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  1. Do you REALLY need to take a multivitamin?

    There’s an easy way to ensure you’re covered on ALL your basic nutrients at once.

    And it costs literally pennies a day.

    So naturally, the mainstream is downright livid over this – launching attack… after attack… after attack… on simple, humble, everyday multivitamins.

    Now, they’re at it again.

    They’re out with a new report in the medical journal BMJ that claims multivitamins do pretty much nothing for most healthy people and don’t prevent non-communicable diseases.

    They claim there’s NO reason to take vitamins… NO reason to take minerals… and even NO reason to take fish oil.

    Yep. Not even a Flintstone for you!

    But don’t toss your vitamins yet – because this study only tells PART of the story.

    And when you look at the big picture, you can see why these aren’t just good to have around.

    They can be downright essential!

    What your multivitamin can do for you

    Multivitamins aren’t a disease-beating magic pill, and no one in natural medicine would ever claim that.

    But they fill in the gaps. And when it comes to gaps…

    Nearly EVERYONE is missing out one SOMETHING.

    That’s not my opinion. That’s a fact. The Linus Pauling Institute looked at data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from 2007-2010 and found that based on diet alone:

    • 3 percent don’t get enough vitamin D
    • 5 percent miss out on vitamin E
    • 2 percent fall short in magnesium
    • 1 percent fail on calcium
    • 43 percent have insufficient vitamin A
    • 9 percent are low in vitamin C

    And many others fall short in potassium, choline, vitamin K and just about ALL of the B vitamins.

    That’s not even the full list!

    Without a thorough test, there’s no way of knowing what you might be missing. And even if you take a test, that’s just a snapshot of one moment in time, and won’t capture the full range of nutrient levels over weeks, months and years.

    So you can either pay big money for frequent blood tests… and feel like a human pincushion to boot… or just assume that you’re among the vast majority of Americans missing SOMETHING.

    The simplest way to correct nearly all of it at once is with a multivitamin.

    These vitamins aren’t going to CURE any single disease.

    But they WILL cover you on the basics – ensuring at the very least a baseline for nutrition to start from, support against common health concerns and maybe even give you an edge in the fight against conditions such as bone loss, mood disorders and immune system issues, all of which have a strong nutritional component.

    Just think of them as smart, broad spectrum nutrient insurance.

    Then, beyond that, work with a doctor who practices integrative or functional medicine to go over your specific risks and what you might need in addition to a multivitamin for complete protection.

  2. The lung disease you didn’t know you had… and how to BEAT it

    You don’t see many people wearing ribbons for it. There are no big celebrity-backed awareness campaigns.

    And it’s not something they talk about on TV much, if at all.

    But right now… at this very moment… tens of thousands of older Americans are quietly suffering from the earliest stages of a potentially devastating lung disease.

    By the time they know it’s there, it might be too late to do much about it.

    Today, I’m going to share with you the early-warning signals so you know EXACTLY when you’re at risk for pulmonary fibrosis and can seek help FAST, when it has a chance to matter most.

    More importantly, I’ve also got something else: a completely natural way that promises to help FIGHT this condition and STOP it from ruining your golden years!

    A dangerous condition… hiding in plain sight

    Some 200,000 Americans are living with pulmonary fibrosis – and every week, up to 1,000 more patients are diagnosed with the condition, which leads to dangerous scarring on your lungs.

    That makes it difficult to breathe – and almost impossible for your body to get the oxygen it needs.

    Over time, it can lead to lung failure and even death.

    It’s not always clear WHY it happens.

    In most cases, doctors STILL don’t know the cause.

    But we do know this: Quick action can slow it down… and new research shows one step you can take right now against this disease in its earliest stages.

    The secret is a compound locked inside green tea.

    In a small study, patients given 600 mg of the tea compound epigallocatechin gallate – better known as EGCG – had remarkable changes within just two weeks.

    Both blood tests and lung biopsy samples showed LOWER LEVELS of the protein known to cause those scars compared to patients who didn’t get the supplements.

    And if this research holds up, that could make EGCG and excellent choice – especially to folks in the critical earliest stages of this condition.

    So… how do you know if you’re at risk?

    Many people don’t, because the first symptoms are often so mild you might think it’s something else.

    It usually starts with a dry cough.

    Some might blame allergies. Some might think it’s “that darned cold that keeps coming back.”

    In reality, it could be your first sign – one that needs to get checked out, especially if it’s accompanied by the other most common symptom: shortness of breath.

    Again, it may seem minor at first. And you might want to blame it on your age.

    But there’s a chance it’s not minor, and not your age, especially if it gets worse.

    Get yourself checked out. Get some tests. And talk to your doctor about this new discovery – because if the new study is any indication, EGCG could play a key role in slowing this condition down and protecting your lungs.

  3. This daily “ritual” could add YEARS to your life!

    In times of troubles and stress… just like what we’re going through right now… sometimes the best actions you can take are the simplest ones. Go ahead. Turn on the kettle. Let the water boil. And brew yourself a piping hot mug of your favorite tea. I feel a little more relaxed just thinking about this comforting daily ritual! But...
  4. The MISSING MINERAL that can stop aging!

