident in the power packed into Provicor that he encourages you to get tested before you begin taking it, and again three months later.

    Dr. Stengler recommends taking three gel capsules daily. You can find it here.

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