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  1. COPD risk cut with tomatoes

    Slow aging in your lungs with this one delicious fruit

    An apple a day may not keep the doctor away... but two tomatoes are another story.

    Enjoy a pair a day, and you just might avoid the pulmonologist!

    New research shows how working a pair of tomatoes into your meals each day can protect your lungs from two kinds of damage you might be experiencing right now, even if you're not aware of it.

    The first is something we all suffer: After 30, lung function drops a little bit every year.

    The more it drops, the higher your risk of breathing problems and chronic disease such as COPD.

    The second is the damage from bad habits such as smoking -- and that's damage you could have right now, even if you don't smoke.

    If you have lived or worked with smokers... or had a tobacco habit of your own years ago... your lungs might still have that damage inside them right now.

    Combine the two -- aging and tobacco exposure -- and you can suffer an even bigger drop in lung function and higher risk of COPD.

    But not if you eat tomatoes!

    The new study finds that eating more fruits and vegetables of any kind can slow the damage in the lungs caused by aging and tobacco... but the best of the bunch are tomatoes.

    Just two a day will slow the rate of decline, essentially making your lungs YOUNGER so that you stay healthier and breathe easier. That, in turn, can slash your risk of becoming one of the 155,000 Americans who die of respiratory diseases every year.

    Others forms of fresh produce will also do the trick.

    That apple a day? It's not quite enough to help lung function -- not by itself, anyway.

    But you're on the right track. Three apples a day... or three daily servings of any fresh fruit at all... can also help protect lung function.

    The biggest protection goes to former smokers, according to the study. If you're recovering from an old bad habit, you might want to up your intake of delicious fresh fruits and vegetables to help reverse the damage and avoid the lung problems so many former smokers face.

    But even if you've never smoked, you could still be quietly suffering from the decline in function caused by aging, which can leave you struggling to catch your breath at times.

    Avoiding that risk could be as simple as eating more fruits, especially tomatoes.

    These delicious foods are rich in the age-fighting nutrients that can also protect the rest of your body, including your heart -- so, take a deep breath, and enjoy.

  2. Antibacterial soap contains a dangerous chemical

    The dirty secret about your soap

    It's so dangerous that it's about to get banned. But first... expect to find it just about everywhere!

    I know. That makes ZERO sense.

    Yet that's exactly what's happening right now, as the FDA gets ready to take long-overdue action against a dangerous chemical that's widely used in antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers.

    It is finally getting ready to enact the ban on triclosan that it's been talking about for nearly four years now.

    The reason for the ban will make your skin crawl -- perhaps literally -- because this chemical agent has the power to slip through your skin when you wash with it.

    From there, it can enter your bloodstream and travel anywhere in your body.

    It can mimic estrogen and thyroid hormone, which can throw your hormonal balance out of whack and boost your odds of chronic disease.

    It can even cross the blood-brain barrier, where it can strangle the neurons that help deliver signals between the brain and muscle, according to animal studies.

    Some studies have even found evidence that it might reduce heart function.

    Obviously, banning this junk is a GOOD thing, and I'm all for it -- even if it's taken way too long to get the job done.

    Better late than never.

    Yet the FDA's not quite banning it. Not yet, anyway.

    While triclosan has already been pulled from the market for consumers, the agency left a massive loophole in place that allows it to continue to be sold for "healthcare" settings.

    Now, finally, the FDA is claiming that it is pulling it off the market for those uses, too, except it hasn't really.

    The feds are giving the companies that make antibacterial soaps for healthcare a FULL YEAR to get rid of the triclosan, and you know what that means.

    They're going to pull out all the stops to sell their entire inventory -- so they're not left with warehouses full of triclosan once the ban kicks in. Expect to find it in everything for a while, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if this stuff leaks back onto the consumer market.

    Sure, the label will say it's for healthcare settings, but some consumers won't realize what's really going on, and they'll snap it up fast, thinking they got a great deal on a powerful soap used in hospitals.
    Plain old soap and water has shown to be just as effective as antibacterial soaps containing triclosan. Just make sure you lather up and give your hands a good scrubbing for at least 30 seconds.

    If you like hand sanitizers, check the ingredients and avoid anything with triclosan. Stick to the ones that contain germ-killing alcohol as the only active ingredient.

