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  1. Stroke disability levels plunge with Mediterranean diet

    How to THRIVE and live DISABILITY-FREE after a stroke

    It’s something the mainstream has NO answer for… and by the time they get around to recognizing it, it’s already too late.

    But there is one super simple step you can take right now that can protect you from the worst effects of a stroke.

    It’s not a drug or a vitamin. It’s not a special diet. It’s not even some kind of crazy workout program.

    When I say simple, I mean it.

    New research reveals how a short walk each day – a good habit in any case – can deliver something that no medication in the world can promise.

    It can BLOCK the worst damage of a stroke if you’re unlucky enough to have one.

    This will not only help save your life. It can also do something that’s in many ways far more important.

    It can PRESERVE your QUALITY of life.

    Stroke survivors often struggle after they’re home from the hospital. Sometimes, the problems are temporary and therapy can help.

    But for others, the damage is permanent.

    Patients battle speech and mobility problems. Some lose function in an arm or leg.

    And many struggle with everyday tasks including getting dressed and bathing, which can lead to a loss of independence.

    But not if you get a little movement, and I don’t mean working up a sweat or doing anything uncomfortable or unpleasant.

    Just 35 minutes of low-intensity activity such as a gentle stroll.

    The new study didn’t look at stroke prevention so much as what people did BEFORE a stroke, and how it impacted them AFTER.

    And the older folks who did this one simple task – a daily walk or some other gentle activity – had HALF the risk of severe problems when they eventually had a stroke.

    It’s as if that little stroll was somehow slowly building up armor in the brain, protecting it from the worst of the damage.

    What’s amazing is that so many “healthy habits” that cut the risk of problems such as a stroke often require dramatic changes, and many people can’t pull that off.

    But a daily walk?

    That’s not dramatic at all. Anyone can do it, and you can use that time to multitask. Catch up on your phone calls, walk and talk with a friend or family member, or even just pick up your coffee on foot instead of by car.

    Not into walking? Just about any other activity will do, from swimming to biking to playing a sport. The only requirement is that you pick one – or more – and keep at it.

  2. Could this DELICIOUS treat stop today’s WORST killers?

    Could this DELICIOUS treat stop today’s WORST killers? 

    Take two yogurts and call me in the morning?

    I know that it sounds crazy, but it’s true: Just two servings of yogurt can make a MAJOR difference when it comes to your health.

    And you don’t even have to eat it every day to get the benefits!

    New research shows how just two servings per WEEK is all it takes to cut your risk of some of today’s top killers.

    Here’s the best part: These benefits don’t go to healthy people who aren’t facing much risk to begin with.

    The new study focused on REAL-WORLD outcomes in the very people who need help the most. It looked at older men and women with high blood pressure — who face a higher risk of heart attack, stroke, and more.

    Most of these folks end up taking meds for their blood pressure.

    Some of them take two or three meds or more.

    But maybe all they need is some yogurt!

    In women, the biggest benefit is in heart risk. Eating yogurt will cut your risk of a heart attack by 30 percent and slash the risk of revascularization by 16 percent.

    Guys, those same two servings a day will cut your risk of a heart attack by a fifth.

    And in men and women alike, eating yogurt can cut the risk of major coronary heart disease and/or stroke by 20 percent, according to the study in the American Journal of Hypertension.

    If there were a drug that promised all that, it would be a best-seller — because NONE of the meds currently given out for hypertension can promise all of those benefits.

    It’s just the opposite!

    Many of those drugs work on paper only. They cut blood pressure — so, as far as your doctor is concerned, they do their job. And you think they work, because you can see your numbers coming down.

    But studies show even when the meds cut BP, they don’t always deliver on a lower risk of heart attack and stroke. And thanks to side effects, including fall-inducing dizzy spells, these drugs often end up doing more harm than good.

    You’re better off with natural blood pressure control treatments and a little yogurt.

    The one thing to watch for here is the kind of yogurt you eat, since too many of them are loaded with sweeteners, coloring agents, preservatives, and a mess of other junk.

    Stick to all-natural organic yogurts. Ideally, buy plain yogurt and then add your own ingredients at home — try fresh berries, crushed nuts and even some cinnamon and cocoa powder… all of which will give you extra benefits instead of just empty calories.

  3. [Alert] Popular meds boost stroke risk 59%

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  4. Stroke risk plunges on the Mediterranean diet

    Avoid the single leading cause of disability in America’s seniors It’s a single moment in which you can lose everything that makes you who you are. And it’s one of the leading causes of disability in America’s seniors, leaving some people struggling with everyday tasks. After having a stroke, some even lose their freedom because they’re unable to walk, talk...
  5. Cholesterol drugs DON’T extend lives

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  6. Coconut oil is poison? Not so fast!

