Heart and Cardiovascular

  1. Omega-3s block heart disease

    Slash your risk of death by up to 30 percent!

    It's the top killer in the nation by far, responsible for 1 in 3 deaths, including comedy legend Jerry Lewis just last month.

    If a guy with all of that money and fame can't beat heart disease, what are your chances?

    I'd say they're pretty good!

    You have something Jerry Lewis didn't: You've got me, and I've got the latest science on a simple, safe, inexpensive, and highly effective way to beat this killer disease.

    It's fish oil.

    You already know how these powerful omega-3 fatty acids can protect your heart... prevent disease... block an attack... and help you recover if you do have a problem.

    But the new study goes much farther and shows specifically how fish oil can prevent the one "complication" of heart disease you care about most -- and that's dying.

    Overall, omega-3 supplements will cut your risk of cardiac death by 8 percent.

    That may not sound like much. But if everyone in America took fish oil supplements, nearly 1,000 lives would be saved every single week -- with virtually NO downside, since the supplements are far safer than meds.

    And as good as those numbers are, they don't quite tell the full story.

    That's the overall benefit, but some people get a bigger boost than others.

    If you're at risk for heart disease -- or already have it -- you're facing a higher risk of death from heart problems than someone without the condition.

    You're exactly the kind of person that needs a little more help.

    And once again, it's fish oil to the rescue.

    The same new study finds that people with high triglycerides -- a major risk factor for heart problems -- get more than DOUBLE the benefit.

    If your own levels are rising, fish oil will cut your risk of cardiac death by 17 percent.

    And even then, that might still underestimate the true benefit!

    The new study was a meta-analysis, or a review of older studies. In this case, the researchers looked at 14 studies. But much of the research on fish oil uses relatively low doses, which leads to fewer benefits (and, in some studies, none at all).

    Get the higher doses your body really needs, and you can get a much bigger benefit -- and the new analysis proves that, too.

    The handful of studies that used high-dose fish oil found that doses of 1 gram or higher of EPA and DHA can cut the risk of cardiac death by a stunning 30 percent!

    That's not an especially high dose. It's on the lower side, and it's perfectly safe -- but because it can thin the blood a little, speak to a doctor first in case you're on other supplements or meds that also thin the blood.

  2. Vitamin C cuts heart disease risks

    Natural miracle slashes heart risk by 70 percent

    Can you believe this nonsense?

    After 13 YEARS of research and HUNDREDS of millions of dollars, Merck managed to produce a drug that cuts heart risk by a measly 9 percent.

    I wouldn't sneeze at that if it were safe and cheap.

    But this is a drug with worrisome side effects and -- if it's ever approved -- a sky-high price.

    Meanwhile, the same people cooking up these drugs flat-out IGNORE the real therapies that pack much bigger benefits for a lower price... and zero risk.

    One new study that's getting no attention at all finds a treatment that's EIGHT TIMES more effective than this supposedly up-and-coming drug.

    The answer? Tried-and-true vitamin C!

    Having high levels of vitamin C can cut your risk of cardiovascular mortality by a stunning 70 percent.

    Hard to believe, given it's something so basic. The problem is that it's a little TOO basic -- so common, that most people never think about it.

    They assume they're getting what they need.

    But while few people in the United States are truly deficient, many don't come close to the optimal levels so essential to good health.

    When they do, it's usually from the wrong source: orange juice.

    While there's plenty of C in that glass of juice, 12 ounces of OJ also packs NINE teaspoons of sugar.

    That's about what you'll find in a can of Coke!

    All that sugar won't cut your heart risk. It'll boost it.

    While there's nothing wrong with getting a little C from a single orange, that's not the best source of the nutrient.

    Believe it or not, a cup of broccoli has 50 percent more vitamin C than that orange... with none of the sugar. You'll also find C in Brussels sprouts and bell peppers as well as papayas, strawberries, and kiwifruit.

    But unless you eat those foods daily, it's hard to get what you truly need.

    In the new study, the folks with the highest levels of vitamin C not only had a healthier diet overall, but were also more likely to be taking a vitamin C supplement.

    For most Americans, that supplement is the only truly consistent way to reach optimal levels of vitamin C.

    There is one caveat here: Too much C at once can lead to an upset stomach. That, in turn, can give you gas and diarrhea, which will chase the C out about as fast as it goes in.

    There's an easy way to overcome that: Don't take a single high-dose supplement, but take a lower dose, twice a day. If you have a decent multivitamin with good C levels, you can take that in the morning and your C supplement in the evening.

    Your doc can help you figure out how much you need and the best way to get it.

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  12. Weight loss protects against heart failure

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  18. Heart disease deadlier with depression

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  19. Heart disease risks hidden in women

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