  3. Flu hits men harder than women

    This flu risk is no laughing matter OK guys, which do you want first: the bad news or the WORSE news? Don't worry -- it all will end with good news. For now, let me start with the bad news. As you've no doubt heard by now, this flu season is shaping up to be one of the worst in...
  4. Fasting can boost health in as little as 2 days

    Try this trick the day after Christmas Merry Christmas! Today, we celebrate the moment God sent his one and only Son to our sin-filled world to redeem us with the promise of everlasting life. It's a time to be surrounded by family and other loved ones -- and I hope tonight you all sit down together for a big feast...
  5. Flu linked to heart risk

    Could the flu give you a heart attack? Getting the flu is like getting a punch in the chest from a heavyweight fighter. It can knock you down for the count, and not just when you're exhausted in bed as you battle the hacking, wheezing, coughing, and sneezing that mark the illness. A new report shows how it can leave...
  6. Allergies can get worse in winter

    Winterize your body against allergies If you're suffering from allergies, the "most wonderful time of the year" could also turn into a season of sniffling. While spring is known for the pollen boom, we're also surrounded by potential triggers right now. If you live in a milder climate, the leaves are still piling up. If you're in a cooler place...
  7. Cough remedies that really work

    Read this before your next winter cold Cold and cough season is here, and the mainstream has a message for you: Don't even bother! A new study claims that there's nothing you can do for what's often the worst part of any winter bug: the relentless bone-rattling, body-shaking coughing fits that announce your illness to anyone within earshot. The new...
  8. Good bacteria helps cancer immunotherapy work best

    SLOW cancer and DESTROY tumors with this It's one of the biggest breakthroughs in modern cancer care. If you know anyone with this disease... if you're battling it yourself... you've probably heard the word "immunotherapy" tossed around. It refers to powerful therapies that arm your own immune system to FIGHT the cancer and DESTROY the tumor. Some therapies are drugs...
  9. Flu shot can’t cut risk of complications

    Another flu shot myth... BUSTED! They're getting pretty desperate now! Mainstream medical agencies will say and do just about anything to keep selling flu shots, but it's not working. Millions of Americans are rejecting the jab... and this year's vaccine is looking like no exception. So, now, mainstream hacks are making the ludicrous claim that the shot won't just protect...
  10. Kidney disease linked to pollution

    How to stop poisoning your kidneys The sky might LOOK blue... and the air might SMELL clean. But don't step outside and inhale a lungful of that crisp autumn air just yet -- because it might not be as fresh as you think. It could be full of hidden pollutants, and an urgent new report reveals a direct link between...
  11. Mosquitos are surging after late-summer storms

    The storm risk no one is talking about How crazy is the weather these days? Storms in the East, hurricanes in the South, and even surprise out-of-season rain here on the West Coast. All that wet weather brings with it some unwelcome consequences -- and not just slippery roads and leaky roofs. It also means mosquito season could extend well...
  12. Flu shot won’t protect older patients

    REVEALED: Flu shot doesn't work in seniors All my local retailers already have the Halloween decorations out, but the scariest displays in the store have nothing to do with ghosts and goblins. At least we all know THOSE aren't real. The TRUE chills come where you least expect them -- and, in this case, they're in the signs pushing flu...
  13. Antibiotics can damage critical immune cells

    How antibiotics can wreck your immune system I'm sure this has happened to you at some point. You went to a doctor with a minor infection... were given an antibiotic... and ended up glued to the toilet. I won't get into the dirty details. It's the most notorious side effect of antibiotics, coming for a visit -- and if you...
  14. Bacteria are all over your kitchen sponge

    The surprising source of sickening germs in your own home It just might be the dirtiest spot in your home, with more germs per square inch than anything else. And it's NOT where you'd expect it. It's not in your toilet. It's not under the sink. It's not in the basement, attic, or garage... and not even that weird spot...
  15. Pneumonia damage can linger for years

    This autumn infection could KILL you Don't look now, but autumn is barely a month away. You know what to expect: cooler temperatures, colorful leaves, and lots of pumpkin spice. But there's one more "sign of the season" you also need to watch out for that's far more important than any of those others. Once autumn arrives, all the nasty...
  16. PROOF: Chronic fatigue syndrome is real

    Your doc may owe you an apology There's a greeting card for everything these days. They even have birthday cards... for pets. Can you believe it? But there's one old-fashioned type of card mainstream docs need to start buying in bulk, and it's nothing nearly so specialized. It's the one that has just two words, and I don't mean "happy...
  17. Sinus problems linked to dampness and mold

    Is this the REAL reason for your sinus misery? It's been a rainy summer for much of the nation, and all that wet weather outside can also lead to moisture inside. That leads to fungi and mold hiding inside your home -- and new research shows how those growths are more than just a nuisance. They're a threat to your...
  18. C. diff infection risk jumps in hospitals

    America's worst bacteria... and how to BEAT it! It's a major source of illness, misery, and even death that's so common, one American gets sick from it nearly EVERY MINUTE of every day. Yet it gets zero attention from the mainstream media! Now, new research shows how the number of cases of infection with a dangerous strain of bacteria is...
  19. Allergies beaten with natural treatments

    End the summer sniffles with natural allergy cures If you're struggling to get your allergies under control... if the first days of summer have vanished in a haze of blurry vision... if you've got headaches, sore throats, and more from your hay fever... you need help. Just don't expect to get it from the Food and Drug Administration! They're out...
  20. Muscles need more protein than you may think

    This mainstream advice can leave you weak It's one of the most important parts of your diet, especially as you get older -- and new research shows how it holds the key to your strength, vitality, and overall health. Yet it gets almost NO attention at all! Docs will give you all the usual lectures about sugar, salt, and fat...

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