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  7. Reduce blood pressure by filtering your air

    Cure high BP by breathing the right kind of air Can cutting your blood pressure be as simple as breathing? You bet it can! Don’t worry. I’m not about to plug meditation, yoga, “breathing exercises,” or any of that other stuff. Sure, some of it can be helpful to some people. But the quick trick I’m about to reveal today...
  8. Heart disease linked to metals in food and water

    Chase away this HIDDEN heart-wrecker Heart problems? You? NEVER! Even if you show every sign of good health… and have passed EVERY test with flying colors… you could STILL be a ticking time bomb. Because there’s something hidden in the food you eat, the water you drink, and the air you breathe that could WRECK your heart. It’s the SECRET...
  9. Heart attack risk revealed in brow wrinkles

    A heart attack warning sign as plain as the nose on your face Can you diagnose heart risk… with just with a quick glance in the mirror? New research finds a warning sign of heart disease that’s not quite as plain as the nose on your face. It’s about half an inch above it. You’re looking for wrinkles. If you...
  10. Statins don’t help healthy seniors

    EXPOSED: The biggest myth about today’s most common drug! Statins for everyone? Not so fast! I’ve never bought the statin myth. Even when these awful drugs “work”… and cut LDL levels as promised… they won’t always cut your RISKS. Now, new research exposes the truth about statins. If you’re a little older and already healthy, they won’t add so much...
  11. Reset heart disease risk with CoQ10 and selenium

    This dynamic duo gives your heart a second chance! Everyone loves a do-over, right? Sometimes, it’s easy -- like when your buddies let you rescue the golf ball after a lousy drive. Other times, not so much. There’s no undoing a traffic accident (or the bills that follow). You’d think your HEALTH would fall into that second category, especially if...
  12. Control cholesterol with a compound from apples

    The “apple-a-day” secret to PERFECT cholesterol There’s an old cliché about “an apple a day.” You know how it goes. But new research finds more than a little truth in this one. Because a “secret” compound locked inside one very specific – and very rare – kind of apple may do more than just keep the doctor away. It could...
  13. Drug lowers LDL, but doesn’t show cut in heart risk

    Bonkers new study ignores critical effects on cardiovascular health It’s official: The medical mainstream has finally lost whatever was left of its collective mind. It’s pushing a new cholesterol drug through the approvals process as fast as it can, vowing that THIS ONE is going to be BETTER than all the rest. And sure, some of the numbers look impressive...
  14. Stents for angina questioned after new study

    Angina? You may NOT need that stent after all! Well, it’s officially happened: The mainstream has gone out of its mind! It’s now pushing an operation on heart patients that it ADMITS might not work, and it’s using a study it ADMITS is flawed to make the case. The reason? Hey, at least patients might get a placebo effect out...
  15. Gout linked to heart and stroke risk

    Is your gout pain a warning of something WORSE? You’re no cream puff. I bet you’re pretty tough – and you’re certainly not the type to gripe over a little pain. And because you’re so tough, sometimes you don’t want to seek help for pain even when you need it. “I can handle it!” Well, friend, some kinds of pain...
  16. Heart disease linked to common herpes virus

    Could your heart be infected… with herpes? It’s one of the most common viruses on the planet… one that someone in your household likely has right now. It might be you – and you might not even know it. The cytomegalovirus is what we call a slow-burner. It sits in the background and doesn’t do much in many cases. Or...
  17. LDL cholesterol ISN’T the risk factor it’s been made out to be!

    Is LDL more dangerous than you’ve thought? Hear that drumbeat? The mainstream is banging away at the cholesterol drum yet again – and this time, it has a study designed to panic you into dancing to the beat. It says that even if you’re healthy… even if you have NO other risk factors for heart problems… and even if you’re...
  18. Hypertension ‘triple’ drug has three times the risks

    New BP med will TRIPLE your troubles! In what has to be the WORST example yet of the push to over-medicate millions of American seniors, the mainstream has cooked up a terrifying new drug. It’s a single pill. But locked inside each one, you’ll find THREE different drugs for blood pressure. That’s three sets of risks in one handy pill...
  19. Stroke survivors need vitamin D

    What EVERY stroke survivor needs ASAP It’s one thing to survive a stroke. It’s quite another to come out the other side without missing a step. Even when the stroke doesn’t KILL you, it could WRECK you. The damage left behind by stoke is one of the leading causes of disability in seniors. It can stop you from getting out...
  20. Heart failure linked to common pollutants

    Could your heart fail… from BREATHING? It’s one of the deadliest conditions you could have – and unfortunately, it’s all too common. Nearly 1 in 10 American deaths involve heart failure. And with some 6 million others battling the condition right now, more are joining them every day. You can work your tail off to avoid this disease (as you...

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