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  1. Flu linked to heart risk

    Could the flu give you a heart attack?

    Getting the flu is like getting a punch in the chest from a heavyweight fighter.

    It can knock you down for the count, and not just when you're exhausted in bed as you battle the hacking, wheezing, coughing, and sneezing that mark the illness.

    A new report shows how it can leave something else behind that can linger after all those symptoms fade.

    It can lead to a decline in your health, causing serious and even deadly problems -- and some of them can be far worse than the flu itself.

    An expert from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville told UPI that flu patients -- especially seniors -- face major risks after recovering that might seem to have nothing to do with the infection.

    But clearly, there IS a link -- because between two weeks and one month after you recover from the flu, your risk of a heart attack jumps by as much as 500 percent.

    Not only that, but your odds of a stroke triple.

    It can even increase your risk of other serious problems, including disability.

    The mainstream is calling this an urgent reason to get a flu shot ASAP.

    Of course it is. That's the answer for everything: Get a flu shot.

    Yet the very same week this new report about flu risks came out -- just as all the experts lined up to warn seniors to get the shot -- a second report emerged that didn't get nearly as much attention.

    This one says that the shot mainstream docs are pushing is a total dud, with an effectiveness rate of just 10 percent.

    That's right. It doesn't work, and it might actually turn out to be one of the least effective flu shots of all time (and that's saying something).

    Put it together, and you have health officials urging Americans to get a shot that they now admit won't help.

    You just can't make this stuff up!

    I've got a better idea, and it works year after year -- no matter which strain of the flu becomes dominant.

    It can cut your risk of getting the infection and lessen the blow if you do get sick.

    I've developed a groundbreaking vaccine-free protocol to fight off the flu and other common winter infections. I use it myself this time of year, and I almost never get sick despite constant exposure to these viruses.

    My plan starts with a science-backed natural immune-booster called N-acetylcysteine, or NAC. Take 600 mg per day to prevent the flu. If you happen to get ill anyway, up the dose to 2,000 and 3,000 mg per day for a quicker recovery.

    Probiotics and vitamin D can also help your body to fight off the cold, flu, and more... so you stay healthy all winter long.

    Want more? You got it! Check out the January 2018 edition of Health Revelations for everything you need to know about flu protection.

  2. Vitamin K can protect against deadly heart condition

    This 'forgotten' vitamin can save your heart

    It's a deadly heart condition that strikes seniors across the country.

    Your doc won't mention it much, if it all, and one reason for it is this: He's absolutely powerless to do anything about it.

    There's no drug in the world that can clear calcium out of the aortic valve, where it can build up and lead to reduced blood flow from the heart. That in turn can lead to heart failure, a condition so deadly that half of all patients who have it don't make it to the five-year mark.

    The only option is a risky surgery to replace the valve.

    Well... that's the only option from the mainstream.

    That's not the only option here at the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine -- and now, the latest research backs my safe and natural approach for cardiac health.

    This new study shows how vitamin K2 -- a basic nutrient that's been all but forgotten by the mainstream -- can sweep calcium out of the all-important aortic valve so that blood can flow freely again.

    No blockages. No surgery. No heart failure.

    One of the studies in the analysis was a randomized clinical trial -- the gold standard in medical research -- which found K2 supplements slowed the dangerous calcification of the valve.

    The researchers are calling for more work on this, including long-term clinical trials, and I fully support that.

    More research is always good.

    But the power of vitamin K2 to clear out calcium isn't exactly up for debate. That's its job. K2 pulls calcium out of circulation from your arteries and puts it into your bone, where it belongs.

    Without K2, all the calcium in the world won't give you stronger bone.

    Just the opposite: It'll stay in your blood and eventually form those dangerous deposits.

    The only real problem with vitamin K is getting it, as most folks don't get nearly enough from diet. Even when you DO get some K, it's usually the K1 from leafy greens and not the more potent artery-sweeping K2 you need for cardiovascular protection.

    The best source of K2 is a fermented Japanese bean product called natto.

    Natto may be hard to find where you are, and you might regret it if you do get your hands on the stuff.

    It smells bad... and tastes worse.

    Consider a supplement -- but speak to a doctor first, as K vitamins can increase clotting activity and interfere with certain blood thinners such as Coumadin.

    If you have high levels of calcification, you may need a little more help than what you'll get from K2 alone. Make an appointment to see me here at the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine in the San Diego area.

    Not in Southern California? I'm also available for advice by phone. Call 855-DOC-MARK to schedule a consultation.

    And don't forget to connect with me on Facebook!

