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  1. Omega-3s under attack in fishy study

    Don’t ditch the fish oil – here’s the real story

    Quit your fish oil? Not yet!

    A major new study making headlines claims that the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil WON’T protect your heart.

    But before you send your fish oil out to sea, there’s something you need to know about this study.

    It hasn’t proven anything beyond all doubt.

    It was a SET UP!

    On the surface, it certainly looks like bad news for fish oil. The study put 1,000 mg up against in a placebo in some 15,000 people with diabetes.

    Over the course of seven years, it found no differences in either group.

    At least, that’s what most of the news reports are saying.

    Now, let me share with you the REST of the story.

    Over those seven-plus years, just 8.9 percent of those given the fish oil and 9.2 percent of those on the placebo suffered a serious vascular event, including heart attack or stroke.

    That’s a very slight edge for fish oil, although the difference isn’t significant.

    What really stands out, however, is how more than 90 percent of these folks in BOTH GROUPS – people with diabetes – never suffered a single cardiovascular problem over the course of that many years.

    How is that even possible?

    One analysis found that the folks in the study had significantly higher than normal levels of omega-3s before they even started, which would certainly explain the low rate of heart problems in both groups.

    But even if that weren’t true, there’s something else: The placebo WASN’T a placebo!

    The study used olive oil, which is a potent natural therapy on its own – one so effective that I’ve sung its praises many times right here in House Calls.

    A high-quality olive oil can protect blood vessels and improve the flow of blood. In people with diabetes, it can also help with blood sugar control.

    That’s not a placebo. That’s a powerful health-booster!

    There are some other problems with the study as well. The 1,000 mg of fish oil was actually a little low… and lower still when you break it down into the essential omega-3s at 460 mg of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and 380 mg of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

    Generally, you need higher levels than those to get a real benefit.

    The study also flies in the face of other research that shows how both fish-eaters and people who take fish oil supplements DO have a much lower risk of serious heart problems.

    One study last year found that fish oil supplements cut the risk of cardiac death by 8 percent -- enough to save 1,000 lives every week in the United States alone.

    Throw in the fact that fish oil can protect the eyes, thin the blood, improve your mood, and enhance your memory with virtually NO RISK, and you’d have to question the TRUE motives of anyone trying to get you to quit it.

  2. Flu shot gets panicky new push on Spanish flu anniversary

    New plan to PANIC you into a flu shot!

    They’re starting with the flu nonsense early this year, and they have a terrifying new hook.

    This year marks the 100th anniversary of the deadly 1918 Spanish flu that killed 50 million people around the world.

    And next month marks the anniversary of the so-called SPIKE, when 100,000 Americans were supposedly killed by flu in a single month.

    The mainstream is planning to play that up to get you to take the vaccine and save yourself.

    But don’t roll up your sleeve just yet!

    The so-called “spike” may not have been caused by the flu after all. In fact, many of the U.S. deaths may not have been caused by flu.

    They may have been caused by the TREATMENT!

    Aspirin – the “wonder drug” – was relatively new at the time, and the surgeon general himself urged sick patients to load up on it.

    Even that bastion of mainstream medicine, the Journal of the American Medical Association, advised 1,000 mg of aspirin every three hours for flu, according to The New York Times.

    That’s 25 of today’s standard pills per day, DOUBLE the safe limit.

    A 2009 study looking at the data in light of those aspirin recommendations finds that “a significant proportion of the deaths” during the Spanish flu, especially during that October spike, could have been caused by the aspirin -- NOT the virus.

    This doesn’t mean the flu isn’t dangerous. OF COURSE it is. And it doesn’t mean that we can’t face another deadly pandemic outbreak.

    That’s possible too, unfortunately.

    What it DOES mean is that the mainstream’s efforts to stop flu have at times made things worse. And while medicine has advanced plenty over the past century, the bad advice still creeps out there… starting with the flu shot.

    It’s supposed to STOP the next big pandemic, right?

    Well, maybe there’s still some aspirin-type advice floating around out there, because a Canadian study of the most recent pandemic – the swine flu outbreak of 2009 – found one surprising reason that it was so deadly.

    The folks who got their normal seasonal flu shot that year were up to 2.4 times more likely to need treatment for swine flu.

    Instead of relying on a vaccine that COULD make the next pandemic worse, arm your immune system with something that WON’T kill you: n'acetylcysteine, a.k.a. NAC.

    Take 600 mg twice a day on an empty stomach during flu season for prevention.

    I’m exposed to sick patients every winter – even here in San Diego – and I rarely get ill thanks to this proven immune-charging regimen.

    If you do get sick, boost your NAC dose to between 2,000 and 3,000 mg a day to cut the duration and severity -- or visit a holistic medical doctor for intravenous vitamin C.

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  9. CDC’s flu advice could be deadly

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  10. Pollution can kill you

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  15. Flu linked to heart risk

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  19. Flu shot can’t cut risk of complications

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