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  1. Antibiotics lead to long-term gut damage

    [Warning] This bogus SCARE TACTIC could DESTROY your gut

    It’s the ONE key to protecting yourself from infection… digestive problems… mood disorders... and more.

    It’s a single step that will SOLVE ALL OF THESE problems at once.

    Yet right now, the mainstream is doubling down on an effort to SCARE YOU AWAY from it!

    See, there’s been yet another attack on probiotics, which provide healthy bacteria to your gut.

    And this attack may be the most OUTRAGEOUS yet.

    They’re urging you away from these healthy supplements… just when you need them the most!

    That’s during and after an antibiotic treatment, when your body’s processing drugs that were specifically CREATED to wipe out bacteria.

    That’s what they do, by DEFINITION. They (hopefully) kill the germs making you sick, but they also destroy the GOOD bacteria needed for some of your most basic and most essential functions.

    A probiotic will replenish that stash of bacteria as the drugs wipe them out, helping you in two distinct and proven ways:

    • Probiotics cut the immediate risks, like diarrhea and secondary infections; and
    • They’ll also help over the long haul, ensuring you continue to have good digestion, serotonin production, immune support and more.

    Yet the new study claims none of that matters.

    Researchers say you can fill your body with the antibiotics… including some of the most powerful meds in the whole pharmacy… and never have to worry about a thing.

    The study claims that your gut bacteria quickly return to normal after antibiotic treatment.

    Well, that’s their conclusion… but it’s DEAD WRONG.

    I read the DETAILS of the study, and the details tell a whole different story…

    The details not only PROVE that your gut DOESN’T return to normal, but they also reveal how it might NEVER be right again!

    Not on its own anyway.

    The study finds at least NINE types of essential “good” bacteria DON’T return in normal levels in the six months after antibiotic treatment.

    Bacteria are opportunists, of course. When the good ones leave, the bad ones move in, and that’s not just a “theory” anymore...

    The new study confirms it once again. It found that “non-desirable” bacteria can invade the gut in the aftermath, throwing that balance out whack.

    That combo – low levels of good bacteria and higher levels of bad ones – can set the stage for serious and lasting problems, including chronic disease and in some cases, even an early death.

    Obviously, if you’re ever taking antibiotics, ignore the conclusion of this new study take a probiotic.

    But don’t assume you’re in the clear if you’re not on the meds or haven’t taken them lately.

    Millions of Americans are exposed to chronic low levels of “HIDDEN” antibiotics through food, water and more.

    Probiotics restore order and balance!

    Just don’t settle on a cheap blend from a big box store.

    Instead, look for one with multiple, high-quality human-tested strains.

  2. Immunotherapy can DESTROY tumors – even WITHOUT meds

    Meet the miraculous CHRISTMAS CURE for CANCER!

    It’s one of the most unmistakable signs of the holiday season… one you’ve no doubt seen popping up already.

    But this humble green bough is more than just a quaint, centuries-old Christmas custom.

    It’s also hiding one of nature’s most powerful cancer-fighting compounds.

    Talk about a Christmas miracle!

    And it’s one you might start hearing about all year long if the latest research is any indication.

    I’ll give you the name of this potent natural therapy in just a moment. You’ll get a kick out of it (I promise).

    First, I want to share why it’s about to make big news…

    It can do the SAME THING as the latest-and-greatest blockbuster cancer drugs!

    See, these new medications making big headlines all have one thing in common – a single buzzword that’s become the hottest thing in mainstream oncology: Immunotherapy.

    In theory, immunotherapy is a huge advance.

    By definition, it works in the best way possible. It activates the most powerful “drug” ever designed… your own immune system!

    Immunotherapy turns that system up a notch so it can crank out more of the highly specialized “killer” cells that hunt and destroy cancer cells...

    It works to fight cancer on its own, can make other treatments even more effective, and can eliminate the side effects of mainstream therapies.

    In other words, it not only BLOCKS tumors from forming, but also STOPS them from growing if you already have one.

    One new study finds adding immunotherapy to mainstream treatment extends survival by 50 percent in patients with the deadliest form of breast cancer.

    Immunotherapy is also showing promise against nearly every other form of the disease, including cancers of the lungs… brain… blood… liver… and more.

    Of course, there’s a catch.

    There’s always a catch, right?

    All of Big Pharma’s attempts at immunotherapy can cause side effects (surprise, surprise!) such as infections, pain, breathing difficulties, thyroid problems, flu-like symptoms, skin conditions and more.

    Since they’re typically given with other misery-inducing mainstream cancer treatments, that could DOUBLE your sickening side effects.

    But there’s a way to get the best of both words.

    See, immunotherapy may be a hot “new” buzzword, but the concept has been around for ages in natural medicine.

    And that brings me back to the humble piece of seasonal greenery I mentioned earlier.

    You may know mistletoe as the little bough couples kiss under at Christmas, but holistic doctors know it’s LOADED with powerful cancer-fighting compounds. Scientists know it, too, with hundreds of studies that prove it works on multiple levels.