  3. Blood pressure drug linked to dangerous new risk

    Urgent warning over popular blood pressure drugs Pop the pills... gulp some water... swallow hard... then repeat daily. Blood pressure meds are used by so many people so often that most folks never even pause to question their safety. But many of the drugs are anything but safe -- and a leading consumer advocate group says that one drug in...
  4. Radiation risks from common heart tests

    Hidden danger of common heart test When you think you might be having a heart attack, you don't question anything they want to do to you. If they tell you that you need to stand on the roof in the rain and count to 100, you'll be on the next elevator up. Now, an alarming new study shows how hospitals...
  5. Heart attack blocked by leafy green nutrients

    The green secret to stopping a heart attack It's almost as powerful as a drug, triggering immediate changes inside your body that can protect your heart... stop an attack before it happens... and even prevent a stroke. But you won't find this one in a pill bottle. You'll find it at the end of a salad fork! Make sure you...
  6. Stents don’t lessen pain in stable angina patients

    Chest pain? Here's what you need to know about stents You'd better stand back, because a $15 billion-a-year industry is about to come crashing down! A major new study exposes the ugly truth about one of the most common procedures given to heart patients. It's an operation that's performed about 1,500 times a day -- a DAY! -- in the...
  7. Capsaicin can help you cut salt

    Too much salt? This little trick can help We all want to cut back on salt... but none of us want to make the switch to bland, lifeless, and flavorless foods. As it turns out, you don't have to. You can cut back on salt and love every minute of it -- and you don't have to make any sacrifices...
  8. Heart attack can kill you up to 1 year later

    What every woman needs to know about heart attacks You've survived your heart attack. Congratulations! Ladies, you know how lucky you are to make it back home in one piece, as women are more likely than men to die during a heart attack. But even after you're back home... even after you've regained your strength... and even if you've recovered...
  9. Heart attack? Don’t wait too long to get help

    Save your life in 60 minutes or less It's called the golden hour for a reason: If you're having a heart attack, it's your golden opportunity to STOP the attack, LIMIT the damage, and SURVIVE the scare. If you don't get help within those 60 minutes, you could suffer permanent problems, even disability, and that's if you're lucky. If you're...
  10. Licorice linked to heartbeat problems

    How Santa's 'coal' could hurt you! In just one week, the Christmas season will officially be here -- and with it, all the traditions we love. There's music... decorations... and, of course, food. So much food! Let's face it: Whether it's pies, cakes, candies, or just a rich meal, most of those yuletide treats aren't exactly healthy. But there's one...
  11. Atrial fibrillation linked to alcohol

    This common habit can throw your heart off track Time to put away the Halloween decorations, toss the leftover trick-or-treating candy, and start planning for Thanksgiving, which is just three weeks from today. Yes, it's that time of year. And by "planning," I don't just mean figuring out which side dishes to serve with that bird. You've got to get...
  12. Blood thinners study falls way short

    New warning over blood thinners They're some of the most dangerous drugs on the planet -- a widely used class of medication with a notoriously high risk of complications up to and including death. But a new report claims the real problem with powerful new blood thinners such as Xarelto, Pradaxa, and Eliquis ISN'T the drugs themselves. It's the media...
  13. Sudden cardiac arrest risk cut with a common mineral

    How to STOP the nation's deadliest heart condition It's one of the leading killers in the country. Sudden cardiac arrest is so deadly that it kills 90 percent of the people who get it... and it's so common that one American dies of it roughly every two minutes. Now, new research reveals one way to prevent this condition and save...
  14. Whole grains aren’t as healthy as advertised

    EXPOSED: Whole grains AREN'T healthy! Don't be a chicken! You don't act like a chicken. At least, you don't THINK you act like a chicken... but there's a good chance you share at least one habit with the old yardbird. Odds are, both of you are eating whole grains. Those are the backbone -- or maybe the wishbone -- of...
  15. Heart disease ignored in women

    How doctors make heart disease WORSE in women Ladies, there's a form of gender discrimination out there that's far worse than anything you might've faced out in the workplace. This one isn't about your salary... or even your job title. It's about your HEALTH -- and if you end up facing this ugly "hidden" bias, you could end up paying...
  16. Antidepressants increase death risk by 33 percent

    Deadly new risk linked to antidepressants Depression can make it feel like you're going to die... and, sadly, in some cases it can make you feel as if you WANT to die. But while the depression itself won't actually kill you, your treatment sure could. New research exposes a hidden risk of the antidepressant drugs now taken by more than...
  17. Heart attack risk linked to cooler weather

    Winterize your body to cut your heart attack risk The temperatures are starting to drop... and you know what's coming next. It's not just pumpkin pie. It's almost time to winterize your home and your car, getting them both ready for cold weather and -- if you live to the north -- the coming snow. Brrrrrrr! But while you're at...
  18. Omega-3s block heart disease

    Slash your risk of death by up to 30 percent! It's the top killer in the nation by far, responsible for 1 in 3 deaths, including comedy legend Jerry Lewis just last month. If a guy with all of that money and fame can't beat heart disease, what are your chances? I'd say they're pretty good! You have something Jerry...
  19. Vitamin C cuts heart disease risks

    Natural miracle slashes heart risk by 70 percent Can you believe this nonsense? After 13 YEARS of research and HUNDREDS of millions of dollars, Merck managed to produce a drug that cuts heart risk by a measly 9 percent. I wouldn't sneeze at that if it were safe and cheap. But this is a drug with worrisome side effects and...
  20. LDL cholesterol drops can be dangerous

    New warning over LOW cholesterol Docs are finally waking up to one of the biggest scams in medicine -- one you may have been a victim of yourself. The very meds that are supposed to "control" cholesterol can bring your levels down far too low. Even many mainstream physicians are starting to back off. And the drug industry is absolutely...

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