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  1. CDC’s flu advice could be deadly

    CDC flu advice could turn out to be DEADLY

    It's downright maddening.

    Lives are on the line -- right now -- but instead of working to PROTECT at-risk Americans and PREVENT more deaths, health officials are working on marketing gimmicks.

    They're pushing a flu shot that they've already admitted doesn't work to protect against a strain of the virus that's one of the worst in years.

    Here in San Diego, we've had six times the usual number of flu cases and more than triple the number of deaths for this time of year, with the infection already claiming more than a dozen lives.

    Around the country, it's the same story. More people are getting sicker earlier in the season.

    This is no time to mess around.

    Yet that's just what the CDC is doing.

    They're using this crisis to sell flu shots, even though the protection rate this year could be as little as 10 percent, making it one of the worst flu vaccines ever.

    That's going to DOOM more people to infection and illness!

    My outrage doesn't end there, either.

    The CDC is also urging doctors to stock up on anti-viral drugs, despite the fact that studies show the meds don't work very well AND come with terrible side effects.

    That's not going to save lives -- it'll make patients more miserable than ever!

    It's also guaranteed to cause hundreds -- maybe even thousands -- of unnecessary deaths, because every patient who gets a useless shot or a dangerous drug is a patient who ISN'T getting effective protection against the flu.

    So, let me step what they won't... and give you a fighting chance against this nasty illness.

    If you're a Health Revelations reader, you'll find all the details on my science-backed flu-fighting protocol in this month's edition, just in time for flu season.

    But if you haven't had a chance to look it over just yet, let me give you a cheat sheet.

    One of the best ways to beat the flu and other viruses is with a powerful natural therapy I take myself called n'acetylcysteine.

    Don't worry about trying to pronounce it or even trying to spell it.

    It's called NAC for short, and a study found that it can prevent flu infection in older folks even when they've been injected with the actual virus.

    I recommend 600 mg twice a day on an empty stomach.

    If you get sick anyway, boosting the dose to between 2,000 and 3,000 mg a day will cut the duration and severity.

    And given how nasty this year's virus is, consider calling in the big guns right away if you get sick: Visit a holistic medical doctor for intravenous vitamin C to turbocharge your immune system to fight off the infection, ease the symptoms, and cut the risk of complications.

  2. Pollution can kill you

    Death is in the air -- but not for you!

    One day soon, I hope that they treat daily pollution levels like the weather and give you a forecast each day before you step outside.

    It's not just good information to have.

    New research shows how knowing what's out there -- and how to avoid it -- just might save your life!

    Even small day-to-day changes in pollution levels can add up to big risks, especially for older folks -- and not just over years of exposure.

    Just a single day of exposure to common pollutants can KILL you, according to the new study.

    This isn't the risk in a smoggy nightmare of a city in some distant country. The study didn't focus on places like Shanghai or Mumbai.

    It looked at what happens when levels of two common pollutants rise right here in the United States.

    Specifically, the study focused on ozone, which is a hazy smog formed by pollution reacting with sunlight, and the particulate matter 2.5 made of soot, smoke, dust, and dirt.

    When either one rose on any given day, the death rate in that specific zip code jumped -- and not just on "really bad" days.

    Even small increases -- levels that didn't exceed the EPA's safe limits -- caused people to die.

    Every small jump in PM 2.5 increased the death rate by an extra 1.42 per million people, and every rise in ozone levels increased those deaths by 0.66 per million people.

    Those might not sound like big numbers, but those figures aren't per year.

    They're per DAY... and they can add up fast.

    In real numbers, the research team believes that pollution is responsible for 800 deaths across the country just in summer, when it's often at its worst.

    There are two quick steps you can take to protect yourself, reduce exposure, and minimize the risk.

    First, look online for a decent source of air quality monitoring system so you know what you're facing on any given day and can prepare accordingly.

    If the levels rise, avoid going out during peak pollution hours, which tend to follow rush hour traffic patterns. When they're especially high -- or when you have an extra factor such as the fires we've been experiencing here in California -- there may be times when it's better to stay inside all day if you can.

    And second, while your home provides decent protection, it may not be enough.

    If you live in or near a city or industrial area, invest in a quality air purifier with a HEPA filter, and don't forget to clean or change it regularly.

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  11. Flu shot can’t cut risk of complications

    Another flu shot myth... BUSTED! They're getting pretty desperate now! Mainstream medical agencies will say and do just about anything to keep selling flu shots, but it's not working. Millions of Americans are rejecting the jab... and this year's vaccine is looking like no exception. So, now, mainstream hacks are making the ludicrous claim that the shot won't just protect...
  12. Kidney disease linked to pollution

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  14. Flu shot won’t protect older patients

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