    It’s a true immunotherapy, activating the immune system to fight tumors… weakening the defenses of cancer cells, making them easier to destroy… and fighting off the side effects of both the cancer itself – as well as mainstream treatments such as chemo.

    You can’t stand under it to get the benefits, but mistletoe and its related compounds can be delivered intravenously in the care of an experienced holistic doctor.

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  5. Flu risk slashed WITHOUT a vaccine

    The PROVEN flu-shot alternative that really WORKS! Last year’s flu season was one of the deadliest in years, and the mainstream is already doing some finger-pointing. Are they blaming the virus, for being “stronger” than usual? NOPE! Are they blaming a vaccine that doesn’t work well even in the best of years? NOPE! Are they blaming themselves, for refusing to...
  6. Allergies cured without shots or drugs

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  7. Flu can be CURED without drugs

    How to STOP the worst stroke damage… in just 35 minutes Think the flu is bad? Well, there’s something out there that can be just as bad, if not worse. It’s the TREATMENTS! The amount of misery and side effects they cause are STUNNING when you consider that there’s a far more effective cure. Yes, you can CURE the flu...
  8. Spot thyroid problems… and FIX them

    Is the Mona Lisa WARNING you of something? It’s the subject of the most famous portrait in the world: the Mona Lisa’s enigmatic smile. Six million people line up every year for a quick glimpse of Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, and it seems like everyone has a different theory behind her smile. But what if it’s not a smile at...
  9. Omega-3s under attack in fishy study

    Don’t ditch the fish oil – here’s the real story Quit your fish oil? Not yet! A major new study making headlines claims that the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil WON’T protect your heart. But before you send your fish oil out to sea, there’s something you need to know about this study. It hasn’t proven anything beyond all...
  10. Flu shot gets panicky new push on Spanish flu anniversary

    New plan to PANIC you into a flu shot! They’re starting with the flu nonsense early this year, and they have a terrifying new hook. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the deadly 1918 Spanish flu that killed 50 million people around the world. And next month marks the anniversary of the so-called SPIKE, when 100,000 Americans were supposedly...
  11. Pesticides in new toxin scare

    The dangerous hidden chemicals in 'fresh' foods There's a new pesticide scandal that's about to explode. The latest research blows the lid off of an ugly little loophole that's kept the true risks of chemicals used on food crops HIDDEN from consumers. These "SECRET" ingredients can HURT you and your loved ones. And yet they've been given ZERO attention. Until...
  12. Vitamin D needs magnesium

    Is your vitamin D supplement failing you? The word is out: Most folks know they need vitamin D, and many are now taking supplements. But are you REALLY getting what you need? Odds are, you're NOT! Sure, you might be taking the 2,000 to 5,000 IUs per day that I recommend to my own patients here at the Stengler Center...
  13. Flu season is still here

    What you STILL need to know about flu season March is here, but don't breathe a sigh of relief just yet. Flu season ISN'T over! One of the worst years in recent history is still in full swing, killing up to 4,000 Americans a week at its peak. And while it's starting to tail off -- just a little...
  14. Travel without getting sick with these simple tips

    How to travel without getting sick If you've got travel plans coming up, you know you need to watch out for the flu. But that's not the only little nasty out to get you right now! A new study looks at some of the germs you'll find on aircraft and in airports any time of year... and let's just say...
  15. Flu immunity boosted with omega-3s

    Fight the flu with this secret from the sea It's the "secret sauce" in your flu-fighting strategy... a powerful series of compounds that can arm your immune system so that it's locked, loaded, and ready for battle. And yet this key benefit gets almost NO attention! When people talk about fish oil, you'll hear them sing its praises over how...
  16. Flu can spread just from breathing

    Frightening new flu study shows how fast it spreads Here's some news that's absolutely NOT going to make your day: It's a whole lot easier to spread the flu than scientists had realized. And that means it's a whole lot easier to CATCH it, too! I'm not here to spread alarm. In a moment, I'll give you a quick science-backed...
  17. CDC’s flu advice could be deadly

    CDC flu advice could turn out to be DEADLY It's downright maddening. Lives are on the line -- right now -- but instead of working to PROTECT at-risk Americans and PREVENT more deaths, health officials are working on marketing gimmicks. They're pushing a flu shot that they've already admitted doesn't work to protect against a strain of the virus that's...
  18. Pollution can kill you

    Death is in the air -- but not for you! One day soon, I hope that they treat daily pollution levels like the weather and give you a forecast each day before you step outside. It's not just good information to have. New research shows how knowing what's out there -- and how to avoid it -- just might save...
  19. COPD risk cut with tomatoes

    Slow aging in your lungs with this one delicious fruit An apple a day may not keep the doctor away... but two tomatoes are another story. Enjoy a pair a day, and you just might avoid the pulmonologist! New research shows how working a pair of tomatoes into your meals each day can protect your lungs from two kinds of...
  20. Antibacterial soap contains a dangerous chemical

    The dirty secret about your soap It's so dangerous that it's about to get banned. But first... expect to find it just about everywhere! I know. That makes ZERO sense. Yet that's exactly what's happening right now, as the FDA gets ready to take long-overdue action against a dangerous chemical that's widely used in antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers. It...

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