    Aging in reverse? Might sound like a wild fantasy – literally impossible when it comes down to it. Well, friend, the impossible just became possible today... at least on a cellular level. The latest research reveals a way to slow one of the most important signs of aging deep inside your body – and to be clear, this isn’t just...
  5. Your MOST EFFECTIVE natural medicines… now under attack!

    Homeopathy is under attack around the world, including here in the U.S., despite being some of the most effective meds in the pharmacy. Get the scoop on what works best.
  6. Fibromyalgia reversed with a simple natural therapy

    Docs were DEAD WRONG about fibromyalgia (Here’s how to BEAT it) It’s the disease your own doctor might INSIST you don’t have. And it’s not because you don’t actually have it… but because HE doesn’t BELIEVE in it! Some docs think fibromyalgia is like fairies and unicorns; a made-up bit of fantasy from over-imaginative patients who only THINK they’re sick...
  7. Heart surgery patients need vitamin D

    What EVERY heart patient needs before surgery It's the science-backed therapy that can make a life-or-death difference if you're having heart surgery. It's safe... it's cheap... it's readily available... and it comes with no side effects. Odds are, though, you won't get it unless you ask! New research proves once again that high doses of vitamin D before heart surgery...
  8. Vitamin D cuts death risk in heart patients

    The one vitamin that EVERY heart patient needs Don't wait for summer to get some sun. If you've got heart disease... if you're even at risk for the condition... you need a little sunshine now. The warmth of the sun doesn't just FEEL good on a spring day. It's CRITICAL to your health -- and new research shows how the...
  9. Vitamin D needs magnesium

    Is your vitamin D supplement failing you? The word is out: Most folks know they need vitamin D, and many are now taking supplements. But are you REALLY getting what you need? Odds are, you're NOT! Sure, you might be taking the 2,000 to 5,000 IUs per day that I recommend to my own patients here at the Stengler Center...
  10. Gallbladder risks drop with vitamin E

    Avoid this common surgery with one inexpensive vitamin It's one of the most common surgical procedures in the entire nation -- yet it gets almost NO attention! Surgery for gallstones -- usually to remove the entire gallbladder -- is almost as common as a hip replacement. Every day, some 1,200 Americans head into the hospital for this procedure. But today...
  11. Probiotics can beat the common cold

    Beat the common cold... even if you're always getting sick! Flu might be dominating the headlines right now, but there's another bad illness going around that's not getting nearly the same level of attention. It's an especially nasty strain of the common cold. Unlike the flu, it's not deadly. But like the flu, coming down with this infection can knock...
  12. Rates of kidney stones rising in women

    Are you in the crosshairs for this painful condition? Ladies, equality is coming... just not the kind you've been hoping for! A new report finds that women are catching up to men by a measure you absolutely want nothing to do with. Kidney stones, once more common in guys, are now striking the ladies in alarmingly high rates. If you've...
  13. Flu immunity boosted with omega-3s

    Fight the flu with this secret from the sea It's the "secret sauce" in your flu-fighting strategy... a powerful series of compounds that can arm your immune system so that it's locked, loaded, and ready for battle. And yet this key benefit gets almost NO attention! When people talk about fish oil, you'll hear them sing its praises over how...
  14. Breast cancer defeated with omega-3 fatty acids

    Omega-3s can fight breast cancer... but only if you get the right kind Time for a label-check, ladies, and if you're taking an omega-3 supplement -- as I hope you are -- I want you to pay extra close attention to the fine print. Don't just look for how much is in there. Look for where it comes from. There's...
  15. Vitamin D eases irritable bowel syndrome

    Bowel problems? This vitamin is just what you need! It's one of the most common reasons people see a doctor -- responsible for nearly 10,000 office visits every DAY. Yet it gets almost no attention in the media. It's time to change that. Up to 45 million Americans suffer from some degree of irritable bowel syndrome. While many seek treatment...
  16. Curcumin eases memory loss

    Protect your memory... even if it's already slipping! It's the brain-boosting breakthrough that every senior has been waiting for! New research reveals what may be the ultimate key to protecting your memory as you get older. This simple, safe, and inexpensive natural compound can help you keep sharp... even if you already feel like you're starting to slip. More importantly...
  17. Tinnitus defeated without drugs

    FINALLY! End that ringing in your ears What's worse than a noisy neighbor keeping you up all night? It's when that noise isn't coming from outside... but is already inside your own head. Some 50 million Americans are battling at least some degree of tinnitus, a.k.a. the "ringing in the ears" that can drive you absolutely batty and keep you...
  18. Bone protection study is full of cracks

    Is your calcium worthless? Can the calcium and ditch the D? That's what a daffy new mainstream study claims! It says that supplements won't protect your bones as promised... and won't cut your risk of breaks and fractures. Researchers even came right out and said that you shouldn't even bother taking them! But a close look at this one shows...
  19. Flu hits men harder than women

    This flu risk is no laughing matter OK guys, which do you want first: the bad news or the WORSE news? Don't worry -- it all will end with good news. For now, let me start with the bad news. As you've no doubt heard by now, this flu season is shaping up to be one of the worst in...
  20. Chamomile boosts sleep quality

    Better sleep, one sip at a time Right now, millions of Americans are suffering from a "hidden" sleep problem. It's a disorder that disguises itself so well that many folks never even think they have a sleep problem at all. They don't toss and turn. They don't wake up in the middle of the night and struggle to fall back...

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